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Wedding Wednesday’s: Colour and Texture / 25

Ok so I have decided to limit Wedding Wednesday’s to every other week, I feel until I actually start booking some things  for the wedding, I might just keep going round in circles. But today I wanted to look at colours and textures, a mood board of the tone of the day I think I want have. Enjoy!






















Cake Cake Cake

Ok so I am looking at some fun cake recipes to make my mum a birthday cake for this weekend. I wanted one a bit more exciting then just a Victoria sponge like thing, but I have found some funky recipes that I think might make the cut.


I am thinking of doing something fun for my mum..she doesn’t like birthday’s so maybe this might cheer her up..who doesn’t love sprinkles? This is from The Cake Blog as comes with full instructions.


I love mint..I find it so refreshing on cakes..in a weird way. I know my mum likes mint too. So this could be a good choice.. From Confessions of a Cook Book Queen.

Andes Mint Cake logo

Another mint cake.. I am totally drawn to the mint buttercream frosting. How yummy does this look. This is from Bird on a Cake.


There isn’t a recipe for this, but I like the idea of covering the cake with different sections…maybe different flavour glazes? I like the idea of doing like a bundt cake..but making it look like a donut.  I can’t find the source for this so if you know drop me a comment.



How super cute are these? Maybe I could do like a little mini cake spread…I do tend to go over board on my plans sometimes though..and end up biting off a lot more then I can chew…but look how amazing these look..plus they are some awesome flavours…get the recipe here. This is from My Name Is Yeh. You should check out this blog…there are so many awesome recipes on there!!

I think I might do some experimenting and ill do a post of my mum’s hopefully epic Birthday cake…fingers crossed…if you know of any awesome recipes leave me a comment down below.


There’s something special about confetti, the colour the shapes, the celebration! I have ben playing around with this DIY project I found here, at Best friends for Frostings, but making a few adjustments.


So I have made three different types of confetti straws today. The first using sequins and tissue confetti shapes, the second using bio-degradable tissue paper and the third using flower petals.


What you need

-Smoothie straws


-Confetti shapes


-Flower petals

-Bio-degradable tissue paper




So you staple one end of your straw as close to the end as possible, making sure it’s closed so no confetti will fall out.



Then you pick your colour theme.I went for a fruit salad like thing. Orange,yellow and pink. I am making table confetti first. You can use these ones to decorate your tables for celebrations, because it uses sequins and confetti which isn’t bio-degradable these aren’t suitable for throwing outside.

I got these big circles which are awesome from here, they are too big to put in whole so I have cut them into strips which looks super pretty. If you want to keep them whole, make an envelope like this one, and use that instead.



So we have our cut up circles, so then I added some yellow sequins. I put them all in this little dish so that they get a nice mix when they go into the straw.



I decided to snazz things up with some gold and silver squares, cut into triangles so they fit in nicely. Paired with some gold sequins and your ready to start filling up the straw.




So all you do is fill it up, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a bit of a mission but the outcome is worth it.





There you have it, just staple the other end, and dip each end in PVA then glitter, to finish it off nicely.


Do the same for petals and bio-degradable tissue paper, which are fine for throwing outside, but always check with using the tissue paper, some places don’t like it!



I used rose petals, lavender buds, and chamomile petals for the petal confetti straws.


So there you have it, it’s pretty fun, plus they look insane as decorations alone. To disperse the confetti either cut the straw in the middle, or if your strong pop the end opens!