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My dream bathroom..for me and Arch

I was just thinking the other day that Arch will soon be sat up in the big tub in the bathroom. I know these cute days of the little baby bath are numbered. Soon he’ll be splashing about and playing with his bath toys. I’ll be stood there… soaked from the splashing and loving every second of it.

It has got me thinking about how drab and boring bathrooms are, though. They don’t tend to inspire happy playtimes or quality time with your children. Bathrooms are just so functional and not even slightly fun. Most are also just a boring white colour. Now I rent so there isn’t much I can do to change ours. But I think bathrooms should be just as stylish as the rest of your home, and if you have kids, be able to be a fun place for them too. I spoke about how I wanted to revamp my bathroom earlier in the year (well as much as I could without annoying the landlord). See some of my inspiration here. It’s something I am still working on, as the more pregnant I got the harder doing these things became and now they are on my to do list. which is never ending.

If I could, or when we finally buy and can, I think the bathroom would be something I would change without a doubt. Most bathrooms come just in plain whites and beiges. Instead I’d l think every surface should have vibrant colours and interesting things to catch Arch’s eye while he’s playing in the bath, but also a place where me and Richard can relax and have a bath..so somewhere that has dual purpose really.It never occurred to me I would be designing the entire house around a baby’s taste before I became a Mummy, and I’ll talk more about this another day.

So this is my dream bathroom inspiration.

Starting with the floor, I want colour, and pattern, and things for him to trace with his finger. I’ve seen some amazing cement tiles with patterns in every shape you can imagine. Best of all, the colours are really vibrant. Perfect for little eyes. I think they would look incredible on the floor. Bath mat sets are so bland, but it won’t matter if they’re sat on a floor as fascinating as that. So honestly check them out, they are to die for..and it kills me I can’t change the floor in our bathroom right now. I especially love the patchwork tiles they do below.


The walls of my bathroom are kind of half painted and half tiled. I’ve learned that kids can soak the ceilings and walls on the other side of the room just by splashing in the bath. This is where full tiled bathrooms would come in handy. I’d love to have tiles that are colourful and interesting.



Firstly yes yes yes to that shower! And secondly I am in love with subway tiles, especially as they have done a different approach here and fitted them vertical instead of horizontal! How awesome is that?

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Sassy Bloom Baby Subscription Box review with a £10 voucher off your first box


Ok so I had my first Sassy Bloom box come yesterday, and I thought I’d do a review for you. So firstly a bit about this box. This is a monthly subscription gift box, which costs £30 a month, which you can cancel at anytime and you never know what you are getting each month..it’s a complete surprise. But it’s tailored to your little one. You fill in details when you register about yourself and your baby. The gift boxes are available from pregnancy up until your little one is 2. And each month is tailored to your babies age.  Here are some example boxes below which I got from their website. Check out their site for example boxes for older babies and toddlers too.





So I thought i’d share what I got in our first Sassy Bloom box.



So firstly it comes in a super cute box with a lovely little ribbon. I’m a sucker for frills and cuteness. So to the big reveal.




So in the box we got a baby moov love nest which is a cute pillow for support for babies head when they are on the floor, on a change mat or even in a bouncer. It’s super cute with a star and polka dot detail in a lovely apple green. Nice and neutral. We also got Finn the whale bath and room thermometer. This actually floats in the bath and is a life saver, as we have needed a bath thermometer for a while now. We got a Silly Billyz towel giblet which is super helpful, a My first nici rattle bear, sleepy tot baby’s sea shore cd ( which I am totally going to try out in the car) and lastly a personalised baby comforter with Archer’s name on it.





This is just lovely, like super cute.. So the subscription costs £30 a month and it’s free postage to the UK. But if you use the link above you can get £10 off your first order, which you cancel anytime by emailing them. So there’s no reason not to try it out. I can’t wait for next months one!





Here’s my little cutie with his personalised comforter. So soft it’s crazy! So go check out Sassy Bloom now.


My Labour Experience..The joys of Childbirth

Newborn-baby-boy-mummy-blog-chikdbirth-experinceSo i’ve had so many people ask me about my labour experience and i’ve told the story so many times now that I felt it would be easier to just do a post on it plus it give you guys a chance to read about it too. So let’s just jump into it shall we.

Now everyone wants that calm idyllic birth, and I was no different. I had a very difficult pregnancy and was hoping that the saying that goes bad pregnancy good birth would relate to me..it didn’t. Although Archie is here and so am I. So really I can’t complain. After having everyone tell me that I would be  early, even the midwives, I went into hospital on July 30th at 10:00 am to be induced. I was 5 days overdue, and my induction was scheduled early due to me having gestational diabetes.

Now I feel I should mention that the couple of days leading up to my induction weren’t great. I went in on the Tuesday for lack of fetal movement and after being monitored for an hour thankfully all was fine, but I thought while  we were there I’d ask for a sweep. For those who don’t know what a sweep is, it’s a technique used to try and bring on labour. During an internal exam, a finger is used to try and separate the membranes of the amniotic sac surrounding the baby from your cervix. The separation is meant to release hormones which may kick start your labour.  Well lets just say it wasn’t an overly enjoyable experience for me.  The midwife who did my sweep was a senior midwife, and afterwards during my labour, I found out she’s notorious for giving good sweeps. ( good sweeps tend to be quite painful). I wasn’t able to endure the whole sweep, and left in tears. I was in pain for the next 2 days, and cried for about 7 hours afterwards..he midwife said she could have done a good sweep but she managed to pull my cervix forward…urgh it gives me shivers just typing it..But the sweep did it’s job as when I had my internal examination before my induction process was to start, the midwife said she was able to break my waters which would save me 12 hours.

So what should of happened was I would have had a pessary, waited 6 hours and had another one if labour hadn’t started. If that failed too I then would have had the hormone drip. But because the midwife was able to break my waters I saved myself the 12 hours of not needing the pessary. Now I should mention that my midwife was great. I mentioned my awful sweep which in turn made me terrified of having anymore internals and we came up with a sign of when she needed to stop to let me adjust and pretty much when to stop altogether and get out of me! Remember it’s your body, your baby, they are there to help and guide you. If your uncomfortable or worried just mention it to them. During my labour I had 3 different midwives, and with each one I spoke my concerns and we did the same system. Anyway to the breaking of the waters.

So they broke..which by the way didn’t hurt at all, and I was given an hour to see if contractions started, if they didn’t I would be put on the hormone drip. Well it didn’t take long.  By having my waters broke I went from 2 to 3 cm dilated. So I was on the right track. Then came the contractions. Now these weren’t a gentle increase. I went straight into 2 minute apart contractions lasting a minute long. The midwife stood there mouth open seeing me contract like clockwork..an hour passed and my contractions showed no sign of stopping. I was contraction a minute apart for a minute and they were getting intense. Bring in the gas and air. Which by the way is great. It makes you giggle and helps with the pain. Also you sounds like Darth Vadar, an impression I did constantly why giggling through contractions!  But you do kind of loose it a little. I lost all track of time, had no problem running to the toilet (which wasn’t in my room) with my butt hanging out in my gown. That gave the decorator a bit of a shock who was painting the hall way. Apparently at one point I thought I was in Canada, and trying to sprint in-between contractions to leave my glorious gas and air to go pee..well was a challenge. I did this about 10 times until I realised there was gas and air in the bathroom..typical! Now I had the privilege of having morning sickness all through pregnancy, and it didn’t disappoint as I threw up a lot during labour..and I mean a lot..one point Richard went into the supply cupboard to grab me one of those cardboard dishes to catch my vomit..the next time he wasn’t quick enough as I threw up all over myself…it was so romantic…


Me struggling through contractions, while holding tightly onto the gas and air as if it was encrusted with gold..which believe at that point it kind of was to me.

Bring on a couple of hours of me trying to breathe through my ever increasing contractions. I mean come on where were my five minutes of peace between contractions that only lasted 30 seconds..Anyway they were getting pretty intense and I was feeling some right urges to push…but after being checked and only being 5cm dilated…there was no way I was ready.

It was heartbreaking as the gas and air was starting to not cut it through my now minute and half long contractions which were coming every minute..Now everyone wants that natural birth, but all I can say is go in with an open mind because until you feel that intense pain, and your energy levels start to dwindle, you can’t decided how your going to handle your labour. My next pain relief option was pethidine. To be honest by this point I don’t even remember it going in or doing anything, I was literally trying to jump out of my own skin..the pain was intense. I had been in active labour for nearly 6 hours..and my contractions were coming every 30 seconds…and I was only 6 cm dilated..it was time for the big E.

Ok so my biggest fear about having the epidural were the risks of having the epidural, and the idea of having a needle in my spine. Me and Richard had come up with a code. I had the chance to ask 3 times for the Big E. On the 3rd time I was serious, and he was to tell the midwife this. What I didn’t realise was that it can take up to 40 mins to get the epidural in motion, then 20 minutes once administered for it to take full effect. I was on the edge of passing out, but before I knew it (you loose time like I said earlier) a lovely anesthetist was putting a drip into my hand, stroking my back to calmly talk to me about the risk, how it works and that I would have to sit deadly still..my contractions were 30 seconds apart, I told him when I was having one and as soon as it finished I stayed still like a rock.( apparently I mean I was  pretty high at this point) and he had done it in 30 seconds. Amazing. and I didn’t feel the needle or anything.  It was a god job I went for the epidural as Archie didn’t make an appearance for another 7 hours..there’s no way I would have been able to cope..

I should note that just before my epidural, I peed all over Richards feet. What can I say contractions are intense especially when your standing up..


Me after my epidural asleep…Richard decided to become a documentary photographer during my labour..don’t I look great…One disadvantage to epidurals is having all the tubes attached to you, and not being able to move about. I was lucky as I didn’t have a permanent catheter put it..I just had an in out one..every coupe of hours or so to just empty my bladder. Labour is so attractive isn’t it.

But that was it. Epidurals are pretty amazing. Although I got a bit clicky happy as every 25 minutes you could up the dose a little..so for the next 7 hours I actually managed to sleep a little…and feel little or no pain (sometimes) what so ever. Although when it came to the pushing part I wish I hadn’t been so clicky happy…as it’s hard to push when you have no idea when your having contractions. When I finally hit 10cm..and was told its time to start pushing I went into full panic mode. I had no idea if It was going to hurt, and the fact I was about to meet my baby…well I start shaking..like uncontrollably shaking.. It didn’t help that the monitors wouldn’t pick up my contractions so I was guessing when to push. But it didn’t hurt..I felt pressure plus the need to go to the loo (which I didn’t…yay) but I didn’t feel any pain, the pushing was hard though…I had midwives holding my legs, while a doctor took over and was pretty much screaming at me to push and hold my breath…which believe me is hard to do when you have been in active labour  for 14 hours..everything got a bit intense…alarms were going off which I now know was little Archers heart rate dropping..and the doctor was getting more and more concerned. So with a little snip I had a small episiotomy, and he came..he also caused me a small tear, which the doctor assured me was the smallest one she had ever seen..still a 2nd degree one though.

Then he came out, which is the weirdest sensation ever..but he came out blue, Richard got told to pull the emergency cord and about 8 people rushed in..after he was checked though, thankfully everything was fine and he was given to Richard but by god didn’t it scare me to death.


This is Archer a few minutes old. Not the best picture as I was being sewn up at the time…but still one of my favourite pictures ever.

I wasn’t allowed to hold him while I was being sewn up. (I’m not sure why as I have been told by other midwives there’s no reason why I wouldn’t have been able to hold him) but after an hour I finally got my baby. I made the midwives giggle as I said be honest ladies is my vagina fu**ed…I was still slightly high at this point. But Archie was out safely and came to us at 1:43 am. Weighing 8 lb 1 oz and was 50cm long. All family was awake as Richard had done a running commentary the last 14 hours to keep himself occupied. Including lovely pictures of me on the toilet and high on gas. But it was lovely to know everyone was awake waiting for the news of this delivery.

This is me finally holding my baby, and it’s crazy how cute he is. I was expecting a mini E.T. but he looked just perfect, and he still is.





This is me looking rather exhausted..but totally worth it. The next 48 hours were really tough, and I’ll leave that for another post. But now as I sit and write this Arch is asleep in his bouncer, and it’s my first official day looking after him on my own. 3 weeks and 4 days old. Where is the time going. I can’t believe he will be 1 month old on Friday. I’ll have to do a photo and compare him to his first day..he was so tiny!


But that was my labour and to be honest the labour part wouldn’t put me off having another baby. Even the pregnancy I think I could possibly do it again..possibly. It was sadly the hospital stay after. It was a shame really as we had such good care up until he was born. Then a lack of communication ruined it. But that’s another post. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m off to nap..you know sleep when the baby sleeps and all!


Our last couple of weeks in pictures

So I know I have been MIA, due to have the cuteness that is Mr Archer Sanders. But I thought I’d share with you some pictures from the last couple of weeks, warning there are a few baby ones..just a few..ok so it may be entirely pregnancy and baby related..but lets be honest the last month has been very baby related.

It’s kind of crazy not being pregnant, though I am not missing throwing up every day. Although my belly now feels and looks like a deflated balloon, but hey, I have a bundle of cuteness to show for it. Archer is 11 days old, and I have no idea where the time has gone…but me and Richard find ourselves slowly getting into a routine, as I sit writing this Archie is fast asleep on his daddy. Perfectly peaceful.

So to some pictures!


Date night, this was our last proper date night, we went for a curry..you know to try and kickstart my labour…it didn’t work…nothing really ended up working…Archie had to be evicted..



My full term bump…my midwife was convinced I was having a big 9 lb baby..thankfully Archie was only 8 lb 1.  it’s weird not having my bump anymore, but I enjoy having the ability to get out of bed nice and easily.



Our scrummy little man. My first picture of him. Perfection. Here he is an hour old..1 hour…crazy they let you hold and keep and baby that tiny.



I will do a post on my labour and on our first few days with Archie as they weren’t the easiest. He was a little poorly and this picture was taken when we finally made it home. It’s quite possibly one of my most favourite pictures ever..My little family.


It could be the lack of sleep, but me and Richard are enjoying the funny positions and faces our little man seems to come up with. I honestly think I’ll end up doing a little gallery wall project of the many faces of Archie. I call this one…You talking to me?


Getting ready for bedtime..sorry this is probably a massive overload of baby pictures..but I did warn you…


So I did a first aid course on Saturday…it honestly terrified me, I don’t think I even remember exactly what I am meant to do in a mergence. Luckily it came with a poster that I will be putting up in the nursery. But it’s always good to be prepared.



Joint nap time. Baby Archie on mummy, with daddy on the floor. I think this picture sums up parenthood quite well…but he’s totally worth it.


Sorry for my absence…but we have some news..

So yes I know I have been away for far too long…I can only apologise, the couple of weeks leading up to my due date and induction date were manic, and I needed some rest..pregnancy really takes it out of you! But hopefully I will be back blogging frequently again soon.But to the news!

On July 31st at 1:43 am our little guy was born..a slightly manic labour which I will leave for another day, but here is Archer Charlie Sanders. I call him Archie..which yes I know technically isn’t a nickname because it isn’t shorter..but either way, me and Richard are in love.



My beautiful boys….we are both uber tired..but it’s worth every minute.



I have some super cute outfits, I’ll probably end up doing a while look book just for Archie. Now as I have said, this blog won’t be baby over kill..but he’s a massive part of my life and I hope you enjoy the updates of our little family. But the blog should be back to running smoothly in a couple of weeks, with all our DIY, recipes,ramblings and lifestyle craziness.

Love to you all.

Pins I’m loving, baby themed

Still no baby..so much to everyone who thought I would be early..(my due date is on Saturday) and man am I uncomfortable…plus I have tried everything.. My newest system being watching one born every minute ( get the emotions going) while bouncing on my birthing ball, eating pineapple and stimulating my nipples.. Just picture doing all that at once…who said pregnancy isn’t sexy! Anyway, I thought I’d look at some cute baby related pins to see if it get’s anything going..


How super cute is this, we don’t know what we are having but I think maybe a boy, but to be honest..I’d totally consider dressing a boy in this because I mean why not?! This is from Mini Style Blog.


I’m seeing a theme with pink and yellow…yes once again more girly, but it has sharks on it! Sharks! This is from Stella McCartney. 


I recently showed you my gallery wall post here, when the baby is here i’m looking forward to adding some personal touches, like a name letter and maybe some cutesy things too! This is from Mommo Design.


How adorable is this nursery, it’s just so whimsical. This is when I wish we owned our own place, would have been nice to be able to paint the room, but I love how our nursery came out. This is from Petite Vintage Interiors.


This room is super awesome, all the patterns and bold colours, plus the pictures are super cute too! This is from The boo and the boy.


How adorable is this, the whole little outfit is just super cute! Ok I have officially said super cute way top much..I am just loving the hat though! This is from here.


I am in love with these shoes, and there are a few other designs too! These are from Oh Joy.




Here’s hoping our little one makes an appearance soon…if you have any other ideas to induce labour do feel free to leave me a comment!

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Our Nursery Gallery Wall



Ok so I thought I’d give you a snippet look into our nursery, which is nearly finished, just a few touches need doing, and my office side needs reorganising, but overall I feel pretty ready for this baby…if it ever comes..

So I didn’t exactly have a big budget for this gallery wall, but I had an idea of what I wanted. Not being able to paint the nursery was a bit of a bummer, so we made do with rent fixes like copper polka dot decals, and colourful frames to add a little something to the nursery.

I spent many hours sourcing frames off of free cycle and rummaging around charity shops and ended up spending around £10 altogether on the 12 frames I used. One day if I have tons of money I will probably pay to have them all professionally framed, but because I wanted to spend more money on the actual artwork, getting the frames cheaper meant I could spend a little extra on the contents.

Ok so here are a few of the frames I sourced.



So they needed a bit of a clean up, but it was super easy to do and then I just spruced them up with paint and spray paint..really simple. Really effective. Really budget friendly.



Ok so here are a few close ups and I’ll list where I got the artworks from too.I used some Etsy vouchers I had for most of the artworks, but there are so many places to get free  printables, see my post here, and even creating some of your own pieces or asking family members to create something, can add a really lovely personal touch.

Ok so from L-R.  1.Linocut goat, Etsy. 2.Gondoliere Print, Etsy.  3.Dinosaur was part of four postcards, Etsy.   4.Bonjour cat and dog print, Etsy.  5.Owl postcard, Etsy.

You can see some more Etsy artworks for a nursery here and here.



Etsy prints L-R. 1.Deer print, Etsy.  2.Hello Print, Etsy.  3. leopard drawing, my dad did this when he was younger. 4. Hippo Print, Etsy.  5.Sea Life postcard I got free with one of my purchases. 6. Click Click camera Postcard, Etsy.  7. lemon horse Postcard, Etsy.

So there you have it, my gallery wall on a budget. I do note that there’s quite a lot of blues and greens. Honestly, I happened to have those colours in spray paint, and it’s much easier to spray paint the frames, rather then hand paint them and being I was on a budget, buying more spray paint in a variety of colours not seen as gender specific would have cost quite a bit. I went for a mix of neutral prints, and it was a lot of fun curating them together! When the baby is here, I will probably add some more and if it takes another 2 weeks for this baby to make an appearance I will probably end up grabbing my paints and doing some little doodles for the room myself to try and keep me sane!


Hope everyone had a good weekend…oh joy for Mondays!!


My Lovely Baby Shower

So on Sunday I had my baby shower, organised by my lovely sister-in-law Tash. Weirdly it was a blessing that the sun wasn’t out that much, because it kept the room nice and chilled. I was pretty over heated due to being massively pregnant, and such anyway! But to the day, we had a lovely spread which I totally forgot to get pictures of. Afternoon tea with cute sandwiches, homemade scones made by Mel and cake cake cake. It was nice seeing family and friends who I haven’t seen in ages, and playing the nappy game ( guess the melted chocolate) is totally gross but ridiculously funny!

Guess the baby was hilarious too, I only knew which one I was because I recognised the baby mat. But I guessed 10/12 right..I mean I was super impressed with that!!

But here are some pictures from the day! I wore my smart black jeans, and a grey roll neck top that I got from New Look, it was casual and smart at the same time, and most important I was comfortable in it.



Lovely nappy game..gross but I promise..it’s funny to play..everyone got pretty competitive! I also got to wear a cute mummy to be sash.


Look at the concentration, Heather and Danielle won the nappy challenge guessing all three melted chocolate bars correctly! Plus how adorable does Finley look!


One of the lovely knitted gifts Pat made me! How awesome is this jellyfish??


I was spoilt sooo much by everyone, I’m looking forward to putting everything away! Tash was great at organising the shower, and passing me the gifts as the bump was totally getting in the way of me being able to bend down.


My mum and gran, with mum holding the gorgeous Georgia! Mum was great, I think this is the only time she sat down, constantly rushing around getting drinks, food, washing up..such a host!


Another cute present. I won’t show you them all…purely because I have like a quadruple chin in most of the pictures, but I did get some beautiful things! This was from my lovely friends Alex and Jon…bananas…it’s an inside joke!



Baby-shower-fun,-blog-woodenflamingo Baby-shower-blog-ideas-

Steph, Abby and Gran enjoying a cup of tea…so quaint!


I told you I was spoilt. I got so many beautiful things, and nappy cakes, some beauty products just for me, and an array of adorable blankets, towels and clothes…i’ll do a look book when the kids here!



This girl cracks me up! She took the nappy game very seriously! And a special thanks to Letty who took the photos… shame she wasn’t in many!


I had a lovely day, sorry I didn’t get any photos if the spread or decorations..we all know how much I suck and remembering the small details.. Only 7 weeks 3 days to go…..eeeeek


Great neutral baby gifts

Ok so we aren’t finding out the sex, but I remember when trying to buy a gift for my brothers baby how hard it was because they didn’t find out either. Let’s be honest a lot of neutral clothes and baby items are very much plain cream and white. And although these are still super cute, you do end up having a bit of a plain palette for a while. So I have made it my mission to find cute neutral loving baby things that pull away from the white and beige.


These are super cute and are great for a boy or girl especially in the summer months. These are from Little Four Clothing and start from £15.42 they are from the states so please be aware that postage may be expensive.  But they are handmade and super cute no?


With Richards love of cycling I came across this little shop and it has some super cute things! This is from Growing Up Wild and prices start from £10.52. once again like many of the items in this post postage may be expensive, if they are shipping from the states.


I am a big fan of patterns and I think they are great as neutral pieces for babies and toddlers. These are from Fox and Rebel and prices start from £19.52. Shipping from Canada postage might be expensive, but take a look at the shop as they do some super cute cot sheets too!


I think there’s nothing cuter then seeing little babies wear harem pants! Plus they are super neutral too! Prices start from £16.73 and shipping is from Canada so may be expensive.  These are from Fox and Rebel too.


Another from Fox and Rebel. What can I say they do super cute things including this thunderstorm organic cotton blanket. This costs £25.10 and ships from Canada so always check postage.


Look at the little boots! These are super neutral and super cute and are from Harper Daisy and cost £17.49. From the states so do check postage costs.




These are like my favourite and I think would look adorable on a boy of girl. I wonder if they make them in adult sizes too? These are from Ajalor and prices start from £25.94 and ships from Canada.

So all of the above are from Etsy so shipping can be quite pricey but don’t fret I’ve found a few pieces on the UK market which ticks off awesome neutrals too. The following are from Mothercare, but H&M, Next and Matalan do some super cute outfits too.

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