Now for those who don’t know, me and Richard are trying to complete the 52 week drawing challenge. My earlier post explains it all  here. But the jist is, each week has something different you have to draw. I got the challenge from Paper Mama and slightly changed the list of what your meant to draw to suit us a little more. Plus we have started in February instead of January.

Now neither me or Richard are illustrators, I’ve had a little extra experience as I have a fine art photography degree, but none of that focused on drawing, so the results will be somewhat interesting.

So our challenge for the week was a self-portrait, Richard is still working on his so his will feature tomorrow, but below is mine. I roughly drew myself, as more of a cartoon than dead on portrait. So I sketched it out, scanned it in and did some colour overlay with Photoshop, I didn’t have any paints or colours with me hence using software. But I have kept it quite pale, so my drawing scribbles are still visible. I enjoyed doing this, and think I look much cuter as a character, plus I may have designed the perfect dress.

Anyway here it is, week 1 Self portrait. Next week our challenge is to draw an item that resembles you..

Also hopefully Richard will have finished by tomorrow.






If you are also doing the challenge do get in touch or feel free to post a link in the comments, would love to see your work.


Have a good Friday!