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Chinese style take out beef curry recipe



Ok so recently Richard has been obsessed with getting beef curry at our local Chinese take out, but as we all know take outs can be super expensive, so after browsing different recipes and trying a few things out I came up with a recipe which Richard actually says taste pretty good..So I thought i’d share it with you all. I did a bit of a fusion with the popadoms …but they were pretty good!



About enough to serve 2 people.

Beef ( I used leftover beef from a roast rib joint, but I think steak would be really goo too…or chicken if you prefer)

1 Finely chopped onion

1 tbsp Rapeseed oil

2 Garlic cloves crushed

1 tbsp Soy sauce

2 tbsp Plain flour

2 tsps Curry powder

1/2 tsps Ground ginger

1 tsp Chilli flakes

400ml  Chicken Stock

Rice of your choice.

Extra ingredients you can add maybe peas or peppers.



Ok in a large frying pan fry off the onion in the rapeseed oil and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Keep them moving so not to burn and add the crushed garlic into the mix.  Turn it down onto to simmer. This is a good time to put the rice on.

Add the beef to the pan and fry it off with the onions, when it starts to brown add the flour and spices and stir it into the beef and onions cooking on a gentle heat for about a minute.

Then add the stock and soy sauce to the mixture, let it cook until it’s the thickness you desire, add more water if its too thick. But then your pretty much done!! It’s that easy.

Serve and enjoy!

I promise you it’s super simple, and really easy to do with beef, chicken takes a little longer but I’ve had it with both and the sauce goes amazingly well! So let me know if you try it out!






Great house plants for a small budget


Ok so I did a post on hard plants to kill see it here, and now I thought I’d look at plants that are great for a small budget. I mean if you really want to add greenery to your house on the ultimate budget, I would say buy some seeds and browse charity shops for a range of different vases and pots. This takes a lot of commitment and time though, you know like years..but hey it’s a cheaper way to do and the added satisfaction of watching your plants grow. But if your not up for doing it that way here are some great plants which add awesome decor and won’t break the bank.




African Violets, great vibrant colours and a great addition to your home, also they aren’t overly expensive you can get them at Homebase for £2.99. This will add a great spot of colour to your ever growing greenery.




Dracaena plant. I have a couple of these, they are super cheap and super easy to keep alive so I would totally recommend them plus you can get them from Ikea for just £1! Bargain.


Cacti plants. Super awesome, super cheap and super easy to keep alive. You really can’t go wrong! They come in so many different colours and shapes, why not do a whole pot filled with different cacti? From Ikea you can get a set of 3 with pots for £4.50. Bargain.



English Ivy plant is awesome on high shelves as a draping plant,plus they are really easy to keep alive, though keep an eye on them as they grow pretty fast. You can get a plant like this from Amazon, in fact 3 of these plants for £12.59.




Jade Plant. Another one thats so easy to keep alive and you can get one for £3.49 from Homebase.


Peace Lily. Such a lovely flower and will make an elegant addition, oh yeah I went there. I mean these are pretty elegant flowers and they aren’t overly expensive. Get a peace lily from Homebase for £4.99/


Spider plants are awesome as they are really easy to take care of, and they sprout baby plants on a regular basis too! You can get a spider plant from Waitrose for £4.79.



Lastly we have living stones which are weird looking but interesting none the least. These are super cheap and you can get several plants from Amazon for £4.99. Bargain.


So there you have it, an awesome way to decorate your house with plants on a budget. I’ll also mention that I got this awesome plant stand from Ikea for £25 and pots were £1.50, it’s such a nice way to display plants. I got the plants from a selection of places, and the majority cost under £3. So it’s totally doable! Plus fill it with herbs and keep in a itches if you have room, perfect for those chefs out there.





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I suppose I should of looked at budgeting first, but oh well. So when I thought about weddings and the organisation and money that went into it, I honestly thought that this was all you needed. Dress, Suit, Venue, Cake, Food, Flowers. Wedding stationary completely left my mind, and obviously chairs, tables, table gifts, ceremony, caterer,decorations, chair covers too!! I know your probably thinking, jeez have you be living under a rock? The truth is I am the first out of my close friends to get engaged, so it’s a learning curve, plus my mum piped up and knocked some sense into me.

Ok so lets look at the facts.

According to Brides magazine the average cost of a wedding is £23,305. I took out the engagement ring from the budget, as in my eyes that’s already been brought., otherwise it’s £24,716


But even so, that’s a lot of money, that’s a healthy deposit for a house. Or maybe you are reading this thinking, jeez that’s quite cheap.. realistically, me and Richard could never afford that budget, even with my parents helping out, so do we get a loan? Or do we find ways to save money… Richard has already made his views clear on not wanting to start our marriage life in debt, so lets see how much we can do to save money first. I am not criticising anyone who gets a loan, sometimes there is no choice. If my parents hadn’t offered to pay for at least some, much to Richards dismay a loan would be our only choice.  But we haven’t even picked a venue, and until then I have no idea what ‘extra’s’ we will need. So we could still end up needing a small loan. But lets look at the wedding budget according to Brides Magazine. FYI, Brides magazine looks at all different budgets, and I am a little bit in love with the magazine. Has so many good ideas so go check it out.

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