I love rugs, the colours, the shapes the designs, but why are they always so expensive? If I had an endless pocket, I would layer rugs galore around my cold little cottage. Covering our wooden floors in winter, giving a burst of colour to our dreary magnolia rented rooms.


So where are the places to source our rug obsessions you ask? Well, I’d love to tell you that charity shops are always good, but where I have been working the last year and a half, I only found one so far. Which of course I brought straight away. Such a good find too! But generally they go very quickly, straight away. So it’s not alway a good idea to rely on hoping you will find your perfect one there.


Ikea? Alas the Primark of the home decor world. I love Ikea, you can never go wrong, but be warned that furnishing your house may lead to duplicate pieces matching of your friends.  There rugs can sometimes be quite pricey, but they do have some bargain beauts too.



We have these little half moon rugs, from Ikea,  in our kitchen, they are a great colourful alternative to inside door mats for people to wipe their feet on! And at just £3, you can’t really go wrong. They have a few colour options too!



At the other end of the spectrum for Ikea this rug comes in at £200, but it is beautiful, and would be a lovely edition to anyone’s living room.

Another place I always keep my eye on is Urban Outfitters, as they quite often have rugs in their clearance, and even if they aren’t their funky and colourful designs are just begging to be brought.



I want this rug sooo bad. It would look so good right by our bed. you know for like my slippers and stuff.. The all seeing eye rug is from Urban Outfitters and is £45. Is that too much?



Next is this one from Urban Outfitters which is £69, but your getting more for your money as it’s 5 X 7. (152cm X 213cm). With the Greek patterning, I could see this in our welcome room. Even with it’s use of cooler colours, the pattern and repetition brings an almost summery feel, reminding you of Greece. Where you wish you were now, in the sun.



We have a very narrown kitchen, and as I mentioned above we have the half moon rugs, from Ikea,  spotted over the floor. But I’d love this runner in the kitchen. With the blues and white stamp like mash up, you could pretend your in a rustic kitchen in the South of France. ( can you tell that im dreaming of going on holiday). This runner comes in at £35 which I think is quite reasonable. From Urban Outfitters too.



 I saw a rug similar to this at Christmas which was reduced from £55 to £15, and I am kicking myself for not getting it. Do check out Urban Outfitters clearance sale regularly as they have some amazing bargains on there. I love the over-dye look on rugs, the bleed of colours has me dreaming of India..Urban Outfitters again and this rug is £59.

Speaking of holidays, getting rugs from abroad is always an option.  This is the dream, travel to Morocco and pick up some authentic, traditional pieces. The negatives? beware of duty, plus oversize luggage charges because in a second there goes your bargain.

A great way to get beautiful rugs, and a site that does so much good is Anou. Anou is a non-profit website selling home-wares, jewellery, art works and rugs direct from the artisans who make them. The special thing about this site is that you deal directly with the artisan making your product. They set their own prices and it goes from there.  So not only are you buying these beautiful hand made items, your cutting out the middle man so the artisans get the profits. Plus there are pictures of the women and men who make the items, and a little bit about them. It’s a truly wonderful site. So check it out here.

There are new things going on all the time, and I picked a few of my favorite pieces. Just a note that you can also have items custom made for you too.



Just look at how beautiful this rug is, that’s the maker next to it. Her name is El Kibera Tahiri. How much do you think you would pay for a beautiful hand- made rug like this? £200? £300. Well this is for sale for $181. There is also free shipping to the USA, Europe too! Go check out the site, there’s also a section below each rug telling you the materials used and how she makes them. Find the rug here. 



If you like more reserved rugs, to add subtleness to a virbant room then this is a no-brainer. The maker is Talgmas El Mansouri. This rugs comes in at $476 and is 6ft X 4ft. Amazing. Find the rug here.


Next favourite of mine, because I love the bright yellow matched with the simple design, is made by the group the cooperative Chorouk. At $81 this would be a lovely addition for a reading nook. Find the rug here.


Lastly we have this vibrant rug by Biya Lhid. I love the variety of colours in this one and would love it in my office (once it’s finished).  This rug is 7ft X 3ft and cost $313. Find the rug here. 

I can’t urge you enough to take a look at this site if your in the market for a rug. Even if your not the variety of things they sell is remarkable. And just to know that you are buying a unique handmade piece and helping out community’s at the same time is amazing.

Richard said he would get me one for my birthday so I am off to go pick one!


Have a lovely Thursday everyone.



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