When you get engaged, planning a wedding seems like the best thing in the world. You’re marrying the love of your life and get to plan a big day that celebrates your relationship together. But many couples don’t realize just how frustrating, stressful and time-consuming wedding planning can be. This can come as a big shock when they start to look at venues, go dress shopping and create invites. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with this mammoth task, like me, then take a look at these ideas to help simplify the wedding planning process. A total throwback picture above to when I was heavily pregnant at my brothers wedding with Richard..the last wedding I went too!

Reduce your to-do list

As you progress with your wedding plans, it’s likely you will compile a number of to-do lists. But there are probably items on these lists that might not be necessary, or maybe something you can delegate, which can be removed. So take a break from your planning and reassess each item on your to-do lists. You might want to skip taking dance lessons or forget about making wedding programs. Anything you don’t deem important to the success of your wedding should be taken off your list straight away.

This will leave you with a concise list which will also reduce your workload.

Once you know what items you absolutely want to keep, you can use an online luxury wedding directory. Using one resource to find suitable florists, photographers and dresses can help to simplify your plans and save you a lot of time.
Make a website

Many couples don’t think they need to have a wedding website, but they can be extremely useful. Throughout your wedding planning, you will have people asking you questions constantly. These questions might be referring to the type of gifts you are accepting or the time your reception starts.Or even just wanting to put in some music request, all this can easily be done and kept in one place.

Rather than ringing up every person you’ve invited to tell them this information, your guests can refer to your website. They can find out the information they need quickly and easily without having to bother you. You can set up a wedding website for free online, and you can include its web address of your invitations. Keep this regularly updated to ensure it’s as effective as it should be.

Cut down your guest list

You and your partner will understandably want plenty of people to share in your wedding celebrations. But the more guests you invite, the more you have to do, which will increase your stress levels significantly. It can also cost you more money and use up more of your valuable time. So compile a list of potential wedding guests you want to invite ranging from close family to work colleagues. Then go through each name to see if you can make any reductions. This will not only reduce your numbers, but it can also help you create a wedding that’s more intimate and personal. Me and Richard have cut our list dramatically, to only friends we see regularly, and family. We didn’t want a huge wedding, and even with the cuts, we are still looking at about 75 during the day and an extra 25 or so in the evening..
Don’t let the prospect of planning your wedding make you stressed out and unhappy, I know this coming from someone who has been engaged for 2 and a bit years, purely because she couldn’t handle finding a venue. Well not anymore! By us just booking the venue I feel like a massive load has been lifted. Planning a wedding should be fun, so use these ideas or some of your own to making it enjoyable rather than loathsome. It’s your special day, you can dictate how you want and who will be there, it should be fun!



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