Renting fixes; Removable Wallpaper /02

So I have been looking at removable wallpaper for my second instalment of rental fixes. I am seriously considering trying this, through my research it looks like an awesome magnolia fix which won’t anger your landlord.

So my research is telling me that this stuff is for real. You can peel them off and re-use them without extra glue or anything, and they don’t leave a mark…I found the best ones to be all on Etsy, here are a few of my favourites, I left the links for the shops so you can take a look at the other options they have.

il_570xN.687817969_82abSo this one and the one below, are sticker decals rather then a full strip of wallpaper. These look super cute, and I feel better about experimenting using a small surface area rather then a large one first off. These little polka dots above decals are from Tayo Studio. These cost £10 for a sheet of 70 polka dots. Not bad eh?



These are slightly larger, they also come in a range of colours too. From Stick Studio LLC. They are slightly more expensive but they are larger in size. You get 25 dots for £17. I do like the bigger dots though, look how shiny they look.




How awesome does this room look. I could just imagine this in my office instead of the murky  magnolia I have going on. This one is the full wall paper and the shop is great. You can send them the measurements of your room and they will print the exact amount you need. Otherwise it costs £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. You can also customise the colour too! This is from Betapet.



You can’t go wrong with bold stripes, and if your finally able to get around the no decorating rule in your rented place, why not go big and bold? I am also loving the contrast of the green chair with the black and white stripes. This is from Pat Print by Amy and is the same price as the one above. £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. 




A slightly bolder pattern, but what could look great in your dinning room or living room, this one is also a full wallpaper product. Accent U Wall are the ones behind this, and they offer a wide range of other patterns too. Costing £23.62 for  a 24″w x 48″h piece.


So I am totally thinking about purchasing some of the polka dot decals, and starting slow, when I do ill do a post on how well they work…then we can decide on whether we want to do a whole wall. If you have used them let me know how they  worked out?

oooo the excitment. Till next time.