Renting fixes; DIY Ombre Lantern Lampshade /03


Ok so my first DIY of my rent fix options. This took me like 30 minutes to do, and cost me less then a £2. Ok so we previously looked at using lampshades to spruce up our rented homes, a great way to add some colour or style without losing your deposit. Now if you don’t fancy going out and spending a small fortune on a variety of lampshades for every room a great alternative are the lantern lampshades. They come in a range of styles and sizes and can be found nearly everywhere. The one I used for this project I got from Wilkinsons and it cost me £1.50. But I know Ikea do them to, and it a larger range of sizes and shapes too.

Ok so what you need:

A lantern lampshade

Paint, ink or I used silk paint I had left over.





Now I wouldn’t go out and buy paint or ink especially for this, just use what you have, let’s not add to the cost, unless your all out then yeah your going to need some kind of paint.. You need a medium you can water down nicely. So with the silk paint which is like an ink consistency, I started off with it pure, then added a bit of water each time to get the shading down.If your using paint like watercolours or acrylic, especially with acrylic you want it to be quite watery, so it may be an idea to add white and water to get the ombre effect. It’s not meant to be perfect, think of it as rustic. You can always dampen it down with some kitchen roll. But be careful as when the lantern is wet, it is rather delicate.

I also found it much easier to paint while it was…inflated I guess is the word..

And that was all it took. I only wanted to paint about half of it, as because I chose blue I didn’t want it locking out too much light, but I love it, and it takes a place in my living room, now to do the rest of the house? Just think of the colour options.


As you can see the ombre isn’t perfect, but it adds a bit of colour to my magnolia room. Let me know if you try it, especially with the other mediums! #nomoremagnolia