Ok so that’s a bit of a mouthful title, but as it’s says I have invited my little sister to collaborate with me on a few of the posts I do. Now not only do we have very different style’s and shapes, she is annoyingly photogenic, and is constantly snapping herself away on her phone.

So thought I would talk about my look today, which is a bit androgynous and then she will talk about hers. Ok so I have gone for my trusty H&M harrem pants. I have a couple of pairs as they are good staples and easy to cycle in, I don’t just wear the same stuff everyday….I have paired it with a red checker shirt I got years ago from a flea market, Some spotty pop socks and my brown brogues. I have been cycling into work lately so wearing something breathable and comfy is important.


I might just call this week dressing like a man week. But hey it’s a look…kind of



A big problem I have with some of my outfits are shoes. I am the kind of person who run’s her shoes into the ground, these I feel are looking a bit worn. On the hunt for new shoes I go. Hello ASOS.


Now I’m not exactly sure why I am pouting, clearly I felt I needed to make this picture look even more cool then it already was.. I know I didn’t even think it was possible….Anyway moving on, my quilted denim jacket is from ASOS Curve and it’s by far my favourite Jacket ever…now  over to my sister Abby..


Sister here…I tend not to take selfies when I’m looking like I just rolled out of bed…and it’s not the good just rolled out of bed; I don’t look like women in movies who happen to be looking flawless as they wake up.

Anywho as my darling sister said I have been swept away with the ‘year of the selfies’. I admit I do take a lot of them…when I feel my hair is looking especially nice today, or I’m bored, but I mostly take selfies when I am dressed up to the max. I love a good dressing up me, any chance to wear red lipstick and wear an expensive dress and heels I’ll take it. My favorite dress, which I have donned the official dress I wear to any weddings I am invited too, is bright pink. I was skeptic at first but fell in love with it once I had tried it on.


I can walk around at night time and people will still be able to spot me in this beauty, but I love it.

My sister and I have a very different fashion taste, I am all about the dresses and heels, she is more conservative but annoyingly looks pretty in anything she pairs together; even if it isn’t supposed to look good together somehow she makes it work.
I went through the terrible awkward phase, as everyone did, where I wasn’t sure what the hell to put together…I had some mega clashes and there are photos on facebook that make me want to stick my head into the sand and think ‘why the hell did I wear that’ or ‘what the hell was I thinking getting a full fringe when I have a cows lick’. But getting older and looking more…feminine helped a lot. Puberty works wanders.



  1. sarah snow

    Love the footstool you made us Soph, it’s great! Keep up the great work. Oh and you both look great! xxx

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