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Christmas is fast approaching, so I’ve scoured the internet for fun DIY advent calender ideas that you can do this weekend in time for the first in a couple of weeks. I think doing your own advent calender, whether it’s for you, a family or a friend, is so much nicer then buying the chocolate ones. Which let’s be honest most of the time get eaten way before Christmas day…no? just me? Also don’t panic, this picture is from last year, we don’t have a Christmas tree up yet.

Moving on, I remember I did a DIY advent Calender for Richard for our first Christmas in our own place. It was rather simple, just little fabric bags I made myself, hanging on a branch I spray painted white and put in a pot. Each day revealed a new Lego man he had to make up, plus some with a few sweets too. It was fun to make, and Richard rather enjoyed getting lots of little presents leading up to Christmas.

I wish I had a picture because it was so much fun, but this was 4 years ago now. My idea was really simple, and you can fill it with whatever you like, the persons favourite sweets, love notes, homemade vouchers..or little pocket-size things.

We are super lucky that Richards mum is super amazing at crafts and knitting, as she knitted a really lovely advent calender for Archer. Shes so good my mum has ordered two from her, one for each of my siblings (with kids) sorry Abby. Archer’s is obviously a little more special being as it’s her grandson. So everyday for 25 days, Archer gets a new knitted decoration to put on the tree. Last year he was still rather small but he enjoyed all the colours, so this year I’m super excited because he will understand that much more. I’ll do a daily instagram to show you each decoration, honestly they will melt your heart!

Anyway here are some of my favourite DIY advent calenders  hopefully they give you some inspiration to make your own!


The Fox and Star

This is a great one for a friend, nice and simple you can make the little bags yourself (tutorial on the blog) and fill with their favourite sweets or chocolate…maybe even miniature wine bottles too!dpp_00712Honey’s Life

A great one for family members, especially if you’re doing a joint one for kids or even kids and your partner. These can be filled with sweets or Christmas themed crafts and toys..the possibilities are endless.

enhanced-buzz-30483-1354125425-0Buzz Feed

This would be a good one for your partner.  You could put little vouchers in this, for a free massage or if your feel like splurging…shop vouchers. Or something just a simple as photographs with a little love note, from your time together. This would work for Grandparents too, lovely pics of grandchildren with notes and drawings. Something really sentimental, oooo and you could do it so on the 25th they receive a photo album to put all the images into….I kind of love this idea.

enhanced-buzz-19917-1354132897-1Buzz Feed

This is a great one for kids, having a little DIY scene is so much fun.Plus you could hide a note in each day which might be a riddle leading them to a chocolate around the house..all kids love treasure hunts..

So there you have it, some of my favourite Advent DIY’s. I’m seriously considering the envelope calendar for a grandparent…maybe next year so they forget about it, after reading it on here!

Have a lovely weekend all.


5 Alternative Christmas trees ideas

It’s the 1st of December, Christmas is officially on its way to us, and we are on our way out today to get our Christmas tree. This time last year we were packing up our house in Essex, and I was spending most of the time with my head in a toilet bowl with morning sickness. What a difference a year makes. Now we live in Bedford and instead of being sick constantly, I’m generally just covered in baby sick! But one thing is for sure. I am stupidly excited about Christmas this year, especially with it being Archer’s first one!

Now I am a real Christmas tree girl through and through. I grew up with the excitement of trip out with my dad to get the tree and  that fresh pine smell filling our living room at Christmas. So there’s no doubt in my mind that me and Richard will keep that tradition going strong and get real tree this year. But they aren’t for everyone. If you’re not a fan of pine needles everywhere, or the price tag that comes with a real tree, a fake one seem to be the alternative. Until now. Until the world of creatives embarked on a new a way to symbolise the Christmas tree…without actually having a tree! These are my top 5 favourite alternative Christmas trees. To be honest even I wouldn’t mind having some of these in my living room.


 A lovely wall hanging paired with decorations, I think this is a super sweet way to show the Christmas tree spirit in your house, without the need of a tree. This is especially great if you just don’t have the room for a tree.

70711_printoutWedding Chicks.

I love the fact that there is still the structure of the tree, and let’s be honest the presents fit rather perfectly under this tree..and no pine needles everywhere!

alternative-frame-christmas-treeMoco Choco.

Another similar structure, but this screams girly elegance to me? Maybe a great idea for a dorm or a single girls apartment! I love the fairy lights and what looks like to be a cranberry garland? Very sweet!

handmade-painted-driftwood-christmas-treeMoco Choco.

Another wall hanging. A simple crisp tree outline. I love the painted sticks with this one.

kim5My Scandinavian Home

And lastly..possibly my favourite out of them all. I love how simple this is. Such a great idea but it’s so effective too! Plus I am loving the dogs party hat in the corner too!

I will post a picture of our tree once it’s up and decorated..happy tree decorating all!

Finding the Christmas spirit and the Carter traditions.

I found it. We have come to my family this year for Christmas, and the familiar ornaments, the Carter traditions are all around. It’s been a hectic two months, and I appreciate every one of you that reads this blogs, especially due to my absence the last few weeks, and who keep coming back. I love you all. Here is to a lovely Christmas and an exciting 2015!

It’s funny how much Christmassy I feel as soon as I am back in my home town. So I thought I’d share with you some of our Carter christmas traditions.



Ok so the hardest tradition, which I am now so accustomed too, and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way, is waiting to open our presents under the tree until after Christmas dinner. So we end up sitting down to open presents at about 7 in the evening. Crazy but it makes the whole day last longer, and I am telling you as a kid doing this, it was such an exciting day waiting for presents even if sometimes all we wanted to do was rip open the presents. It’s a tradition I will continue with my own kids in the future.

Ok so you know how some kids write letter to santa, and now a days even email..well when I was younger, the way we asked santa what we wanted for Christmas was we shouted out the window on Christmas eve. Which was made terrifying when my Grandad answered back from the upstairs bathroom. I also learnt he had bells…I knew I wasn’t loosing my mind when I thought I heard santa all those years ago. .Richard finds this completely bazaar? Did anyone else do this? Or was it just my family?

Then the rest is pretty standard I think. We wake up, open our stockings and have a big family breakfast. We then spend an hour or two at our local pub which opens especially on Christmas day for a few hours and where the whole town goes. It’s nice to see friends for a couple of hours on Christmas day.Then we slob around and eat our weight in snacks, before tucking into a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings.Then we open our tree presents, then all fall asleep in a food coma.

I love Christmas, and this Christmas is going to be hectic, with 17 for dinner, we have a feast and a day of lots of presents and I can’t wait. Shopping is finally done. I ventured out to Tesco’s at 8 this morning. All I need to do if finish the last bit of wrapping.


So I wish you all a merry Christmas, and if I haven’t fallen into a food coma, I’ll take some pictures of the hectic day and share!!


Last minute Christmas ideas


A cute gift idea for your mum or mother-in-law, especially if they are a fan of tea. It’s from Next, so no need to panic about delivery, just go and pick it up. You could even partner this with some cute teas too and at £12 it doesn’t break the bank.



Every girl I know loves macarons They are dainty,delicious and luxury. If your struggling for a secret santa, or a gift for your girlfriend..I couldn’t recommend this more. The creme de la creme of Macarons by  Pierre Herme. I would recommend going into a shop so you can hand pick your flavours. Get a few for yourself to, they will just melt in your mouth and it’s a much deserved treat after the hard work of Christmas shopping.




How awesome is this, a busy girl needs one of these, plus it’s just super cute. From Kate Spade and available at Selfridges for £ 19.95 I don’t think thats too bad..



Always fun to have a bit of bling on the wishlist. A great option for a last minute buy for you guys out there. This is from Kate Spade, and they do a few different colours, I like how subtle it is. This costs £40.



So just a few things for ideas, I have a foodie list coming up tomorrow, as I will continue Wedding Wednesday after the New Year. Happy Christmas shopping all!

Christmas Party Outfit ideas from ASOS. With curvy and petite suggestions.



Ok so I talk a lot about ASOS being great for plus size clothes, and they haven’t disappointed with some of the new items they have on the site at the moment. I also put an option which caters for the smaller ladies, which goes up to size 18. Right to the outfit choices.


So outfit 1 looks so Christmassy I could die, the dress from the Curve range costs £150…so pretty expensive but pretty pretty too. It also goes from sizes 18-28. And because of it’s shape with the skirt flowing high from the waist it will flatter most shapes, especially if like me you have a wee bit of a tummy.

The gold clutch adds a bit of glamour, complimenting the jewels on the dress, making you feel like a Christmas tree decoration. ( which should be everyone’s aim at a Christmas party). At £12 you wouldn’t feel so bad about splurging on the dress!

The shoes, ahhh I would die for the shoes, so much you can tell I added the red ones to another outfit. The great thing about these shoes are the heels. They are way more comfortable then stilettos I think because you feel more secure..no just me? At £50 this bring this outfit to a £212 total….ouch but what can I say the outfit is yummy.


So to Outfit 2. A little bit more 50’s sexy with the off the shoulders cut. I love the shoes they paired it with which are on the ASOS site next to the dress, so just added a different tone to make the outfit complete.

So the dress, is a beautiful rich plum, with a similar cut to the first dress which will flatter so many body types. Giving a subtle sexiness with the off the shoulders, just showing a bit of skin. This dress is from the curve section and comes in sizes 18-28 and is £40. ( a little more appealing money wise then outfit 1).

I paired the dress with a slightly darker tone velvet cross body bag. I like the idea of having a colour and just pairing two shades of that colour..be a little bit different you know. This bag is £18 which brings this outfit in as the cheapest at £58. ( Regarding shoes, a simple black stiletto will work wonders).


Outfit 3. For our smaller readers, this number is set to amaze and stun your colleagues and family. With the beautiful shape and fit, paired with the silver glitter sparkle effect. Your hitting the Christmas angel decoration with this. Sequins are always in for Christmas and this ticks all the boxes. It comes in sizes 4-18 so great for a petit figure, or even figures which are more straight down, the shape where it clinches in at he waist, will give the look of some added curves and hourglass shape. The dress costs £85.


The shoes, again the shoes same as above but just in red, they cost £50. I look at these shoes and just think of Jessica Rabbit. They ooze sexiness and the bold velvet red shoes paired with the silver sequins, it’s daring but I think it could work…Why play it safe at Christmas. So all in all this outfit comes in at £135.


I hope I may have given you all a few idea if your on the hunt for some Christmas outfits, take a look at the rest of ASOS’s collection they have some beauts there right now!! Have a good weekend all and wish me luck with packing up my house..