Sorry for my absence…but we have some news..

So yes I know I have been away for far too long…I can only apologise, the couple of weeks leading up to my due date and induction date were manic, and I needed some rest..pregnancy really takes it out of you! But hopefully I will be back blogging frequently again soon.But to the news!

On July 31st at 1:43 am our little guy was born..a slightly manic labour which I will leave for another day, but here is Archer Charlie Sanders. I call him Archie..which yes I know technically isn’t a nickname because it isn’t shorter..but either way, me and Richard are in love.



My beautiful boys….we are both uber tired..but it’s worth every minute.



I have some super cute outfits, I’ll probably end up doing a while look book just for Archie. Now as I have said, this blog won’t be baby over kill..but he’s a massive part of my life and I hope you enjoy the updates of our little family. But the blog should be back to running smoothly in a couple of weeks, with all our DIY, recipes,ramblings and lifestyle craziness.

Love to you all.

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    1. Sophie Post author

      Thanks so much!!! Once I’ve added some blue tones to the nursery I’ll do a post! Happy belated birthday again!

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