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Illustrations I am loving

Trying to get some inspiration as I’d love to get back into drawing and painting, especially as my lovely friend Letty got me some new paints for my baby shower. Plus I am always on the lookout for new artworks to drool over.



I think recently I have been really drawn to pastel colours, I think it’s my wanting to decorate my house full of colour that’s coming through. I’d love this as a piece on my wall, It’s all the tiny details I love, the laces in particular..is it weird I love those laces..



Look at all those delicate lines and details, I think if I had the money my house would look like a circus with all the different artworks i’d buy. I’ve curated many things, so maybe i’d find a way to make it work..but it would probably look like a circus.



Similar with the eye print, I love drawings of lips. What can I say, I think quite a few pins and artworks of lips have made their way onto the blog the last year and a half.



Can’t go wrong with botanicals, especially palm trees. I get so jealous every time I see a blogger instagram a gorgeous sunset or sunrise with a coloured sky framing the palm trees…right now I look outside and it’s rather grey..



It’s a little soppy, yet completely lovely no?



This is one of my favourite pieces of the post. The colour contrast, the silhouette , it works.



Can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes. ever. I’d like a series of these, all different shoes in different colours..

I can’t rave enough about pinterest, if you don’t have it honestly take a look. No matter what your into. Fitness, cooking, music, photography every category or hobby you can think of, there will be thousands of pins..I spend way too much time on pinterest..

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Pins I am loving this week, colourful living rooms.

I love pinterest. I could spend hours browsing it, I’ll go in with good intentions for finding a DIY or a recipe and end up wanting to re-decorate my entire house because of some pins I came across..it’s addictive.  As I may have mentioned I have been in full blown nesting mode recently, but not with cleaning. I  sure that will come later. I have been up cycling, DIY-ing and re-arranging my house to get it to my liking. At the end of this all, if I am happy with it I might even give you guys a house tour..but at the moment I have some fun DIY’s and up cycled projects coming up over the next couple of weeks..just to prove to you I am not just puking and eating cake.

The main room thats annoying me is the living room. As I mentioned in this post here it’s a weird shape and I have a massive array of mix-matced furniture. So to help me get my head around trying to bring it all together in a layout I like. I have some pins..obviously…to inspire..



Firstly the more and more I browse pinterest the more and more I wish we owned our home. The freedom you could get to decorate! But I love our little house, and I am constantly looking at renters fix. So I must plod on. Anyway. I love the different textures in this room. Metal, wood, wool, pattern, colour. I do wonder if when it comes to trying to bring a room together, just filling it with things you like and a few colour options works? My problem is we have lots of different pieces of furniture, or different woods of different eras…tricky to try and make them work….but I’m working on it. This is from Design Sponge. I also love the plants and neon colours in this room..

Myrica Bergqvist1

I have spent a good chunk of the last 5 weeks sourcing frames, and fun art works from Etsy for the nursery. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as more essential items are going to cost us the earth anyway. But I find Etsy is great for getting little unique pieces. Even postcards, or mini zines look great in frames. I will also be making some of my own pieces and using old photographs and drawings from family and friends..Let the little one know just how loved he or she will be. Anyway I’m babbling. I love the mix of patterns in the cushions and the mixed frame styles. Plus is anyone else kind of in love with that lampshade? This is from My Scandinavian Home.


Those curtains.. yes please!! I tried to take a lot from this image as the different pieces of furniture all fit together beautifully even though there’s a mix of wood grains, metals and rug shapes it all works. But having the bright pink in the curtains, pillows, twigs and accessories brings this room together…Maybe I need a colour.. This is from Spearmint Decor.


There’s a lot going on in this room with metallics, floral, typography and a mixture of artworks. But it’s working. Seriously how do these people do it..my house just ends up looking like a bric-a-brac sale. Things crammed into every available space. This is from Bliss At Home.


Ok so this is Bri Emery’s living room from design Love fest. And this is probably my dream room. The giant rug, the mini jungle, the accent sofa with different pieces. And what’s that you say? yeah it all goes perfectly together. This is thanks to Emily Henderson who’s interior design talents brought this amazing room to be. This is from Blog Etsy where it shows you how to get the look.


Loving this gallery wall. the electric blue is brave but this room is rocking it.. man I wish I could paint my walls…don’t know if I would go for electric blue but you know…i’d like the option. This is from esdesign. 

living room tour 5


Lot’s of different textures in this room. I think I need more cushions…cushions seem to be a prominent feature (not forgetting the gallery walls). But yeah..cushions… This is from  Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.





So after interning in a gallery, and doing a few exhibits of which curating a couple, I love a good gallery wall. This post from A Beautiful Mess shows you how to style a corner gallery wall, and it’s super informative so take a look. I have plans for a couple of gallery walls in my house. With art and photos spotted all about. Art doesn’t have to be expensive. As much as I wish I had lots of original pieces it isn’t feasible for the majority. But places like Etsy and Artfinder you can get small originals for an amazing price, plus look into hiring students to do commissions, you might find a hidden talent of a gem by doing that. But photographs are loved ones, drawings by family and friends are all artworks..it’s just about finding that right spot for them!


I hope you all had a good weekend, I enjoyed spending my Sunday indoors as it was a bit drizzly watching the London Marathon on tv. So a big congrats to everyone who participated, I was worn out just watching them all, it really is super impressive!!

ta for now!



Etsy Picks for Nursery Art 1

Ok so a great way to add some fun to your nursery, especially if you rent and can’t decorate is putting up a gallery wall. The colour and shapes will stimulate your little one and make your nursery a cute place to be. I am planning to do this, and slowly building up a title collection.

Etsy picks for nursery gallery wall for babies


1.Geometric Gazelle Print, Etsy.  2. Lollipop Print, Etsy.  3. Cactus Print, Etsy.  4.Giraffe Print, Etsy.

5.Geometric Mountains Print, Etsy.  6.Nightime Print, Etsy.  7. Smiley Pear Print, Etsy.  8. People In The Rain Print, Etsy.

9. Beaker Print, Etsy.


Because we aren’t going to find out the sex I wanted to look at neutral art works, I also like the idea that a lot of these artworks can last til they are a bit older too! Or let’s be honest…most of them would look awesome all over the house…

I’m dreaming of Paris

Ok so I’m thinking of planning a long weekend away, and Paris is all that is on my mind. I think it’s important to spend a bit of time away before a new arrival, gives you both a chance to relax and not be all baby 24/7. Plus I am desperately in the need of a new environment. Ideally one where I haven’t thrown up in nearly every room. Now it’s a toss up between Paris and the English Countryside. lot’s depending on if I manage to find my passport..and if it’s in date. I know flying isn’t recommended after 6 months, so the euro tunnel is a must for me. I haven’t been to Paris in years, and as touristy as this might sound I haven’t been up the Eiffel Tower, so obviously thats on my list. But pretty much I want to eat lots of bread, take in gorgeous views,  delight in macarons and little cakes and be surrounded by gorgeous flowers. Wine would also be included in this..well maybe half a glass, I might treat myself if we go.




Found this article on how to do Paris on a budget, I am thinking of maybe only doing 2 or 3 days if we go, so it would be great not to spend a small fortune. This is from Lonely Planet.








Whenever I think of Paris I think of Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn, maybe I should get some ball gowns to wonder round Paris in…do you think there’s such thing as a maternity ball gown? and will I look a bit too fancy? This is from Lisa Congdon.



If you go check out Design Love Fest you can see the adventures Bri Emery had in Paris, with this cute little map and pictures galore, it’s sure to inspire, I know I have a list of places to go now.


Ah Paris, take me there now please!

Wedding Wednesday’s: Colour and Texture / 25

Ok so I have decided to limit Wedding Wednesday’s to every other week, I feel until I actually start booking some things  for the wedding, I might just keep going round in circles. But today I wanted to look at colours and textures, a mood board of the tone of the day I think I want have. Enjoy!























So I was so excited to receive two prints in the post today which we brought off an Etsy shop called Berkley Illustrations. They are just so brilliantly awesome I am just in awe. To put it simply, their illustrations make me very happy. Just go and check out their shop. I challenge you not to be smiling after 10 seconds. Anyway, excuse the crappy iphone pictures, they do not do these justice but here are our latest editions for our gallery wall.



 I mean, just look at them? Genius no? The variety they do is insane, me and Richard spent a good hour choosing between the sloth and the otter. We have already decided on the next two that we want..or maybe four..

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Ok so it’s week two of the challenge and I know Richard hasn’t done his images, hes literally been driving himself insane doing this picture, and because I’m worried about his stress levels I’ve let him off the challenge. Slacker. I’m kidding… anyway Happy Valentines day everyone, I hope everyone is having a nice day.

This weeks drawing challenge was for me to draw something that represents me. So as I have mentioned before, I have a degree in Fine art photography. The camera I use the most is my Mamiya RB67. I love this beast, its heavy, its mechanical and it shoots beautiful medium format images. I can’t use it without a tripod due to its size and it takes me twice as long to focus as its opposites and you’re looking down the view finder, rather than directly looking through as you do in SLR cameras. But I love it. So here it is. I sketched it out roughly then scanned it in and drew over it with Photoshop. So pretty much after I build my image, I just kind of whooshed some colour over it, then I played around a bit. So here are my variations I guess. Oh and next week I will be drawing a plant, try to keep your excitement down please…

Have a good weekend all.







Ok so I found this blog post done by The Paper Mama where she will be  spending a whole year drawing one thing a week. I loved this idea, and as it’s the start of February I thought i’d give it a try. Now Chelsey from The Paper Mama has set 52 things to draw each week which I have changed a little to suit me a bit more. I’d like to work with a range of different mediums as I studied Fine Art Photography at uni, but I tend to shoot mostly on Medium format which is quite a long process. But I do enjoy doodling, and I did a semester abroad in Canada where I did some classes in drawing and painting so I am going to give it a good go. I have changed the ‘themes’ a little though. Here is my plan for the next 52 weeks which is mostly using Chelsey’s original plan with some changed slightly.


1. Self portrait

2. An item that represents you

3. A plant

4. An animal you may find in a zoo

5. Someone who means a lot to you

6. A tool you need: Scissors? Pencil? Hammer? Fork?

7. A landmark

8. Your name:

9. Fave book: draw the book itself, or a scene from the book.

10. A body part

11. Favorite place

12. A mode of transport

13. A bird

14. Family Portrait

15. Two: 2 the number, two of something, twins?

16. Fish

17. Favourite animal

18. Your house

19. Your favourite bag/handbag

20. A bug

21. Food

22. Chair

23. Imaginary

24. Animal personified

25. Hands

26. Shoes

27. Robotic

28. Movie scene: Favorite movie scene?

29. Sea creature

30. Crafty: Thread, knitting, sewing, whatever.

31. A collection

32. Fruit

33. Sky

34. Married couple

35. Fairy tale character

36. Something nearby

37. Vegetable

38. Street lights

39. Silhouette

40. Farm animal

41. Details: Up close and personal.

42. Abstract

43. Monster

44. Sweet treat

45. Friend

46. Flower

47. Holiday

48. Stranger

49. Toy

50. Historic figure

51. Your choice

52. Self portrait: start with a self portrait, end with a self portrait.


I am trying to convince Richard to do this, but he is pretty adamant that he sucks at drawing. Like I said I have changed a few, but look at The Paper Mama where I got the idea from and for the original list.  Let me know if you do this too, leave a comment so we can all see your process too. Wish me luck. First image will be posted by the end of the week.