Ok so the weather is lovely so I thought I’d bring my sister back for another selfie outfit post. I have my cycling outfit, which kinda makes me look like I should be on a gondola…It’s no lie that I love H&M’s hareem pants for cycling. Paired with a striped top (charity shop buy) and my quilted denim jacket from ASOS makes it a breathable outfit to cycle around in.We can’t forget my green Cambridge Satchel, which sits proudly of my bike basket.  I definitely need some new shoes though..



Aren’t you just living the caravans in the background? That’s what you get when your boyfriend works as an engineer in a industrial park..so picture-esq. Not sure what stance I am doing either…awkward much..


Ok so I change into my ASDA red skirt and another striped top from H&M. I am really loving stripes at the moment if you couldn’t tell.I quite like to wear block colour mixed with a pattern when I am out and about, This skirt is such a nice red and has a cute lace thrill bottom .So I think I am channelling Italian and Parisian styles today, with my stripes, red and white sock combos..  Plus ignore the hair, I have a serious case of helmet hair going on. There’s just no way of taming it.

Me and my sister are very different, not just in style but body shape too. I wouldn’t say that we look similar but when you meet us we have some very similar mannerisms. Plus when we do see each other, we fight quite a bit. More often then not on her lipstick colour choice… FYI I hate beige lipsticks she loves them. But hey she’s 19, I let her off..But this outfit is one of my Spring time looks. Colourful and light, perfect for sunny days.


Ok sister here. With the sun blaring in the sky I now return (even though I still wore them throughout winter) to my favourite piece of clothing; the crop top. I have a draw full of various different crop tops, I don’t know what it is about them that I love so much, but as soon as it’s warm enough to wear one without having to don it with a jacket, they are whipped out. I suppose I love the freedom, I love for my stomach to have a breather and get a bit of a tan, seeing as I am whiter than Casper the friendly ghost, getting a tan is a priority in the summer.








When I was frolicking about in London with one of my best friends she was chattering about these trousers that she had seen on someone famous on instagram. My best friend is one of a kind, bless her, and she had made up a name purely because the picture of the star was walking off a plane she calls them plane trousers. They are hands down the comfiest things I have ever worn in my life, breezy, able to do anything you please in them (including the splits I might add) and they look quite cute too. Because it is a rather defining pattern I decided to just pair it with my plain white crop top. Cute, rather plain, but overall a comfortable look for me.

Just to also stick by my last post I’ll quickly tell you about my London clubbing outfit.





It was a bit out there, it did attract a lot of attention and maybe, just maybe I admit it, it was a little bit revealing. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely LOVED my dress. It was a plain white, quite a low neck line and it was a tiny bit see through, but hey when you’re drunk and in a dark club nothing matters. Plain black heels, a statement gold necklace and London wasn’t ready for me. I think I’ve rambled enough, enjoy this gorgeous day however you please!


Have a good weekend all,

Sophie & Abby



  1. Hannah

    I liked this post because it’s great to see how different or similar sisters actually are in style and that can also express their personality quite a bit too. Great post.

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