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So you have just picked up your keys to your new home to be, It’s one of the best rental apartments you’ve come across. But it still has that ‘just rented’ feel. The only problem is that most landlords have restrictions on how much you can alter. Redecorating is out of the question, and if you mark the walls, you may lose your deposit. So how do you decorate a rented apartment?

You can’t paint, and so you need to be creative. In place of wallpaper and paint think about wrapping paper and fabric. Decorative wrapping paper can be applied to small wall areas or in between shelves. The small sheets will add a little colour without being overpowering. If you’re afraid of marking the walls, then use something like Command Strips. They won’t leave a mark and are easy to remove. Fabric can be used in a similar way. Or do a dramatic feature wall using a tapestry, or even washi tape. Which doesn’t mark walls, but always do a tester first…just incase.


If your walls are painted with no raised patterns, then think about applying wall stickers. These vinyl wall decorations will adhere to your wall without glues or pastes. You can rub them on and then remove them when you’re ready to leave. You can buy similar stickers for kitchen and bathroom tiles.


We used these removal dots for Archer’s nursery and command strips to hang his gallery wall! This allowed us to make his room a little special without loosing our deposit!

Now to washi tape. It’s a renters best friend! The colour and patterns are endless, and I haven’t had any problems so far removing it. You can use it to spruce up your kitchen..

710Design Sponge

You could re-create this style kitchen using washi tape on the cupboards! Look at all the colour!

Washi+Tape+Wall+1Unusually Lovely

Or use it to create stripes in the bathroom??


Use it in your bedroom, or anywhere in your house really to frame pictures for your walls..


Or just spruce up boring doors in your home!

I love washi tape and the possibilities are endless, you can even use it to spruce up old furniture or make some art on a canvas…this is an essential item for your tool box!

For further design inspiration read this article and this one.


5 Alternative Christmas trees ideas

It’s the 1st of December, Christmas is officially on its way to us, and we are on our way out today to get our Christmas tree. This time last year we were packing up our house in Essex, and I was spending most of the time with my head in a toilet bowl with morning sickness. What a difference a year makes. Now we live in Bedford and instead of being sick constantly, I’m generally just covered in baby sick! But one thing is for sure. I am stupidly excited about Christmas this year, especially with it being Archer’s first one!

Now I am a real Christmas tree girl through and through. I grew up with the excitement of trip out with my dad to get the tree and  that fresh pine smell filling our living room at Christmas. So there’s no doubt in my mind that me and Richard will keep that tradition going strong and get real tree this year. But they aren’t for everyone. If you’re not a fan of pine needles everywhere, or the price tag that comes with a real tree, a fake one seem to be the alternative. Until now. Until the world of creatives embarked on a new a way to symbolise the Christmas tree…without actually having a tree! These are my top 5 favourite alternative Christmas trees. To be honest even I wouldn’t mind having some of these in my living room.


 A lovely wall hanging paired with decorations, I think this is a super sweet way to show the Christmas tree spirit in your house, without the need of a tree. This is especially great if you just don’t have the room for a tree.

70711_printoutWedding Chicks.

I love the fact that there is still the structure of the tree, and let’s be honest the presents fit rather perfectly under this tree..and no pine needles everywhere!

alternative-frame-christmas-treeMoco Choco.

Another similar structure, but this screams girly elegance to me? Maybe a great idea for a dorm or a single girls apartment! I love the fairy lights and what looks like to be a cranberry garland? Very sweet!

handmade-painted-driftwood-christmas-treeMoco Choco.

Another wall hanging. A simple crisp tree outline. I love the painted sticks with this one.

kim5My Scandinavian Home

And lastly..possibly my favourite out of them all. I love how simple this is. Such a great idea but it’s so effective too! Plus I am loving the dogs party hat in the corner too!

I will post a picture of our tree once it’s up and decorated..happy tree decorating all!

Our upcycled coffee table

So we have wanted a coffee table for a while, and I did a lot of research on trying to find the perfect one. See my post here. But in the end we decided that maybe doing a little DIY on a table that needed some TLC might be more ideal. So we trailed EBAY, charity shops and free cycle until we came across this one below. We got it for £15 from a reuse recycle shop, and it’s not the best picture, but as you can see its just a pine wood that has been stained with that horrific golden orange tone..you know very old school..I remember having this type of furniture all over my house when I was little. But the best thing about these types of furniture, is that they are so lovely to up cycle. With a bit of sanding you can strip it down to the bare wood, and start all over. I always recommend looking for items which are a good structure and the wood is in good condition as it will always make your job a hell of a lot easier and the outcome a hell of a lot nicer.


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Pins I’m loving, baby themed

Still no baby..so much to everyone who thought I would be early..(my due date is on Saturday) and man am I uncomfortable…plus I have tried everything.. My newest system being watching one born every minute ( get the emotions going) while bouncing on my birthing ball, eating pineapple and stimulating my nipples.. Just picture doing all that at once…who said pregnancy isn’t sexy! Anyway, I thought I’d look at some cute baby related pins to see if it get’s anything going..


How super cute is this, we don’t know what we are having but I think maybe a boy, but to be honest..I’d totally consider dressing a boy in this because I mean why not?! This is from Mini Style Blog.


I’m seeing a theme with pink and yellow…yes once again more girly, but it has sharks on it! Sharks! This is from Stella McCartney. 


I recently showed you my gallery wall post here, when the baby is here i’m looking forward to adding some personal touches, like a name letter and maybe some cutesy things too! This is from Mommo Design.


How adorable is this nursery, it’s just so whimsical. This is when I wish we owned our own place, would have been nice to be able to paint the room, but I love how our nursery came out. This is from Petite Vintage Interiors.


This room is super awesome, all the patterns and bold colours, plus the pictures are super cute too! This is from The boo and the boy.


How adorable is this, the whole little outfit is just super cute! Ok I have officially said super cute way top much..I am just loving the hat though! This is from here.


I am in love with these shoes, and there are a few other designs too! These are from Oh Joy.




Here’s hoping our little one makes an appearance soon…if you have any other ideas to induce labour do feel free to leave me a comment!

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5 Kitchen DIY’s that are cheap, quick and effective.


Original image from Oh Joy.


Ok, so we all love a bit of DIY, up cycling and crafting things around us. But even I have had times when I wish I could do half of the things pinned on my pinterest. But some projects are just too big, expensive, or unrealistic..we have all seen those epic fails..and I have had my fair share of them too..but I thought i’d feature some DIY’s that I have found, some of which I have done, which are budget friendly, simple and look great. I’ll be posting my top 5 once a week for different areas. Starting firstly with the kitchen…



Firstly, how amazing does this kitchen look? Just look at all the colour. Anyway to the DIY which comes from Oh Joy. Neon dipped storage jars is so effective and super cheap. You don’t even have to buy anything, as they don’t have to be neon. Just  using paint and the jars you already have you can add a dash of colour to your kitchen. This is great for renters, as it can distract away from ugly decor you can’t change!



Spruce up old cupboards with washi tape. You can get so many different types of wash tape every where nowadays and it’s not overly expensive either. This is another renter friendly tip too! As washi tape comes of beautifully easy and won’t leave a mark. Honestly how did we survive without this pretty clouded tape? See this DIY at Vorstellung Von Schon.



So simple, cheap and effective. Add colour to your utensils with paint. Just make sure you varnish it afterwards so its wash safe!! This DIY is from Earnest Home Co. I’ve seen this been done with an ombre effect which looks awesome!



I’d be surprised if no one has any lego laying around, if not at their place at their parents..but if not. Charity shops are a great place to look out for lego, and this DIY from The Kitchn will please anyone..




Last but not least, up cycle old mugs and cups with  1 simple tool. Sharpie. A great DIY and it’s super quick and cheap there’s no excuse not to try it!! This is from Don’t mind if I do. You can also get sharpie in gold now too just think of the possibilities!


So there are 5 quick, cheap simple DIY’s for your kitchen. A great way to clear out the cobwebs and add some colour and texture without breaking the bank or your back!


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Our Nursery Gallery Wall



Ok so I thought I’d give you a snippet look into our nursery, which is nearly finished, just a few touches need doing, and my office side needs reorganising, but overall I feel pretty ready for this baby…if it ever comes..

So I didn’t exactly have a big budget for this gallery wall, but I had an idea of what I wanted. Not being able to paint the nursery was a bit of a bummer, so we made do with rent fixes like copper polka dot decals, and colourful frames to add a little something to the nursery.

I spent many hours sourcing frames off of free cycle and rummaging around charity shops and ended up spending around £10 altogether on the 12 frames I used. One day if I have tons of money I will probably pay to have them all professionally framed, but because I wanted to spend more money on the actual artwork, getting the frames cheaper meant I could spend a little extra on the contents.

Ok so here are a few of the frames I sourced.



So they needed a bit of a clean up, but it was super easy to do and then I just spruced them up with paint and spray paint..really simple. Really effective. Really budget friendly.



Ok so here are a few close ups and I’ll list where I got the artworks from too.I used some Etsy vouchers I had for most of the artworks, but there are so many places to get free  printables, see my post here, and even creating some of your own pieces or asking family members to create something, can add a really lovely personal touch.

Ok so from L-R.  1.Linocut goat, Etsy. 2.Gondoliere Print, Etsy.  3.Dinosaur was part of four postcards, Etsy.   4.Bonjour cat and dog print, Etsy.  5.Owl postcard, Etsy.

You can see some more Etsy artworks for a nursery here and here.



Etsy prints L-R. 1.Deer print, Etsy.  2.Hello Print, Etsy.  3. leopard drawing, my dad did this when he was younger. 4. Hippo Print, Etsy.  5.Sea Life postcard I got free with one of my purchases. 6. Click Click camera Postcard, Etsy.  7. lemon horse Postcard, Etsy.

So there you have it, my gallery wall on a budget. I do note that there’s quite a lot of blues and greens. Honestly, I happened to have those colours in spray paint, and it’s much easier to spray paint the frames, rather then hand paint them and being I was on a budget, buying more spray paint in a variety of colours not seen as gender specific would have cost quite a bit. I went for a mix of neutral prints, and it was a lot of fun curating them together! When the baby is here, I will probably add some more and if it takes another 2 weeks for this baby to make an appearance I will probably end up grabbing my paints and doing some little doodles for the room myself to try and keep me sane!


Hope everyone had a good weekend…oh joy for Mondays!!


How to spruce up boring rental bathrooms

So my house is now finally reasonably clean, I have dropped off half a car load of things to the charity shop, and it’s just the few upcycle projects, and hanging up mini gallery walls that needs doing really. Which is good because I am struggling. I love the sun and how warm it is, but I’m not going to lie at 36 weeks the heat isn’t your friend, and pair that with frequent tightenings, which are a joy, I am pretty uncomfortable..

But to my bathrooms. I have one upstairs and a toilet downstairs..both have their issues. The upstairs is kind of boring..now I know bathrooms don’t exactly need to be thrilling but I think especially for when you have a bath and try to relax, you want somewhere that can add to that. The problem with the downstairs toilet is it’s windowless so dark gloomy and a death room for plants..So I have been looking at some good cheap renters fixes for your bathrooms, or for homeowners who don’t have the extra cash to remodel their bathrooms.



Accessories can be a god send in bathrooms. Cute glass bottles for your bubble bath, and a  vase and candles can help achieve a spa like space, and detract from hideous fixtures that are out of your budget or control.




I am loving the flamingo muriel, and although this isn’t budget or landlord friendly, unless you have a super laid back landlord, adding art work to your bathroom can create a sense of space and can really set a room and doesn’t have to be expensive. Create your own artworks, use photographs or check out these free printable artworks here, and whack them in a charity shop or old frame which can be spruced up with a lick of paint..



I love the idea of doing this, especially in our dark and gloomy downstairs toilet. I could even get some shiny metallic pieces which might add some light? Who knows. You can use washi tape to put up your gallery wall which is renter friendly instead of using nails…which can be a painful process putting up and taking down, plus landlords aren’t always in love with the idea of nails..


If space is an issue and getting a unit isn’t an option, having an old ladder like this is such an awesome way to display your towels, and I love the pictures casually on the floor. Making this a centre feature will add some style to your bathroom. If your bathroom bears a horrid outdated pattern or colour, adding a feature like this with towels that will compliment the bathroom, or bold patterned towels that will detract is a good way to get around that bathroom decor you just hate.



If you have room, getting a cabinet can add a lot to your bathroom. See our newly upcycled bathroom cabinet here. Upcycling it in a bold colour will make it a good distraction from horrid fixtures..Plus is great for storage.



Make your jewellery an art piece in your bathroom. Double use as a great storage for your pieces and it’s an eye catching centre piece for your bathroom. Adding texture,colour and sparkly loveliness. You can get these great renters tabs which come with hooks. So instead of hammering in a nail, get these clear hooks which will also give the illusion of floating jewellery too.




Bold statement colour scheme. This is what I am thinking  for my bathroom. Black and gold statement colour pieces give a chic and elegant look to a bathroom. Easy to do on a budget with some gold spray paint, black paint, and a printer to get some beautiful black and white photos. Sorted. Rummage your local charity shops for some interesting glass bottles to store your toiletries and make-up too.

And last but not least, when your bathroom is just pass the point of anything, turn it into a tropical paradise.




Amazing right? Anyway I am now off to try and transform my bathrooms! Wish me luck!

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Dual purpose rooms…Office/Nursery

Ok so we have a 2 bedroom house at the moment, and luckily our second bedroom is a good size which is why I am able to split half into my office and the other half is the babies room…which isn’t finished but hey I have 5 weeks…Plenty of time.

So we have all the main bits. Crib, Wardrobe, desk, bookcase. Everything  a baby and an a working woman needs. But because we have decided not to find out the sex, keeping things neutral and non-gender orientated is proving difficult. As much as I love a tassle bunting, if it turns out to be a boy…is tassle bunting going to cut it?

Anyway I turn to trustworthy pinterest for my combo shared room needs.




See I love this layout, so cute and girly, and I like how there is still a lot of room it doesn’t feel crowded. The only issue is with my desk it’s rather large. See my current office space here.



This is more up my street, jam packed full of things…what can I say I have a lot of stuff…It’s going to take me a while to bay proof..



I really wish I could paint our room white, we all no my hatred of magnolia. I just think it looks more fresh and bright when things are white..plus that rhymed.. But when the nursery is done i’ll give you a tour..I have some rent friendly tips up my sleeve.



I love this nursery/office from Oh Joy styled by Emily Henderson. I would have like to have done a little muriel or something similar to the mountains like this on our nursery wall..

enhanced-buzz-9821-1384811400-25 Source.

We are very lucky to have a spare bedroom which we can make a dual office/nursery but I know not everyone has the extra rooms, so I wanted to show this adorable nursery corner. There are so many options out there of how to fit your baby into your 1 bedroom place. Closets are great for putting the crib in (taking the door off obviously) and different hacks to fit baby into your life. Babies are small, and with some great organisation they can fit into little corners of your life!

So next week I think i’ll look at some cute nursery pieces to keep your nursery organised and looking adorable!


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House plant’s that are hard to kill.

Ok I love plants, for rented spaces it’s a great way to add some decor and spruce up a space! I don’t always have the best luck with plants as finding the right amount of light/shade and  just generally keeping them alive can be difficult, after lots of research and personal experience I have found some plants that are pretty durable. It’s my mission to get some new plants for our home, I don’t have a green house anymore and only have a small garden, so my green thumb has been lacking this summer, so before the baby comes I want to finish off the house (obviously) and get some greenery overload going. This is the first of a couple of post I am doing on plants, I won’t spoil the excitement for you though! So to my list of plants that I believe are pretty hard to kill.




Ok so first easy plant to keep alive…cactus. I have a big love for these little beauts, they need very little water, and can thrive in pretty much any conditon..honestly. My house in Essex was super damp, they lived. My mums house is super warm, they lived my house now is normal..they still live..

ficus elastica (pepperomia)


Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica Robusta). I think my mum has one of these, and it’s lasted like my entire life..They are technically a tree so you need to keep it trimmed to keep it small..otherwise they can get rather large…but the leaves are so green…I love it.



Zee Zee plant ( zamioculcas Zamifolia). Really hard to kill this plant, but it is poisonous if ingested by children or pets, so good one to keep up high. It can grow quite big but it does take a while, plus I love how cute the leaves are.



Split leaf philodendron ( philodendron bipennifolium). I think i’ve got those name right.. I would love love love one of these plants, they are just so pretty and would add some lovely texture to any home.



Snake plants ( Sansevieria trifasciata). These guys are so easy to maintain plus they aren’t overly expensive either, so a great plant to put in your house!


Guiana Chestnut (Pachira aquatica) Now I think my mum has one of these, and it’s huge and glorious. The stem itself its a feature with its twisted bark. I love this plant.



Succulents are so pretty, come in so many different colours and shapes and best of all they are pretty hard to kill. If they do die, just clip one of the leaves off and you can grow another succulent from that…so handy.

So there are some plans which are fool proof. Next time I look at plants for the budget conscious as we know how expensive plants can be!

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Throw Pillow Inspiration

Ok so I have ordered some pillow inserts cheap from Wilkinsons, they are like £1.50..and I have piles of material, so I thought I’d spruce up my living room with some new throw pillows…heck maybe just ‘throw’ them all over  the place..

Ok so let’s do this, my round up of awesome DIY pillows, and cute ones from Etsy too.



Ok so I love the pattern on this pillow, and if you use plain material why not get some fabric paint and make your own watercolour masterpiece. One of a kind cushion…unique to the max. This is from Thimble Press on Etsy.



This awesome pillow is from Love Joy Create on Etsy, and can easily be achieved with fabric paints, or if your feeling more adventurous patchwork fabric onto your pillow to get the desired effect.


Sewing different materials together to get a geometric effect like this could add some colourful style to your couch! Love the pom poms too!! This is from Love Joy Create on Etsy.




How awesome is that cactus pillow. Now obviously you would need loose stuffing for this pillow..sqaure’s won’t cut it. But get the full DIY instructions here on Everything Emily Blog.


I am so going to try this one. But instead of using gold leaf paint, I have picked up some gold fabric paint..hopefully it has a similar effect…guess we will have to see! This is from Design Love Fest.


A cute array of DIY pillows from A Beautiful Mess. Check out their site for all instructions.I love the gold accents in these.




For those who aren’t a fan of sewing these no sew pillows look really effective! From Homey Oh My. Full instructions on the blog.


All I have to do is wait for my pillows to arrive!! Exciting times!

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Pinterest; If you like colour, decor and food, then take a look

Instagram; We seem to have a lot of pictures of eggs and food..

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