Steak and Beetroot Sandwich


Ok so we all know I missed my rare steak when pregnant, so I have not wasted any time in being able to enjoy my red meat not welldone! While Richard has been on paternity leave and we have found ourselves getting into a good routine, I’ve managed to take some time and cook us a few meals which don’t consist of pasta or frozen pizza. I was pretty impressed with my latest creation and thought I’d share it with you.


What you need: (makes two sandwiches)

Steak: We used ribeye about 12oz See how we cook our steaks here.


Beetroot Salad

Smoked cheese


Mustard Mayo Sauce:

1 tbsp mayonaise

1 tbsp mustard (we used german deli)

salt and pepper for seasoning

Large pinch of garlic powder

Large pinch of Cayenne pepper.


What you do:

Ok so cook your steak to how you want and remember to season it first! A quick tip though, don’t do your steak overly rare, as steak in a sandwich goes better a little more medium rather then blue..

While your steak is cooking toast your bread and then start assembling your sandwich. I do bread, lettuce, beetroot salad, steak, cheese, mustard mayo,bread. But hey go crazy!

The one steak is enough for 2 sandwiches, just cut it into strips and lay it across the beetroot nicely. The mustard mayo is super simple, just mix the ingredients together and adjust to taste preference. Whack in some chips or have on its own and  there you have it. A manly steak sandwich with a beetroot twist. The beetroot goes so well with the mustard mayo sauce and the steak juices, its just a great filling lunch!

Regarding the beetroot salad, we brought a ready made box which came with beetroot cubes and grated beetroot, but using fresh slices would work well too!



It doesn’t take very long at all, and it’s super filling!

Enjoy and have a good weekend all!!


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