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My bedroom..

Right now my main priority is being a mummy to Archer, and my house shows this. Especially my bedroom. It resembles a creche..baby blankets, clothes, wipes,toys, everything every where. So when Arch goes into his own room when he’s around 6 months, I want to spend sometime making it back into the haven that a bedroom should be.

All of us get bored or uninspired from time to time. And it can happen anywhere. Your bedroom may seem dull one day. Or perhaps your living room could do with freshening up. I constantly feel like i’m buying little bits for my living room..maybe it’s because it’s the room most people see…all that’s left to do is get the new sofa in, hang up some pictures and maybe do my bar cart…the latter might be a long project. The same with my bathroom, it’s nearly finished but it does take time  doing up  rooms, especially with kids around. But as soon as Arch is in his own bed I am going to make it my mission to get it sorted. I think it’s very important to have a bedroom that you and your partner can relax in, a place you actually look forward to going to bed in. Right now I dread waking up to bottles and baby stuff every where. Paired with mugs of tea and plates..it’s a mini home in a home.Which sometimes with a 10 week old you need..it’s my way of surviving I guess. But in 3 months time, I’m claiming it back!

So let’s look at ways to update your bedrooms..whether your a mummy or not!

A large geometric shape wallpaper can help create an attractive feature wall in your favourite shade. If you rent, removable wallpaper is a must! I love that there are products coming out to suit us folk who rent our homes. It gives us a chance to put our own spin on our homes without losing our deposits. If your not feeling brave enough for wallpaper, a plain light shade colour will give a calm feel. Or investing a giant piece of art for a focal pint in your room.




I love the spots of yellow in this bedroom, the piece of art work is beautiful and pairs with the pattern on the chair nicely. If it’s just a fresh lick of paint or a different colour pallet for your furnishing, I am loving the 3 colour sequences below from Color Collective.



I’m enjoying the warmth in these colours, I especially love the peach and blue. I love color collective because it shows colours together you wouldn’t normally think to put next to each other.

1441136307437Give your bedroom a calm yet Great Gatsby look with green, golds and beiges. I am in love with pastels at the moment, aren’t we all?

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