Ok so it’s been raining quite a bit here, and it’s starting to get a lit cooler, I know, what am I saying it’s only August, but either way, one of the things I love to do when its cold and wet is wacking on some warm leggings, socks and drinking warm drinks…like lavender lattes…see the recipe here. But anyway back to the socks and yes before you say it I am totally doing a post on socks.



These were the more expensive of the lot, all of them being from ASOS.  These socks, are so warm and soft, and I think would look really cute with converses…no?


Slightly more glamourous, with sparkles and stripes, these look so cute with my jelly shoes!! Get them here. Plus they are on sale for just £2.


Pineapples!! gah I went crazy over these when I saw them! Get them here! You know you want them!


Bright blue socks, they are sooo lovely, and so so soft, it’s unreal. Get them here.  and they are only £3.50!!



So yes I may have gone overboard with socks, but they are soo comfy, plus it’s nice being all wrapped up especially as Richard is in Qatar for a week!


Hope you enjoyed my sock post, it will soon be icy cold, and socks look so cute over tights! I am soo excited to wack my tights and sock combo’s out soon!


speak soon