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This is from A Pair of Pears.


Frustration With weight

This is how I feel right now, I sort of feel like I am trying to control way to many things at once, and so when I start failing at something, I have this horrible guilt inside me which ironically makes me want to eat, even though the weight-loss or lack of is a big cause of the guilt.

Ok so I will be hitting the 3 month mark since my diagnosis on Saturday, but yet I have only lost 1 stone..I am totally starting to flag, I feel the last month has been so half hearted and I am struggling to get back into it. In previous years I have always lost a little bit of weight by just exercising to the extreme, but eating what I want. So trying to do both is proving somewhat challenging. My will power plus pro-activeness just don’t seem to work in harmony. Only one shows up at a time, frequently both being MIA. I think I need some help guys! Tips, suggestions, sites? email me or leave a comment please.


I am in awe of people who can run businesses, keep their houses cleaning, do all the laundry, work out and keep healthy..and then people who have kids on top of this?! Please tell me your secrets. I got up this morning at 8.30, got to work for 9 (it’s only down the road) and as I am writing this post ( it’s 10.40am) I keep stopping to suck my fingers (moving on swiftly) and twiddling my hair while I just fall into a sleepy daze, because I am tired….But why am I tired?! I went to bed at 11 last night, was awake from 5-6 but then slept through till 8.30. Too much sleep? Or  maybe it’s because my diet the last week has been worse then a student after a big night drinking with the munchies. We have only eaten at home once in the last week..so you can imagine what has been the food choice for the last 6 days….

 Frustration with day-to-day jobs

My entire bedroom is covered in clothes…It looks like a shop floor of Primark after the payday rush…and my house is filled with half finished projects and boxes filled with little bits of randomness..and tool boxes..my poor legs are bruised like a peach from hitting them on tool boxes..


God I really have to stop ranting, I can feel my blood pulsing. I want to be able to be healthy, have a clean organised house, have the time and energy to do all the things for the blog and shop that I want to do and still be able to just be me.



I got this from Justina Blakeney, and it kind of worries me..which it probably shouldn’t. Should I be focusing on one thing at a time? Does that mean it might take 10 years to be in the position that I want to be in right now?? Thoughts??


What am I going to do about it.

Well  on a lighter happier note, Italy is a month from now, and me and Richard are going a day earlier for a romantic night in Rome. So yes it would be nice to possibly loose maybe 7 pounds before Italy…Maybe. I am not going to over think it, or pre plan everything because the guilt comes into that when it doesn’t happen…maybe take everyday as it comes..

I purchased the book run your butt off, as I really enjoyed the last time I got into running, but this is a gentler programme..Plus I may have tried Insanity a few times. I actually quite enjoyed doing it as it reminded me of circuits, but I couldn’t walk for like 3 days afterwards..I have noticed though that my back has been getting a bit iffy recently so I am currently on the look out for some yoga stretches that might help.

I have definitely noticed there’s a correlation between me being bored or stressed to how much I eat…or want to eat..So I am thinking of trying meditating, if I can get my pro-activeness in gear…


So the idea is to go running at lunch time. I am doing walk for 4 minutes run for 1 x4 and end with a 4 minute walk. Maybe I will tweet my face afterwards as a kind of victory sweat look? If anyone wants to do the run programme too! buy the book and follow with us. We are on stage 2. Stage 1 is going for 4 x 30 minute walks. You do each stage 4-5 times then move on. We could get a team going maybe??


But I need your help…any advice or tips, plus I am thinking of doing a reward system, one that doesn’t involve food if possible…for 2 pounds lost. Something small you know..

If you have any tips of cleaning, weight loss or keeping organised and motivated! please please please let me in on your secrets! would love to read some success stories too!

I feel a bit better now that I have gotten that off my chest…enjoy your Wednesday’s all and look out for the tweet after my lunchtime session!

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