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Birthday Fun Pins

So yesterday I turned 26 and celebrated my birthday having a chilled day with Richard. To be honest a lot of things right now  completely drain me, so chilling was perfect. We ate cake, we watched films, and did a trip to Ikea..was perfect. This week sees us going to my brothers wedding so to be honest I’m kind of saving my energy for that..very different to last year, where we partied! Anyway for today I thought i’d look at awesome Birthday pins..for the Birthdays in your lives coming up..next year…i’ll drink and party!



















I think i’d like to have a really big do for my 30th. I have 4 years to plan it. This year has been super crazy, and gone super fast. It’s crazy to think that next month I might have a baby and that me and Richard would have been engaged for a year…without anything being planned bar the photographer..crazy!!! Here is to another year…next year should be interesting!!

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So I had quite an exciting weekend , as Richard’s parents had planned me a birthday surprise, which involved Richard being very secretive as he drove me to a train station. So we ended up in London at Liverpool street where We got in a taxi ( oh yes it was rather fancy). I honetsly can’t remember the last time I got a taxi in London. Anyway so we ended up here…



This is the excellent map, done by Mr Bob Sanders, which showed us where we needed to go… It was all very exciting, sort of like a little treasure hunt..But before I was allowed my surprise, we would first grab a bite to eat.

Ok this is the not so good bit, so we weren’t overly hungry so thought we would pop in for a quick bite, after walking around we settled on this little place which is called Whitehall now…but we think it was called S.P.Q.R , I was drawn in by the pretty cakes, and the fact that it looked quite fancy. How wrong I was. We were ushered right to the back by a rather rude waiter, then after 5 minutes of sitting down he came over to us an was like ready??!! We both just went for a sandwich which came with soggy brown lettuce, after having to grab the waitress for just some mayonnaise, I gave up trying to complain, ate the sandwich (which was quite nice bar the side salad) and we went quickly on our way, ignoring to pay the added service charge. I like to tip, but only when I think it is worthy..Honestly I wouldn’t recommended it at all, the staff are rude, and the lettuce is questionable.. and I didn’t even get a cake… I took a picture of the lettuce but I won’t offend you with such images.. Maybe I will put it on instagram..

Moving on, we go for a walk, following our little drawn map, and suddenly we are outside a large rather well known theatre..Her Majesty’s theatre to be precise. Yes we were going to watch The Phantom of The Opera, from Row d in the stalls…so we could actually feel the sweat dripping off them. But before I talk about how wonderful the show was, we were able to have a drink beforehand as it was a matinee and we had 30 minutes to kill. What’s the best way to kill 30 minutes?


Having a cheeky champers of course. Richard, being designated driver, indulged in an americano, while I had a cheeky glass of Prosecco. Sometimes you just can’t beat  a glass of champagne. Now we had this drink in a cute little Italina place, which I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was just to the left of the theatre.

Now back to Phantom, I managed to take a quick cheeky picture before anyone saw (and before it started of course) just to show you how close we were..(sorry to rub it in).

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Ok so carrying on from yesterday, I have been looking at cheap ways to make the day/evening great. On the day I will probably end up doing something completely different and winging the whole thing, but oh well it’s always good to have some ideas for inspiration!



How cute does this outdoor cinema party look, I really want to do this as we have a projector….gah! I am so excited its crazy, the last party I had was for my 21st, where I had some friends over for a bbq! I kind of want to feel like a kid again, with the bite sized foods, balloons lots of colour and birthday crowns. Add alcohol to the mix and it will be great…hopefully!  This is from Oh Party.  So we have a projector,and I have an endless amount of blankets and colour linens.. So maybe pick up some solar lights, popcorn kernels..and done..


If you guys are new to this little corner of the internet, you might realise soon that I have a small love for pom poms! I really want to try out some giant ones for the party! How beautiful does this look though..I couldn’t find the source so if you know it leave me a comment.


Look at the contrast in this picture, I love all the little details. I’d love to do macaroons but they are so hard..last time I attempted them they came out more like woopie pies..If anyone knows of a really good recipe for how to do these or some awesome flavours leave me a comment! Theme of clashing stripes and polka dots?  This is from Studio DIY. Could I mix all this with the cinema theme too…


I got this image from The house that lars built and it shows a snippet of decorations used for a bridal shower, but I like the idea of incorporating flowers and balloons together..Maybe I should wait for a formal party to try this…Or can I incorporate it with stripes, polka dots and cinema…

So some very different decor ideas, I think most of all I want it to be fun, cosy and colourful. If you have any ideas you think I might like, recipes, decor, cocktails leave me a link in the comments!!



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Yesterday we moved Richards parents from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom place. Which consisted of a lot of cardio and carrying, so I was pooped, and so didn’t do my weekend antics post. Which I apologise for. But here it is.

So weekends antics are becoming a bit of  a recurrence, do we like the weekend antics posts? Well I enjoy writing them. As me and Richard both work during the week, I feel all of our exciting things tend to happen at the weekend. Like last weekend  saw us eating Monsters Inc cupcakes, making pom poms and seeing my mum sing a solo in her stage group show. All good things. Plus there may have been a cheeky cake and Frozen film fest in there too!



So to the twin’s birthday. Looking adorable in their princess dresses as you can imagine getting a picture was pretty difficult, so enjoy these blurred iphone ones! (Eliza on the left Amelia on the right). They are literally the cutest ever. I also love how puffy Eliza’s dress is. Continue reading


So me being behind in my drawings worked out to the best in the end as today it’s my gorgeous twin nieces second birthday. Look how that worked out.. So I attempted to draw them…now according to Richard apparently I can’t draw ages.. which might be true as the twins look like 10 in this drawing. Plus they have no hands…they do actually have hands I just can’t draw hands, so there are polka dots to try and deter away from the no hand situation.. (have said hands too many times now). Which in turn made the picture very busy..


So yeah a total success….remember this doesn’t do them any justice, it’s like a cartoon version of them.. But here is a big happy birthday for Amelia and Eliza, from Aunty Sophie and Uncle Richard.

Note. Richard did not help draw the image…


Eliza-and-Amelia woodenflamingo.com

 I like the writing… poor chums, they are so much cuter in real life I promise you!  ted and rabbit who made an appearance , I think are dead on. Also Eliza doesn’t wear hoop earrings, that’s just an awkward place polka dot.

Anyway we are going back this weekend to celebrate with them, so wait for our DIY post coming up on Saturday for what we did for their presents!!

Happy Thursday all


So we spent the weekend celebrating Richard’s 23rd and we seemed to pack a hell of a lot into that weekend. My camera has officially died, so please do excuse the iphone pictures. So his Birthday was on Friday and it started with him waking up at 5am to open his presents. (he’s like a kid). Then we brought the doughnuts for work ( tradition apparently) and were able to leave at 12. So while I baked a cake Richard went for a Birthday bike ride and definitely did not get hit in the head by a pigeon…(don’t worry the pigeon is fine). Anyway, here he is Friday evening trying on his new clothes (all at the same time I might add)…

So here Richard is modelling a Belkin cycling jersey, Cotton shorts from Burton, Jeans (models own) and Jack & Jones trainers from ASOS, which he got from his parents. Doesn’t he look like a happy chappy.

Richards Birthday woodenflamingo.com

 So at the weekend we had a BBQ with his family, which was loovely as it was so warm outside and everyone ate their weight in meat. I even took over the barbecuing at one point..and it was chicken and no-one got sick, so yeah barbecuing is going on my CV under useful skills…

Then we hit the farmers market on Sunday morning. While I munched on these cute macaroons (Salted caramel and rose water flavour, they were sooo yummy) Richard went out cycling with his brother. Don’t worry there was no pigeon incident this time.


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So both being from a big family, birthday present ideas can be difficult. Especially when there are so many birthdays close together. Richards birthday is in two weeks and then I have my adorable twin nieces, Amelia and Eliza’s second birthday a week after. With other babies on the way through friends and such, getting inspiration for the little bundles of joy can be difficult.

Last year we brought the twins a cherry tree. You may be asking why a tree, but we thought it would be lovely for it to grow as they do. Plus cherries come in pairs..right?

Anyway we got them some colouring stuff too. But as the little princesses they are and the masses of family and friends can sometimes leave  finding gifts tricky.


Just a quick photo of the infamous twins with their dad (my brother), adorable yet destructive. Kidding aren’t they just the cutest.

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