I get asked this question a lot by close friends, who either want me to help them with decor, or to know if an interior designer is worth hiring. Firstly, I am not an interior designer, I have a love for all things interiors, I love planning out a room (styling) and decorating the room, but interior designers go way above that. So let’s talk some deets.

An interior designer can be great if you really have no idea of how to put your ideas together, or if you renovating/building a home and literally have no idea where to start. A designer can help take your many wacky different ideas and come up with a cohesive plan for the layout, style and decor of your rooms. They can also liase with contractors/builders etc. on placement of certain features. This is where have a designer from the get go is a good idea.

But first things first. The most important thing to consider is your budget . Each designer will charge according to their experience, so if you are looking for designers who have been in the business for a few years, you should expect to pay quite a bit for their service. But getting someone who is just starting out, although they may be new, will be cheaper while they are building up their portfolio. But remember everyone has to start somewhere.  But you need to take into consideration how much the designer will costs, and the decorating budget too. The last thing you need is your finances going into the red!

If you have decided that an interior designer is the right choice, do your research. Each interior designer will have their own distinct style. Some designers might prefer to use furniture from Danetti and other modern brands, which use light colours and contemporary shapes. while other designers might prefer to create vintage-inspired rooms and source their furniture from flea markets or antique shops. To get a good idea of the look a potential designer will create for you, take a look at their portfolio to see the rooms they have styled in the past. I personally would love to use someone who can create an array of different looks and feels. This will show that they can take any brief and wow it.

Once the designer is picked and the date booked, why not go visit family or find an  alternative accommodation while they get to work. This way you won’t be bashing heads with carpenters/decorators/designers etc.

Think about your timeline. When I decorated my mother’s room it took me a good few days doing it on my own. You need to think about how long a renovation might take and if you have deadlines like the holidays or before someone comes to stay? If so, you need to let your interior designer know that they need to work to a tight timeline.


hopefully this might have helped a few questions you might have..hope everyone is enjoying the currently sat with my feet in a paddiling pool.