Recently I wrote about David Bowie items that you can get on Etsy.  I enjoyed seeing just how inspiring he was, even through product design! One of the things I loved about Bowie was how he just kept reinventing himself, and managing to be a style icon every single time. 

When I look back at my fashion sense over the years, it’s amazing really how much my style has changed. I’ve been gothic, punk, bright arty and vintage, simple..and now I’d describe my style as bright mummy-ish. Meaning I wear a lot of jeans, tshirts and converse. But when I make the effort hello colours of the rainbow! 


As we all know, Bowie changed his style with regularity, and most of those looks have become iconic in their own right. I think the best way to find your signature style is to experiment with lots of different looks. Dye your hair – just remember that if you bleach it, make sure that you get it done professionally to keep it in good condition. Get a water softener (sounds dull but it makes a massive difference) to make sure that you’re washing your hair properly so that you can style it more easily, and experiment with your clothes and make up.. Check out charity shops and eBay for interesting items of clothing for reasonable prices, and don’t be afraid to put together clashing prints and experimental shapes. You can honestly pull anything off as long as you do it with confidence!
Remember It’s Not About What Suits You

One of the things that women’s magazines tells us to do is hide certain parts of our bodies – our thick thighs, our flabby stomachs – as if our thighs don’t hold memories of all the incredible meals we’ve had with lovers and friends, and as if the stretchmarks on our stomachs aren’t demonstrations of the incredible way that we grew babies, or even food babies.  Ignore what the magazines say and instead, embrace your body. 

It’s not always about what clothes suit your body – it’s about what person you feel like being that day, and what you think they might wear. This is easier said then done, believe me I know I’m still trying to find the inner love for my body, and to express myself with my love of fashion and’s a constant working process. 

Once you have your style locked down it can evolve as you go. Just as Bowie’s  Ziggy Stardust evolved into the Thin White Duke. Find your style and own it just like Bowie.

And when in doubt a slick of bright lipstick will make a statement and any outfit pop, just have fun with it.