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Baby shower games and awesome decor ideas

So I am super lucky that my sister-in-law Tash has offered to throw me a baby shower and I am pretty excited because the guest lists included family and friends who I haven’t seen in a while ( if they can make it that is).  I have been to a few showers, and it’s always a great day filled with food and games and lots of baby stuff! So I thought i’d look at some awesome shower decor ideas both for neutral and gender specific parties which might give you ideas if your planning one in the future.



This looks like a great game. Babies first portrait. Give your guests a a piece of card and a pen. They draw what they think your baby will look like while keeping the card in front of their head…yes it will be mostly scribbles but get your guests to sign them, and they could be a fun addition to a guestbook with pictures and a message from your baby shower.



This could be a great slightly cheaper alternative to decorating onesies. All you need is some fabric pens and make some little scraps of fabric and wool to make some fun bibs.




But I have to say, how awesome do these look? You could probably get a bunch of plain onesies in bulk pretty cheaply, then with some fabric paints, transfers, scraps of materials you could make some awesome onesies. if your not finding out the sex, cute pictures, typography, and patterns are always great. Can’t go wrong with polka dots and stripes.



If your friend is having a girl, why not get together to make some cute headbands. elastic is really cheap and can be embellished really easily!! A great idea if your having a girl.





A really awesome game, guess the baby. Get your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Guess who is who, and chuckle at some of the fashion choices too.





This is soooo pretty and in my eyes is gender neutral. I know what your thinking, come on this screams girly. But let’s remember that the mother is in fact female, so having a nice spread to entice your guests doesn’t have to be gender specific. Cute cupcakes, pink lemonade, some sweets makes a cute dessert bar. I love theses colour too, can’t go wrong with pastels..

Here are some awesome decor ideas that you can get or even DIY yourself.


Cute bunting that you can choose colours for, depending on the sex or keeping it neutral. It could be cute to give this to the mummy afterwards as some nursery decor too! This is from Party made pretty. Also you could really easily do this DIY. Cut some circles out of colour card and stick them back to back and simply sew through them. Ta da..


These are so cute to make your guest’s drinks pop! This is from Glitter Me Sweet.


A cookie cutter to make some awesome cookies! How cute would these look? This is from Cupcake Social.


Another fancy decor, one you could easily make with some tissue paper or even material, are tassels. I love this colour combo! From Pom Joy Fun. 




If your planning to reveal your gender at your baby shower let your host know about getting these which are awesome and a great photo opportunity. Get these from Thimble Press. You could also make these really easily by getting some tissue paper and sequins and just finding something to pop them out of. I did a confetti DIY post ages ago which might help! Take a look here.

Let me know of some of your favourite games you can do on the cheap or for free!

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Coffee Table Inspiration . My top picks

So we on the hunt for a coffee table, and I don’t even mind getting one from a charity shop and doing it up, but when this is your aim it’s always ideal to start off with a piece of furniture which is solid, then it’s much easier to up cycle, so the hunt can take a while.  But I think this may be an overstretch goal for me. I am 25 weeks now and time is fast running out. Plus lets be honest when i’m hitting the last trimester am I going to want to be sanding and painting a coffee table? Probably not. So I am on the hunt. I don’t want to spend a fortune, because it’s already going to be a super expensive year, but here are some coffee tables which are awesome.


I like how funky this table is, but will it be practical with a baby? Maybe having the curved edge is slightly more child friendly? It’s crazy how now I have to think about everything I buy or make in relation to the baby… This is from Ikea and costs £60. Which isn’t too ridiculous.


This is more of an industrial effect, and sadly is probably the least baby friendly in my list. But hey if your childless, or have older children, this is super awesome. Add some cool tones to your living room and pair with some bright accessories for an awesome statement piece. This is from Urban Outifitters but will set you back £150.



This is awesome and relaxed, Add some giant coffee table books maybe a copper vase, and boom your coffee table is done. From Homebase and being the most expensive in the list this will set you back £295. I can’t justify spending this much on a coffee table right now, but if I had the money knocking around, it would be hard to say no.



The cheapest one of my selection, although I don’t think it looks cheap, this table from Habitat and Homebase will only set you back £35, and its pretty basic, but with a bright vase filled with peonies and a couple of coffee table books I think we are good to go.


Another from Ikea though of the more expensive category this will set you back £195. But it’s a classic coffee table, with the bottom shelf and wood effect, this is sure to fit into any home.


So those are my selections…I thought I’d include a couple of upcycled pieces I have found to give some inspiration if you just fancy maybe doing up your current table or making your own one.


Using an old door to replace an old top of a table? It’s definitely different. This is from Fabulous Finishes.



Then this one which is made from a pallet, and it comes with a tutorial too! No excuses then! This is from Beyond The Picket Fence.


I think coffee tables can really help bring a room together, and we all no the trouble I have been having with my living room! Plus I am tired of having to put my beverages on the floor and let’s be honest bending down is not much fun with a kicking baby inside of you!

Here’s hoping I find and get a coffee table soon…the hunt continues.

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Valentine’s day Ideas

Ok so I know this holiday is very much a holiday for the girls. Even when your single, its a girls night out or in to celebrate being happy and single or for couples who are happy and in love. But let’s be honest more often then not it’s about the girls. But hey how about we show our loving other halves we can make Valentines day just as romantic for him or her. Last year I did a week of treats to cook your other half, this time I have been looking at a few cute and yes overly cheesy DIY and some awesome looking treats.


So I don’t think Valentines day needs to be super expensive, why not make a card and a nice romantic meal. I mean this card looks so cute and simple, and hey if pizza is the way to your loved ones heart…even better. Come on sometimes cheesy is cute. This is from Etsy.


Another fun card, I mean googley eyes…everyone loves googley eyes.You have to love googley eyes.. This is from Lucy’s Cards.


A great cheap and effective gift, which looks so yummy. White chocolate bark. See the recipe here at Number 2 pencil. I mean I would make this for an everyday snack..or a party..party is more appropriate…but with pink and red m&m’s very lovey dovey.


Yes cheesy but maybe if they are a lover of coffee you could make like a little gift basket. Coffee and chocolate? Cheap mugs and a sharpie, nice and simple. Get the instructions here at Today’s creative blog.


I am so going to do this one year..can’t do it this year because now Richard will know…but one year… Come on if your a bit low on cash, this makes your love one smile and know your thinking of them..with banana humour. This is from House hunt.



Heart shaped cookies, a cute thing to make and pop in your loved ones lunch. Or as a romantic desert after a romantic dinner…melt some chocolate and go all fondue-ish…Obviously add strawberries to the mix, sexy strawberry eating, plus you know balance the sugar cookie and chocolate with a little bit of fruit…dipped in chocolate…Get the recipe from Brit and Co.


There you go I hope I have given you a few ideas to get the Valentine’s day or anti day going…perhaps I’ll do another week of treats nearer the time…hmm.

Renting fixes; DIY Ombre Lantern Lampshade /03


Ok so my first DIY of my rent fix options. This took me like 30 minutes to do, and cost me less then a £2. Ok so we previously looked at using lampshades to spruce up our rented homes, a great way to add some colour or style without losing your deposit. Now if you don’t fancy going out and spending a small fortune on a variety of lampshades for every room a great alternative are the lantern lampshades. They come in a range of styles and sizes and can be found nearly everywhere. The one I used for this project I got from Wilkinsons and it cost me £1.50. But I know Ikea do them to, and it a larger range of sizes and shapes too.

Ok so what you need:

A lantern lampshade

Paint, ink or I used silk paint I had left over.





Now I wouldn’t go out and buy paint or ink especially for this, just use what you have, let’s not add to the cost, unless your all out then yeah your going to need some kind of paint.. You need a medium you can water down nicely. So with the silk paint which is like an ink consistency, I started off with it pure, then added a bit of water each time to get the shading down.If your using paint like watercolours or acrylic, especially with acrylic you want it to be quite watery, so it may be an idea to add white and water to get the ombre effect. It’s not meant to be perfect, think of it as rustic. You can always dampen it down with some kitchen roll. But be careful as when the lantern is wet, it is rather delicate.

I also found it much easier to paint while it was…inflated I guess is the word..

And that was all it took. I only wanted to paint about half of it, as because I chose blue I didn’t want it locking out too much light, but I love it, and it takes a place in my living room, now to do the rest of the house? Just think of the colour options.


As you can see the ombre isn’t perfect, but it adds a bit of colour to my magnolia room. Let me know if you try it, especially with the other mediums! #nomoremagnolia


Renting fixes; Removable Wallpaper /02

So I have been looking at removable wallpaper for my second instalment of rental fixes. I am seriously considering trying this, through my research it looks like an awesome magnolia fix which won’t anger your landlord.

So my research is telling me that this stuff is for real. You can peel them off and re-use them without extra glue or anything, and they don’t leave a mark…I found the best ones to be all on Etsy, here are a few of my favourites, I left the links for the shops so you can take a look at the other options they have.

il_570xN.687817969_82abSo this one and the one below, are sticker decals rather then a full strip of wallpaper. These look super cute, and I feel better about experimenting using a small surface area rather then a large one first off. These little polka dots above decals are from Tayo Studio. These cost £10 for a sheet of 70 polka dots. Not bad eh?



These are slightly larger, they also come in a range of colours too. From Stick Studio LLC. They are slightly more expensive but they are larger in size. You get 25 dots for £17. I do like the bigger dots though, look how shiny they look.




How awesome does this room look. I could just imagine this in my office instead of the murky  magnolia I have going on. This one is the full wall paper and the shop is great. You can send them the measurements of your room and they will print the exact amount you need. Otherwise it costs £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. You can also customise the colour too! This is from Betapet.



You can’t go wrong with bold stripes, and if your finally able to get around the no decorating rule in your rented place, why not go big and bold? I am also loving the contrast of the green chair with the black and white stripes. This is from Pat Print by Amy and is the same price as the one above. £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. 




A slightly bolder pattern, but what could look great in your dinning room or living room, this one is also a full wallpaper product. Accent U Wall are the ones behind this, and they offer a wide range of other patterns too. Costing £23.62 for  a 24″w x 48″h piece.


So I am totally thinking about purchasing some of the polka dot decals, and starting slow, when I do ill do a post on how well they work…then we can decide on whether we want to do a whole wall. If you have used them let me know how they  worked out?

oooo the excitment. Till next time.


The high’s and low’s of renting, way’s to make your rented place a home /01

So there are definitely high’s and low’s to renting, I think we all know them. Renting is great for the convenience. If something goes wrong, you make a phone call and it’s sorted without costing you. Finding a place to rent is a hell of a lot quicker and cheaper then buying. So it’s great if your not quite there yet either financially or emotionally. It took us a week to find a place we liked and we moved in within a month. Timing was an issue for us as Richard’s job placement got changed last minute so we went from looking in Essex to looking in Bedford. Hence moving 2 weeks before Christmas. Man was that hectic. But had we looked at buying, it could have taken months, meaning we would have had to find a short term rent place until the house was ready..being massively costly.

But let’s get to the negatives, as great as having landlords can be because if something goes wrong they have to fix it asap and pay for it, having landlords can also be a nightmare. For example the house we live in at the moment, isn’t overly strict but we have to get written permission for a lot of stuff. Even to hang pictures. And I am telling you in most cases pets are a no no. I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, but it’s more then likely it won’t be an option until we get our own place.

It’s the same with decorating, some landlords are ok with you painting and such but it has to be neutral colours, so I think anything to overly outrageous wouldn’t go down well..like maybe polka dots or stripes..same with fixings. Ugly kitchen cupboards? or large old school fireplaces? Yeah these can be a pain because you won’t be able to change them, so I am looking into ways to make a rented place a home to all tastes…I am hoping to be here for a good few years, and I am not seeing it as an in between place, because more then likely the next place we buy will be rented too..unless we win the lottery. So I think it’s important to look into ways to make a rented place suit you, without awakening the devil landlords.

So there are a few risk free ways to add your own style to your rented place and thats what I want to look at in this series. Lampshades and curtains are a great way. Now I know what your thinking..seriously…lampshades and curtains, but nowadays there are so many cute pieces out there, why not make them a focal point of a room.



How awesome is this, and it would look great in a kitchen, or a bathroom maybe, as it’s quite industrial like. I love pendant lights, but it can be tricky depending on the drop of the light. This is from Urban Outfitters and costs £40.


This is a bit more out there in style and price, but could add a pop of geometric to a living room or study. This is from Urban Outfitters too and cost £125.



This is my favourite one of the three, it looks like an old diners lampshade, I love it and it would look great in a dinning room, or funk up an office with this shade. This is also from Urban Outfitters and costs £65.

So there are always cheaper options, one of which I will showing and testing next week regarding different lighting options. Especially if you have a lot of light fixtures and not a massive budget to re-do your place.

So Urban Outfitters are a great source for furnishings with are full of colour and patterns. Even curtains…


These curtains are both cute but understated, and I think they could work well in a mixture of rooms. From Urban Outfitters the above one costs £35 and the ones below also cost £35





I am not going to go into too much detail this time, because there are a few DIY’s I want to try out for you guys who rent over the next couple of weeks. But don’t fret together we can make a rented place a fun colour filled home..until next time.




A really easy and effective DIY today to make your office, kitchen , bedroom or just hallway look awesome and organised. As you know my new office is still looking fab and is surprisingly still clean with no paint spilled, but what I needed was to re-invent my old plain cork-board. Honestly, I am so impressed (not to toot my own horn) haha with how this turned out, and so cheap too!!


What you need:

Masking tape


Selection of paints ( I used tester pots so it didn’t cost a fortune)


Thats it!!



So firstly I picked a colour for the background and one for the border, and painted the cork-board and the border, using those colours. I picked a grey and like a pinkish purple.


After I waited for it to dry I separated sections using thin masking tape, to make like a mosaic/stained glass effect.

I then spent a while..maybe like an hour, I’m clearly indecisive, to pick a few colours. I would recommend not picking more then 5 colours, I feel that maybe I should have left one off, but still I love the outcome. I also left a few with the original background colour too.


Then it’s simple just paint different sections different colours and make sure you wait for it to dry before taking the masking tape off! Honestly no matter how much you want to peak, wait til it’s bone dry.


Then I just touched up some of the edges up..and there you have it!


Simple, and a great way to give your cork-board a makeover. Then you just pin your inspiration and cute paper finds!!


Hope you like it!!

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With all the preparing for the craft show on Monday, I have been more then occupied with other things. My house looks like a unicorn has died in it. Colour and glitter everywhere. Anyway, I am not going to lie to you, I am no closer to planning our wedding, the venue and colours are still a mystery to me, so today I just wanted to have fun, and look at cute random ideas for weddings.


So here they are.



We all know my love of lego, and me and Richard already had this idea, but having the blocks that they stand on with names on, just takes it that bit further. This is from here.


Richard thinks these are cheesy, but I kind of love them, they could be shoes to change into for the reception.. This  from Wedding Chicks. 




A sweet bar is a must, look at all those goodies. Get them here.



I love this idea, it’s so sweet and would look lovely as a new piece in your home after the wedding. I got this from here. Plus you could get stamp pads that match your wedding colours…so special no?


This is so awesome, precise and to the point, and having refreshments during the ceremony which may be outside is such a cute idea!! And look at those colours and graphics… This is from Bridal Musings.


I love love love this idea, so sweet and unique, this is perfect for a winter wedding too, maybe put some faux fur coats in the mix too…this is from Bridal Musings too.


I am so doing this for the kids who are invited to the wedding, a nice way to entertain them during the day! Get the print out’s here at Something Turquoise. 


Who doesn’t love confetti and bursts of colour everywhere. This is from a birthday party but I am loving the balloons. See the post here.


I love balloons and I love this photo. It’s so simple yet so beautiful no?? This is from The happiest are the prettiest blog. 



I love this, I don’t even care if its cheesy. Get yourself two chairs do them up and this is a cute decor idea which I think will wow your guest and make them go awww.. haha. This is from Green Wedding Shoes.

So there are my pins for my wedding wishlist. At the rate things are going there is going to be a lot going on…probably too much, at our wedding!!


Speak soon all!!




There’s something special about confetti, the colour the shapes, the celebration! I have ben playing around with this DIY project I found here, at Best friends for Frostings, but making a few adjustments.


So I have made three different types of confetti straws today. The first using sequins and tissue confetti shapes, the second using bio-degradable tissue paper and the third using flower petals.


What you need

-Smoothie straws


-Confetti shapes


-Flower petals

-Bio-degradable tissue paper




So you staple one end of your straw as close to the end as possible, making sure it’s closed so no confetti will fall out.



Then you pick your colour theme.I went for a fruit salad like thing. Orange,yellow and pink. I am making table confetti first. You can use these ones to decorate your tables for celebrations, because it uses sequins and confetti which isn’t bio-degradable these aren’t suitable for throwing outside.

I got these big circles which are awesome from here, they are too big to put in whole so I have cut them into strips which looks super pretty. If you want to keep them whole, make an envelope like this one, and use that instead.



So we have our cut up circles, so then I added some yellow sequins. I put them all in this little dish so that they get a nice mix when they go into the straw.



I decided to snazz things up with some gold and silver squares, cut into triangles so they fit in nicely. Paired with some gold sequins and your ready to start filling up the straw.




So all you do is fill it up, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a bit of a mission but the outcome is worth it.





There you have it, just staple the other end, and dip each end in PVA then glitter, to finish it off nicely.


Do the same for petals and bio-degradable tissue paper, which are fine for throwing outside, but always check with using the tissue paper, some places don’t like it!



I used rose petals, lavender buds, and chamomile petals for the petal confetti straws.


So there you have it, it’s pretty fun, plus they look insane as decorations alone. To disperse the confetti either cut the straw in the middle, or if your strong pop the end opens!



I suppose I should of looked at budgeting first, but oh well. So when I thought about weddings and the organisation and money that went into it, I honestly thought that this was all you needed. Dress, Suit, Venue, Cake, Food, Flowers. Wedding stationary completely left my mind, and obviously chairs, tables, table gifts, ceremony, caterer,decorations, chair covers too!! I know your probably thinking, jeez have you be living under a rock? The truth is I am the first out of my close friends to get engaged, so it’s a learning curve, plus my mum piped up and knocked some sense into me.

Ok so lets look at the facts.

According to Brides magazine the average cost of a wedding is £23,305. I took out the engagement ring from the budget, as in my eyes that’s already been brought., otherwise it’s £24,716


But even so, that’s a lot of money, that’s a healthy deposit for a house. Or maybe you are reading this thinking, jeez that’s quite cheap.. realistically, me and Richard could never afford that budget, even with my parents helping out, so do we get a loan? Or do we find ways to save money… Richard has already made his views clear on not wanting to start our marriage life in debt, so lets see how much we can do to save money first. I am not criticising anyone who gets a loan, sometimes there is no choice. If my parents hadn’t offered to pay for at least some, much to Richards dismay a loan would be our only choice.  But we haven’t even picked a venue, and until then I have no idea what ‘extra’s’ we will need. So we could still end up needing a small loan. But lets look at the wedding budget according to Brides Magazine. FYI, Brides magazine looks at all different budgets, and I am a little bit in love with the magazine. Has so many good ideas so go check it out.

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