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Exploring Our New Area…

Ok so we have been in Bedford for 3 months now, and we have found a few good places so far, including an awesome little tea room which does a cute afternoon tea! Was such a good way to end the week and we all know my love of Afternoon Tea, I think I want to spend the rest of my life tasting different afternoon teas. See my Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea  here.

This little place in St. Neots was great. It was down a little side street, with mix matched tables and chairs, and a constant smell of cake. They were baking right behind the counter. Here are a few pics from our afternoon tea at Poppy’s Vintage Tea Room.


I snapped him mid sentence…but I quite like the coooo look..he also looks super dainty drinking from dainty tea…note to all..this might be more of a friends thing..rather then boyfriends…but he did enjoy the little cakes!


I got an iced tea too and it was soooo good with fresh fruit, plus we totally have those glasses at home, note my excitement..


Homemade scones were amazing, obviously I cream then jam it….how do you guys do it? If your spreading jam then cream..thats wrong..





Mini cakes which included carrot cake and a little lemon meringue pie….so cute. Everything is a hell of a lot more fun to eat when it’s mini.



The full spread. The women were lovely, the cakes all looked amazing, and they even boxed up our left overs. FYI afternoon tea is super filling. It’s like a mini marathon of carbs. But amazing. The tea was divine and they had so many tea options to suit every taste plus you had options to pick your sandwiches..we went for a varied approach…

The rest of the weekend we discovered our new favourite butcher. We brought black treacle smoked bacon ( ridiculously incredible) and found a cute little farm shop where we got smoked garlic, fresh figs and a bunch of tulips..so all in all…a weekend of good finds!


So if you find yourself in St. Neots…go venture to Poppy’s Tea Room. Also there menu is set on vintage ration cards…just to add to the setting.