Ok so I have been debating on when to write this blog post, as me and Richard can be quite ‘shy’ when it comes to subjects of our relationship. My profile picture on facebook is still a picture which was taken in my last year of uni before I met Richard… But it’s an exciting time, and I want to share it all with you!


So lets begin..

Richard, like he had done many of the other days, decided we should go for a drive to find a nice spot to take pictures, then my brother piped in telling us of a place he found and can we take a few photos for off we went in search.

When we arrived, the view was breathtaking, slightly ruined by the Italian hacking at a tree he was cutting down, so before I knew it Richard was pacing back to the car..

So we drove a bit longer then we came to a little area surrounded by olive trees, with a storm brewing in the distant so I started to snap away..



Pretty right…was pretty amazing view and then I turned around..

To Richard on one knee, holding a ring. Well I went in to total awkward mode and covered my face with my camera giggling incessantly asking him what he was doing. And then he just said, Sophie will you marry me.. Now you ask some of my friends, I was never into marriage until I met Richard, so as soon as he asked me, I couldn’t imagine anything else. So of course I said yes..

It was perfect, bar my awkwardness and the nervous laughter that followed for about 4 hours afterwards, it was just us, in the middle of this beautiful setting. Perfect. It turned out that my brother Ben and his wife Tasha had been out in the morning scoping places for Richard, and the guy cutting the tree had slightly dampened the idea of laying a blanket out with champagne, but I would have been too giggly to drink, so the way he did it was perfect. A quick note on the ring,it’s gold with two diamonds on either side of an emerald, pictures to come!

So we arrived back to the villa, with everyone waiting anxiously to greet us with champagne, and it was lovely and perfect, my nieces even called me a princess because of the dress I was wearing. (A complete fluke, as my bikini had soaked through a load of my dresses so I just wore my fancy number) Lucky no??


Anyway, it was pretty perfect! I’ll post some pictures of the ring soon, There’s one on Instagram if you want to see it now!!

So now I guess I am on wedding planning mode, It’s pretty exciting, not sure where to start so advice welcomed!


Speak soon!!



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