Ok I’ve given myself the challenge to try to curb my shopping…which isn’t going as well as I’d like but i’m arguing with myself that it’s fine as bits I’ve brought are for the blog..yup..thats allowed right? So I’ve been swooning over some lovely new things, and I thought I’d share them with you guys, because this is clearly helping me not want to buy anything.,-anthroologie,-etsy,trouva-wish-list-products-cute-pink-haul-

1. Neon heart light, Trouva, £52.00   2. Normann Copenhagen Ekko throw blanket, Trouva, £99.00   3. Finch desk Organiser, Anthropologie, £26.00   4. Medina Coaster, Anthropologie, £6.00   5. Pink felt lettered board,, £81.06   6. Itty bitty pom pom earrings, marley & alfie, £56.78   7. Boob bath mat,, £60.00+   8. Lipstick pink melamine tray, Trouva, £22.50   9. Leather personal planner, Kikki-K. £54.00

I’m very much loving pink an the moment can you tell?…but in all honesty I am. To the point I’m in the middle of trying to convince Richard into doing our main bathroom pink. Don’t panic I have tons of time it’s going to take us years to save up to do the I’m not going to back down! is on of my favourite shops at the moment, sadly it’s based in America so shipping is pretty high, but a few things are on ASOS and they sell a few bits at Selfridges, though I’m yet to see the boob bathmat anywhere..which is a shame because I’m totally in love with it..but check it out, also if you don;t know who Jen Gotch is..check her out too, shes amazingly vibrant and funny, and I love her a little bit. #onmylistofpeoplei’dlovetomeet seriously check out her instagram.

So not only is pink seriously dominating my life purchases at the moment, but as are pom poms and boobs. Especially in light of the politics happening around us, I’m feeling the empowerment of women and boobs are just awesome right?! These earrings combine both, I could spend a fortune at marley & alfie. I definitely need a pom pom necklace for everyday of the week and some horseshoes for decor around my home..such cute stuff!

Anyway, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend, and that this list gives you a good excuse to take a break from work and check out some fun things!