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Cake Cake Cake

Ok so I am looking at some fun cake recipes to make my mum a birthday cake for this weekend. I wanted one a bit more exciting then just a Victoria sponge like thing, but I have found some funky recipes that I think might make the cut.


I am thinking of doing something fun for my mum..she doesn’t like birthday’s so maybe this might cheer her up..who doesn’t love sprinkles? This is from The Cake Blog as comes with full instructions.


I love mint..I find it so refreshing on cakes..in a weird way. I know my mum likes mint too. So this could be a good choice.. From Confessions of a Cook Book Queen.

Andes Mint Cake logo

Another mint cake.. I am totally drawn to the mint buttercream frosting. How yummy does this look. This is from Bird on a Cake.


There isn’t a recipe for this, but I like the idea of covering the cake with different sections…maybe different flavour glazes? I like the idea of doing like a bundt cake..but making it look like a donut.  I can’t find the source for this so if you know drop me a comment.



How super cute are these? Maybe I could do like a little mini cake spread…I do tend to go over board on my plans sometimes though..and end up biting off a lot more then I can chew…but look how amazing these look..plus they are some awesome flavours…get the recipe here. This is from My Name Is Yeh. You should check out this blog…there are so many awesome recipes on there!!

I think I might do some experimenting and ill do a post of my mum’s hopefully epic Birthday cake…fingers crossed…if you know of any awesome recipes leave me a comment down below.


I am not going to lie, bar the fact I am on slimming world, one of the things me and Richard are looking forward to the most, is cake tasting…mmmm cake. And with the Great British Bake Off on at the moment, every Wednesday has me craving cake! Not good for my waist line…

Anyway, the new trend this year has been naked cakes, they look amazing, but I was thinking wouldn’t it dry out? Don’t you put icing on to keep the cake moist? If you have had one, or tired some let me know how it is! Because they do look beautiful.




See how pretty does this look? This is from Alison Lawson Cakes.  I love the floral top… This next one is to die for.



Just look at that piping work!! I think i’m a sucker for floral tops…you know me guys..I like flowers…haha This is from Magnolia Rouge.

Continuing on with the naked cake theme, this is the last one, I am a sucker for icing…but with this next one..I am in love with the colouring..



Naked and an ombre cake. This cake hits all the stops, with the mint and blueberry top. regarding flavour, I’m not big on fruit cake, but I like the idea of having fresh fruit like this on top.  Source.



Just look at that icing…ombre too!…I am so excited about cake…is that bad…maybe I’m just food obsessed…not going to lie, I think thats the only thing we know for sure is what food we want…that is bad isn’t it..anyway this cake is from Mod Wedding. 


Can’t go wrong with sprinkles can you, could be nice instead of having the whole cake covered in sprinkles, is to have a tier for the kids? And maybe an extra tier for me too…This is from Brides.



Last but not least, we have a gold dipped cake, this looks truly awesome!! And don’t worry next week i’ll do some alternative wedding cakes…i’ve been to a wedding where they had a cheese tier…ooo the possibilities. This is from the Ruffled Blog. I do like this….quite a bit…

If you know of any good cake places to go check out, do leave us a comment or send us an email!



Yesterday we moved Richards parents from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom place. Which consisted of a lot of cardio and carrying, so I was pooped, and so didn’t do my weekend antics post. Which I apologise for. But here it is.

So weekends antics are becoming a bit of  a recurrence, do we like the weekend antics posts? Well I enjoy writing them. As me and Richard both work during the week, I feel all of our exciting things tend to happen at the weekend. Like last weekend  saw us eating Monsters Inc cupcakes, making pom poms and seeing my mum sing a solo in her stage group show. All good things. Plus there may have been a cheeky cake and Frozen film fest in there too!



So to the twin’s birthday. Looking adorable in their princess dresses as you can imagine getting a picture was pretty difficult, so enjoy these blurred iphone ones! (Eliza on the left Amelia on the right). They are literally the cutest ever. I also love how puffy Eliza’s dress is. Continue reading