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Our upcycled coffee table

So we have wanted a coffee table for a while, and I did a lot of research on trying to find the perfect one. See my post here. But in the end we decided that maybe doing a little DIY on a table that needed some TLC might be more ideal. So we trailed EBAY, charity shops and free cycle until we came across this one below. We got it for £15 from a reuse recycle shop, and it’s not the best picture, but as you can see its just a pine wood that has been stained with that horrific golden orange tone..you know very old school..I remember having this type of furniture all over my house when I was little. But the best thing about these types of furniture, is that they are so lovely to up cycle. With a bit of sanding you can strip it down to the bare wood, and start all over. I always recommend looking for items which are a good structure and the wood is in good condition as it will always make your job a hell of a lot easier and the outcome a hell of a lot nicer.


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