Hey all, so we know I have been working on branding wooden flamingo for quite a while, with packaging, letter heads and such, and so when I was approached to receive a stamp for our company I jumped at the chance!


Now lets get to the important bits! The stamp is from Speedy Stamps.  And they do custom stamps, (like the one I have) to any design and also do stock stamps. The process was so simple. I did my design, sent it off and within a week it was back. They do a range of sizes, and as long as the design is in black and white and high resolution like 300 dpi. They can do it.  They send you a proof picture of what the stamp will look like then they laser cut it for you!! They have ink pads too (Black,blue,red,green or violet). I went for violet! It’s such a nice colour and comes out so well doesn’t it.

Another benefit of this service is that if you order before 12 noon they will dispatch the same day! Crazy right!!

The stamp is lovely, with a wooden handle which makes it so easy to press to get the perfect outcome. Your stamp is also on the outside, completely in-line with the stamp, so lining up isn’t an issue. It takes a few extra dabs the first time you use it to get a really crisp outcome, but after that it’s a piece of cake.


It works on a lot of different surfaces too! They look great on our sweet style bags which we use for our smaller items at craft shows, and even went nicely on my chipboard clipboard. I chose to go with our logo, because it’s a big part of our brand, and having the same logo stamp keeps the strength between our packaging and business cards and labels.



I had an old ink padin a mint green which i tried it out with, which work’s fine too, but I prefer the ink which I got with the stamp. Doesn’t it look great on our postage labels?


And finally on our bags, I think sometimes putting your logo on your packaging just strengths your brand. Plus I love how simple and pretty this looks.

So to summarise, I would reccomend this stamp to anyone who needs any kind of stamp. especially if your looking to add that extra touch to your business, wedding, or just as a date stamp. Honestly there variety is huge and such good prices too! Custom stamps, starting from £11.20.


So go check them out!! Speedy Stamps!