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So you have just picked up your keys to your new home to be, It’s one of the best rental apartments you’ve come across. But it still has that ‘just rented’ feel. The only problem is that most landlords have restrictions on how much you can alter. Redecorating is out of the question, and if you mark the walls, you may lose your deposit. So how do you decorate a rented apartment?

You can’t paint, and so you need to be creative. In place of wallpaper and paint think about wrapping paper and fabric. Decorative wrapping paper can be applied to small wall areas or in between shelves. The small sheets will add a little colour without being overpowering. If you’re afraid of marking the walls, then use something like Command Strips. They won’t leave a mark and are easy to remove. Fabric can be used in a similar way. Or do a dramatic feature wall using a tapestry, or even washi tape. Which doesn’t mark walls, but always do a tester first…just incase.


If your walls are painted with no raised patterns, then think about applying wall stickers. These vinyl wall decorations will adhere to your wall without glues or pastes. You can rub them on and then remove them when you’re ready to leave. You can buy similar stickers for kitchen and bathroom tiles.


We used these removal dots for Archer’s nursery and command strips to hang his gallery wall! This allowed us to make his room a little special without loosing our deposit!

Now to washi tape. It’s a renters best friend! The colour and patterns are endless, and I haven’t had any problems so far removing it. You can use it to spruce up your kitchen..

710Design Sponge

You could re-create this style kitchen using washi tape on the cupboards! Look at all the colour!

Washi+Tape+Wall+1Unusually Lovely

Or use it to create stripes in the bathroom??


Use it in your bedroom, or anywhere in your house really to frame pictures for your walls..


Or just spruce up boring doors in your home!

I love washi tape and the possibilities are endless, you can even use it to spruce up old furniture or make some art on a canvas…this is an essential item for your tool box!

For further design inspiration read this article and this one.


My dream bathroom..for me and Arch

I was just thinking the other day that Arch will soon be sat up in the big tub in the bathroom. I know these cute days of the little baby bath are numbered. Soon he’ll be splashing about and playing with his bath toys. I’ll be stood there… soaked from the splashing and loving every second of it.

It has got me thinking about how drab and boring bathrooms are, though. They don’t tend to inspire happy playtimes or quality time with your children. Bathrooms are just so functional and not even slightly fun. Most are also just a boring white colour. Now I rent so there isn’t much I can do to change ours. But I think bathrooms should be just as stylish as the rest of your home, and if you have kids, be able to be a fun place for them too. I spoke about how I wanted to revamp my bathroom earlier in the year (well as much as I could without annoying the landlord). See some of my inspiration here. It’s something I am still working on, as the more pregnant I got the harder doing these things became and now they are on my to do list. which is never ending.

If I could, or when we finally buy and can, I think the bathroom would be something I would change without a doubt. Most bathrooms come just in plain whites and beiges. Instead I’d l think every surface should have vibrant colours and interesting things to catch Arch’s eye while he’s playing in the bath, but also a place where me and Richard can relax and have a bath..so somewhere that has dual purpose really.It never occurred to me I would be designing the entire house around a baby’s taste before I became a Mummy, and I’ll talk more about this another day.

So this is my dream bathroom inspiration.

Starting with the floor, I want colour, and pattern, and things for him to trace with his finger. I’ve seen some amazing cement tiles with patterns in every shape you can imagine. Best of all, the colours are really vibrant. Perfect for little eyes. I think they would look incredible on the floor. Bath mat sets are so bland, but it won’t matter if they’re sat on a floor as fascinating as that. So honestly check them out, they are to die for..and it kills me I can’t change the floor in our bathroom right now. I especially love the patchwork tiles they do below.


The walls of my bathroom are kind of half painted and half tiled. I’ve learned that kids can soak the ceilings and walls on the other side of the room just by splashing in the bath. This is where full tiled bathrooms would come in handy. I’d love to have tiles that are colourful and interesting.



Firstly yes yes yes to that shower! And secondly I am in love with subway tiles, especially as they have done a different approach here and fitted them vertical instead of horizontal! How awesome is that?

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Bright Colour and Pattern wants from Etsy.

I have always loved colour and pattern, so there’s no surprise that when I do my Etsy wish lists they feature heavily in it. But I have looked at more decor and house items today as I am an on a constant mission to make my little rented house a home. At the minute it looks  a little like Toys R Us has exploded all over, but hey my little man is just over 2 weeks old, and I’m enjoying  the mess that surrounds me. He’s totally worth it. But to my gorgeous Etsy finds.




This is so super cool..I just think it would be such a cool thing to hang in your home, plus an excellent conversation piece..I mean come on…it’s a fish! This is from Don Fisher Shop and costs £18.99. Find it here.


How super cute is this? Note I need this for my desk. This is from Panselinos and it costs £62.40. Find it here.


I am loving the candy pink right now, and I love this ring. This is from Quiet Clementine and costs £10.53. Find it here.


This wall hanging..just to die for no?, and I have been looking for one for a while…this could be it..though deep down I think I want a giant one for my living room, and a smaller one like this for my bedroom. This is from  Pink Wild Mallow and costs £38. Find it here.


I never did manage to get my massive nesting list before little man came, including putting my gallery wall up. But don’t fret as it just means I have more time to buy more art to make my future gallery wall bigger and I am in love with this piece. I just love how fun it is. This is from Elizabeth Pawle and costs £60. Find it here.


So yes this isn’t bursting with colour, but put a flowering plant in it..and yeah you see where I am coming from. But this is awesome and it’s such a fun way to hang your plants no? This is from We are MFEO and costs £49.26 and you can find it here. 


I actually brought some of this a while ago and made journals with it as it is double sided. But if you want to freshen up some books, or simply wrap a gift with style then this wrapping paper is for you! Plus they have lots of different options to chose from. This is from Eve en Anne and costs £5.81. You can find it here.


Another possible artwork for my wall…I think art is such a great way to add colour and texture to your home, especially great for those like us who rent. It can add colour and mask ugly wallpaper and paint choices that you can’t control! This is from VictoriAtelier and costs £62.40. Find it here.



Not really for the home but everyone needs a bag, I mean you can hang it up and it can be a feature..fashion is a form of expression. Wearable art you know..This is from Tovi Corrie and cost £154.53. Find it here.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here’s to the week ahead!

Colour of the month..Feeling green

The colour of this month is green, it’s summer, flowers are blooming and the trees are lovely and green, and what can I say, I am enjoying the greenery..So here are some colourful green pins. I’ve said green way too many times!


















Thank god it’s Friday, I am looking forward to chilling this weekend..which pretty much involves me sleeping..yep I am going to have some epic naps! Have a lovely weekend all!

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Pink kind of month

I love colour, when I’m on Pinterest I am totally drawn to bright colourful images! I even have a board purely dedicated to colour..so I thought I might try a new series of exploring colourful images..might even advance this into colour specific items too..who knows..this space could get wild!  (how many times can do I mention colour??!!) So I thought I’d start with pink as I have noticed that a lot of my colourful pins are pink so enjoy!! Also I hope your all enjoying your the last stretch of your bank holiday weekend!



I think i’ve posted this image before but I love it, it’s so bright and fresh I wouldn’t mind it as a print.



Pink banana’s….why not? I love how this picture kind of goes well with the picture below.. no??



I’d like to try a shoot like this, not just with lips, but hands, feet. Could be interesting a sort of surreal pop cultural piece..I can’t remember the last time I used my Mamiya which is a medium format camera..maybe I should do a shoot soon….



How awesome is this picture…just makes me want to travelling again..lovely!



I find these kind of pictures ridiculously relaxing..don’t ask me why.. I wouldn’t mind a series of these for my bedroom.



See if we owned our own place we could paint the stairwell pink. Although that might be a bit much…even for me..




I love this piece, it’s so fluid, and this could just be my interpretation, but the painting is depicting a torso no? with the belly button and upper torso..I would love to have my house filled with original artworks..Thats what I miss about not working in the gallery anymore, I don’t have that weekly does of inspiration and creativity at my finger tips.




I love cactus’s or cacti?? anyway they are so easy to keep, and can add some colour and greenery to your home! I have a cute DIY coming up next week involving this cute plant! Anyway I love the contrast in this image, what can I say clearly pink and greens speak to me..


I’m thinking maybe green for next time….Enjoy your Monday all!

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Pinterest; If you like colour, decor and food, then take a look

Instagram; We seem to have a lot of pictures of eggs and food..

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Dreaming of owning our own home

I don’t know if it’s the nesting or wanting to be able to do what I like in the house I live in, but I can’t stop dreaming of things I would do if we owned our own place. Plus the satisfaction that comes with owning your own home too. Now with a baby along the way I think it might be a couple of years..unless I win the lottery..but to do that I’d probably have to play more then once in a blue moon! But until then ill keep trying to make my little rented house a home, with my landlord favourable ideas and hope adding the baby to the mix won’t see our deposit being flushed down the toilet…

But I can still dream, and think about what I would do if we owned this house. Plus some ideas for you guys if you fancy sprucing up your space!



I love how light and airy this bathroom is. I’d love to be able to pick my own bath…and tiles…funny really..it’s frustrating not being able to do what I want with my house. But I know I’m lucky that I have somewhere to live thats safe and there’s food on our table..so I shouldn’t complain really at all.  This is from Dwellings and Decor.


I’d love to cover the outside of our house in flowers, and paint our front door a bright colour. No matter where we live one day I am sure our neighbours will hate us…we will be the weird ones with a bright blue door or something! This is from Dragonfly Treasures.


I love the industrial light fixtures that are taking the interior design world. I’d love to have the relaxed hanging light like this next to our bed! This is from Then Let it Be.



Subway tiles are awesome, and how amazing are those counter tops. I also would love the freedom to hang up anything I wanted without getting permission or having to use the velcro renters strips. This is from  All Things Stylish.



Look at that flooring pretty tiles are a must!! Plus I think they would look great contrasted with the white industrial subway tiles on the wall! This is from Shelterness.

photo (2)

I have a lot of books and nik naks all over our house so I would love to have shelves like this spotted around the house for extra storage. Plus I love how colourful this room is, and those rugs and pillows…to die for! This is from Apartment Therapy. I say love way too much…


Me and Richard both love (there it is again)  the idea of doing this to one or two of our doors. I think ti would look great in the nursery! Definitely not a landlord approved decor action though! This is from A Beautiful Mess.


This will one day happen. I will have a random circle of colour in one of the rooms of my house one day! Plus that lamp shade is divine! This is from Charlotte Lovey.



How adorable is this nursery, I think one thing I would enjoy about owning our own home, is making a real home for our baby to grow up in. Not worrying about dirty hands or paint getting on the wall…heck doing one wall as an entire chalkboard. Creating memories in our very own place…would be lovely. But I can still do that in the little house we live in now..just hopefully less sticky hands on wall…we would like our deposit back! This is from Mini Style Blog.


I’m curious as to what was the first thing you did once you brought and moved into your very own place? Re-did the kitchen? Painted the walls? Ripped out some ugly features? Let me know.


ta for now x

I’m dreaming of Paris

Ok so I’m thinking of planning a long weekend away, and Paris is all that is on my mind. I think it’s important to spend a bit of time away before a new arrival, gives you both a chance to relax and not be all baby 24/7. Plus I am desperately in the need of a new environment. Ideally one where I haven’t thrown up in nearly every room. Now it’s a toss up between Paris and the English Countryside. lot’s depending on if I manage to find my passport..and if it’s in date. I know flying isn’t recommended after 6 months, so the euro tunnel is a must for me. I haven’t been to Paris in years, and as touristy as this might sound I haven’t been up the Eiffel Tower, so obviously thats on my list. But pretty much I want to eat lots of bread, take in gorgeous views,  delight in macarons and little cakes and be surrounded by gorgeous flowers. Wine would also be included in this..well maybe half a glass, I might treat myself if we go.




Found this article on how to do Paris on a budget, I am thinking of maybe only doing 2 or 3 days if we go, so it would be great not to spend a small fortune. This is from Lonely Planet.








Whenever I think of Paris I think of Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn, maybe I should get some ball gowns to wonder round Paris in…do you think there’s such thing as a maternity ball gown? and will I look a bit too fancy? This is from Lisa Congdon.



If you go check out Design Love Fest you can see the adventures Bri Emery had in Paris, with this cute little map and pictures galore, it’s sure to inspire, I know I have a list of places to go now.


Ah Paris, take me there now please!

Wedding Wednesday’s: Colour and Texture / 25

Ok so I have decided to limit Wedding Wednesday’s to every other week, I feel until I actually start booking some things  for the wedding, I might just keep going round in circles. But today I wanted to look at colours and textures, a mood board of the tone of the day I think I want have. Enjoy!























A really easy and effective DIY today to make your office, kitchen , bedroom or just hallway look awesome and organised. As you know my new office is still looking fab and is surprisingly still clean with no paint spilled, but what I needed was to re-invent my old plain cork-board. Honestly, I am so impressed (not to toot my own horn) haha with how this turned out, and so cheap too!!


What you need:

Masking tape


Selection of paints ( I used tester pots so it didn’t cost a fortune)


Thats it!!



So firstly I picked a colour for the background and one for the border, and painted the cork-board and the border, using those colours. I picked a grey and like a pinkish purple.


After I waited for it to dry I separated sections using thin masking tape, to make like a mosaic/stained glass effect.

I then spent a while..maybe like an hour, I’m clearly indecisive, to pick a few colours. I would recommend not picking more then 5 colours, I feel that maybe I should have left one off, but still I love the outcome. I also left a few with the original background colour too.


Then it’s simple just paint different sections different colours and make sure you wait for it to dry before taking the masking tape off! Honestly no matter how much you want to peak, wait til it’s bone dry.


Then I just touched up some of the edges up..and there you have it!


Simple, and a great way to give your cork-board a makeover. Then you just pin your inspiration and cute paper finds!!


Hope you like it!!

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