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My Top 10 Coffee Books On My Wishlist

Ok so I am obsessed with books, especially pretty books…what can I say I’m a sucker for beautiful images. Now in my mind coffee table books can be any kind of book that you want to hand quickly, or to show off to guests how cultured you are! Either way here are my top 10 coffee table books on my wish list to get! ( Hint to Richard for my upcoming birthday..) Ok they aren’t in any particular order!



Home Style By City, Ida Magntorn. Amazing photography, great style decor inspiration, and even tips on how to bring style to your space! This book is £15.99 on Amazon.



Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book, Johanna Basford. Some fun drawing books.I am thinking about getting one of these to take in my hospital bag, maybe it will help keep me calm? Or give me something to do in between contractions..Or I might just spend that time moaning in pain..who knows. This is £9.95 on Amazon.



The Mindfulness Colouring Book, Emma Farrarons. Another colouring book, advertised as art therapy for busy people, I love adult colouring books at the minute, they really are stupidly relaxing.  So go on try it, buy a book, some funky colouring pens grab a blanket and soak up the sun while switching your mind off. This is £3.99 on Amazon.



Paris Style Guide, Elodie Rambaud. So I wanted to go Paris as you know before the baby came, see my post here, but after much talk we decided to wait till after the baby was born..like a few months after..as due to my sickness and soreness from the sickness I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much, as my walking would suffer..sad I know..but Paris I will be there soon! This is £14.88 on Amazon.



Art of Attention, Erica Jago. With breath taking photography, the Art of Attention is designed to help your practice with yoga. Something I might definitely need after giving birth…This is £22.78 on Amazon.



The Selby is in Your Place, Todd Selby.  Showing a diverse  range of artists, musicians, designers all mater of creatives in their home. Get some inspiration from creative homely homes. This is £22.12 on Amazon.



Oh Joy! Joy Cho. One of my favourite bloggers, and this is her new book. Oh Joy 60 way’s to create and give joy. Full of great DIY’s and fun things to do! Plus the awesome design and photographs will add colour to your coffee table book selection! Totally on my list. This is £17.66 on Amazon.



A Beautiful Mess, Happy Handmade Home. Another blog I follow religiously, just look at their blog Elsie and sister Emma’s style, DIY and home interiors will be enough convincing to get this book. I have wanted this book for ages, but never got around to getting it. Some of the projects looks sooo good in it! £15.58 on Amazon.



Journey of a Dress, Diane von Furstenberg. Even the cover of this book makes me excited to read it! Look at all those patterns. She took the fashion world by storm with her designs and  this book showcases her career, featuring the journey of the iconic wrap dress. Filled with beautiful photographers from some epic photographers, to name a couple, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz. This is £24.25 on Amazon.





Chanel: Collections and Creations, Daniele Bott. Last but not least, a book looking at the infamous Chanel brand, showcasing designs from the creator Coco Chanel from 1920’s and onwards. This is £19.99 on Amazon.


So there are my top 10 coffee books on my wishlist at the moment. I have recently upcycled a coffee table and when I find the right style for it I will post my before and after coffee table make over, and possibly even do a coffee table style post. Now don’t think I have forgotten the baby. Tomorrow we look at baby wishlist books..

ta x


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Pregnancy life update

Ok so I am 27 weeks and 6 days…still enjoying morning sickness… I’ve given up hope of it ever going and I’m sore…Let’s just say I know it’s only going to get worse the bigger I get..here’s a high five to being full term in July..in the heat…yay.


But one thing I have discovered…a pregnancy pillow..seriously as soon as my head hits this pillow I am gone..I haven’t slept as good as I have in the last week..It’s amazing..seriously get one..even if you aren’t expecting.

So I find myself living in maternity jeans and leggings, so when I do go out I like to try and dress up..remind myself I am still a human not just a baby carrier. In between vomiting (sorry) and trying to get my list of to do’s finished..I just look like a pregnant mess..so I’ve tried a few things to perk me up during the day. While cleaning yesterday I totally wore a flower crown…I mean why not? Due to my obsession with orange flavoured drinks I am also enjoying using fancy glasses and straws with ice…if I close my eyes it could be a cocktail..

I still have a massive list of things to get..think I am going to wait a bit longer..my deadline is when I hit 35 weeks, as it’s my brothers wedding and I have been advised by my midwife to take a hospital bag with me as I’ll be gone for a few days..So I have a good 7 weeks…plenty of time.


Went out for dinner because I’m constantly craving spicy food.. we went for an indian.. and it was so good plus I got to dress up a little and even put make up on. I’m wearing a sequin top from ASOS and my red skirt from Asda that I have had for ever. No maternity clothes in sight..gave me a perk I still fitted in the skirt.



And my floral crown cleaning day…I brought this crown for my baby shower which is happening at the end of May, it’s super cute and is from Asos too!


anyway I’m off for nap!






Loving this weather

I am enjoying the weather so much right now. I mean I can imagine when I get full term in July I won’t be enjoying the sunshine but an the minute I can’t get enough of it. I’ve eaten my weight in ice lollies and even got my legs out. The baby is doing flips in my tummy, and I’m starting to get a bit of a waddle, but hey the suns out and I am getting some much needed vitamin D.

I think, now I don’t want to jinx it but I think , I think that maybe is spring is here..I hope this weekend will be filled with sunshine! How will you spend your weekend? I am thinking maybe a picnic with pink lemonade…yep..that sounds good!I leave you with a picture of me in the sun taking last week before going out…fun times!! Enjoy the sun all I’m off to get some food



Some news, and the reason my little blog has been suffering a little bit

Ok so I know the blog has been suffering, I haven’t been on my game since November, but now I will let you into the secret as to why. You see I have been suffering from some major….morning sickness.

Yep in November me and Richard found out I was pregnant and to be honest it still hasn’t sunk in. Especially after being told that I would need medication because of PCOS, so shocked doesn’t cut it, but it was a nice surprise.


Now I won’t go into the my gruesome details of my pregnancy today, I’ll leave that treat for another day, but as a quick note…it’s hard..I have such a new found of respect for all women out there…and especially to my mum and Richards mum who have done it four times at this point in time, the kid is going to be an only child. That’s my 12 week scan above..

So right now I am 21 weeks and 5 days. I’ve kept it quiet for many reasons, It’s taken me a while to get my head around it, I didn’t want to jinx it…( I still refuse to buy anything yet) and there were a few people I was waiting to tell first..I feel super weird even typing this, like I said, it’s still hasn’t really sunken in, I’ll probably still be pretty surprised even after the baby is born.



This is my scan from Tuesday..it’s zoomed in…I’m not growing a baby with a giant head…( I checked…). We decided not to find out the sex, Richard insists it’s better as a surprise…I’m not so convinced but he won the war.



I leave you with a pic of me and Abby (i’m 20 weeks here) and yes we totally look like life partners posing outside Buckingham Palace..but hey who cares? I’m wearing quite a loose dress here…but I like to think I look kind of pregnant…haha. As some advice I’ve actually found wearing slightly more fitted clothes, look more flattering strangely enough, as the bump is more prominent. I’ll take some pics at some point once my head is out of the toilet. Anyway, here’s to some exciting months ahead.

P.S all morning sickness remedies welcome! Email me or leave a comment.

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Fashion Weeks Street Style 2015

So when I look at the fashion weeks I tend to normally look at all the designers work and drool over the collection, and don’t get me wrong some of the collections look amazing. But I thought I show you some of favourite street styles from the weeks..I love everyones individual fashion sense and it gives me so many ideas of how to revamp my own wardrobe.


So this is taken at New York Fashion week, and I am totally in love with that Jacket. I don’t even mind the hat, the whole look just works, and she looks effortlessly awesome. See more NFW street styles here.


I love the causal roll neck paired with the studded heels…and I am totally drooling over that pink skirt. This is Kerry Pieri in Alaia shoes and Erin Dana belt bag.  See more street style on Harpers Bazaar.

Soraya Bakhtair Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_426x639

Nothing better then shades of blue on a frost morning, I love the amount of texture going on in this outfit, and how casual does she look with her coat just hanging off her shoulders.  This is Soraya Bakhtair who said on her outfit “I’ve opted for a Tibi jacket, Topshop skirt, Céline bag, Dolce Vita shoes and Italia Independent sunglasses.” See more street style on Vogue.


Just look at that dress, and it works so well with the casual down sneakers..I love the collar and pleats, there’s just so much structure going on.. See more on Teen Vogue of Fashion Week’s street style.



I think it can be quite hard to pull of the casual but chic look, looking like you haven’t tried, but amazingly chic at the same time. I love the rolled up jeans, and the stament white tee plus that coat is to die for. Danielle wears: Coat: River Island, Jeans: River Island, Top: River Island, Trainers: Zara, Bag: Whistles. This is from Cosmopolitan.




This is quite possibly one of my favourite outfits from the street styles. I love the blue tones paired with the statement red lips and toes..effortlessly classy. This is from Pop Sugar, take a look at more street style there.


Let’s not forget the men, I love the casual braces and rolled up pin stripe trousers, this guy looks like he doesn’t give a shit…but does it soo well. From WWD take a look at more men’s street style.



These guys just have it all going on, the tartan against the blue suit paired with the orange tie, it’s just genius. And the relaxed purple v-neck sweater brings a preppy new dapper look to the trio. Everything is right with these guys outfits. See more street style here.


I think fashion is such a great way of expressing yourself, I remember I used to wear the most outrageous clothes. The more patterns the better. But I loved it, and although I have calmed down a bit now, there’s nothing better then getting dolled up to go out, or even putting on your polka dot dungarees and powder blue crop top to clean the house..wear what your comfortable in but remember to have fun with it too.

Christmas Party Outfit ideas from ASOS. With curvy and petite suggestions.



Ok so I talk a lot about ASOS being great for plus size clothes, and they haven’t disappointed with some of the new items they have on the site at the moment. I also put an option which caters for the smaller ladies, which goes up to size 18. Right to the outfit choices.


So outfit 1 looks so Christmassy I could die, the dress from the Curve range costs £150…so pretty expensive but pretty pretty too. It also goes from sizes 18-28. And because of it’s shape with the skirt flowing high from the waist it will flatter most shapes, especially if like me you have a wee bit of a tummy.

The gold clutch adds a bit of glamour, complimenting the jewels on the dress, making you feel like a Christmas tree decoration. ( which should be everyone’s aim at a Christmas party). At £12 you wouldn’t feel so bad about splurging on the dress!

The shoes, ahhh I would die for the shoes, so much you can tell I added the red ones to another outfit. The great thing about these shoes are the heels. They are way more comfortable then stilettos I think because you feel more secure..no just me? At £50 this bring this outfit to a £212 total….ouch but what can I say the outfit is yummy.


So to Outfit 2. A little bit more 50’s sexy with the off the shoulders cut. I love the shoes they paired it with which are on the ASOS site next to the dress, so just added a different tone to make the outfit complete.

So the dress, is a beautiful rich plum, with a similar cut to the first dress which will flatter so many body types. Giving a subtle sexiness with the off the shoulders, just showing a bit of skin. This dress is from the curve section and comes in sizes 18-28 and is £40. ( a little more appealing money wise then outfit 1).

I paired the dress with a slightly darker tone velvet cross body bag. I like the idea of having a colour and just pairing two shades of that colour..be a little bit different you know. This bag is £18 which brings this outfit in as the cheapest at £58. ( Regarding shoes, a simple black stiletto will work wonders).


Outfit 3. For our smaller readers, this number is set to amaze and stun your colleagues and family. With the beautiful shape and fit, paired with the silver glitter sparkle effect. Your hitting the Christmas angel decoration with this. Sequins are always in for Christmas and this ticks all the boxes. It comes in sizes 4-18 so great for a petit figure, or even figures which are more straight down, the shape where it clinches in at he waist, will give the look of some added curves and hourglass shape. The dress costs £85.


The shoes, again the shoes same as above but just in red, they cost £50. I look at these shoes and just think of Jessica Rabbit. They ooze sexiness and the bold velvet red shoes paired with the silver sequins, it’s daring but I think it could work…Why play it safe at Christmas. So all in all this outfit comes in at £135.


I hope I may have given you all a few idea if your on the hunt for some Christmas outfits, take a look at the rest of ASOS’s collection they have some beauts there right now!! Have a good weekend all and wish me luck with packing up my house..


So I love Etsy to bits, but sometimes you can spend hours looking through to find that gem you are looking for. So I thought i’d share with you my picks of the month. Hopefully you can find some gems too!


I love this double sided wrapping paper from Eva & Anne, I made some notebooks with this paper, sooo beautiful! And at £5.58 for a pack of 3 sheets, bargain!


This notebook is so beautiful I couldn’t help buying it! It’s from Nikki Strange and cost me £4.99 with free postage! To add to my many other notebooks….


I love this bag, and it’s one of many different styles, they are just so cute!! This is from Modernaked.




I love love love this, it’s such a cool way to hang your jewelry up, and just in  time for halloween? extra prop, double the usage!! This is from Redwood Stonework’s and is £24.54.




This is beautiful, who doesn’t love a statement gold piece of art work? From White Nest and for £15.10, it would make a lovely statement piece for an office no?




I am in love with this wrapping paper, galaxy prints are really in right now, so why not spruce up your gifts with this beautiful paper. From Normans Printery and for £8.81 for 2 sheets of each design? You could be the wrapping queen of your social group!




I am in love with this bag, and its on my gift wish list to get!! We know my love of colour and confetti!! This is from Kindah and is £40.90



These gorgeous earrings are from White Nest too. And I have just ordered them!! I can’t wait til they arrive and at £5.03? You can’t go wrong.


There you have it!! Happy Thursday all! x


Ok so it’s been raining quite a bit here, and it’s starting to get a lit cooler, I know, what am I saying it’s only August, but either way, one of the things I love to do when its cold and wet is wacking on some warm leggings, socks and drinking warm drinks…like lavender lattes…see the recipe here. But anyway back to the socks and yes before you say it I am totally doing a post on socks.



These were the more expensive of the lot, all of them being from ASOS.  These socks, are so warm and soft, and I think would look really cute with converses…no?


Slightly more glamourous, with sparkles and stripes, these look so cute with my jelly shoes!! Get them here. Plus they are on sale for just £2.


Pineapples!! gah I went crazy over these when I saw them! Get them here! You know you want them!


Bright blue socks, they are sooo lovely, and so so soft, it’s unreal. Get them here.  and they are only £3.50!!



So yes I may have gone overboard with socks, but they are soo comfy, plus it’s nice being all wrapped up especially as Richard is in Qatar for a week!


Hope you enjoyed my sock post, it will soon be icy cold, and socks look so cute over tights! I am soo excited to wack my tights and sock combo’s out soon!


speak soon



So i did a very quick little shoot while we were in Italy, which briefly featured Abby, and the flowers that Richard had given me. It was sunny, but quite cold that day, hence the short shoot. But I like how the pictures came out a lot, I love using swimming pools, the reflections and shades of vibrant blue just look good as a backdrop.


Abby looking lovely with flowers in her hair, which is a nightmare. Me and Max were in the pool with her holding her up and placing flowers, then we had to get out of the way without disrupting her or the flowers for Richard to take the picture.. fun fun





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So both being from a big family, birthday present ideas can be difficult. Especially when there are so many birthdays close together. Richards birthday is in two weeks and then I have my adorable twin nieces, Amelia and Eliza’s second birthday a week after. With other babies on the way through friends and such, getting inspiration for the little bundles of joy can be difficult.

Last year we brought the twins a cherry tree. You may be asking why a tree, but we thought it would be lovely for it to grow as they do. Plus cherries come in pairs..right?

Anyway we got them some colouring stuff too. But as the little princesses they are and the masses of family and friends can sometimes leave  finding gifts tricky.


Just a quick photo of the infamous twins with their dad (my brother), adorable yet destructive. Kidding aren’t they just the cutest.

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