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Father’s Day Gift Ideas



So I was asked to look at some ideas for father’s day, and to be honest I had quite a bit of fun researching and pinning ideas! Next year Richard will be celebrating Father’s day, and I already like some of these as possible ideas for him next year!

Ok to the gifts. From clockwise we have  1. You’re the best pop! Card from Etsy.  2. My daddy is cooler then Batman, Card from Etsy.  3. Bacon me Crazy, food products from Brika. 4. Beef & Beer T-shirt, from Brika. 5. The Grillfather chopping board from Etsy. 6. Dad you are my father, Star Wars card from Etsy. 7. Stitchless Wallet from Brika.

Ok so a few little things to hopefully get the ideas flowing. I always find father’s day get’s more and more tricky the older you get..what to buy the dad who has most things he needs. There’s only so many times you can buy him socks! So hopefully some of these ideas may inspire. Plus I love how cute the cards are!  For the little ones, go on to our Pinterest page and look at our father’s day board, there are some super cute DIY ideas for your little ones to make for their dads.

Don’t panic we have just under 2 weeks to find the perfect gift!

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Great neutral baby gifts

Ok so we aren’t finding out the sex, but I remember when trying to buy a gift for my brothers baby how hard it was because they didn’t find out either. Let’s be honest a lot of neutral clothes and baby items are very much plain cream and white. And although these are still super cute, you do end up having a bit of a plain palette for a while. So I have made it my mission to find cute neutral loving baby things that pull away from the white and beige.


These are super cute and are great for a boy or girl especially in the summer months. These are from Little Four Clothing and start from £15.42 they are from the states so please be aware that postage may be expensive.  But they are handmade and super cute no?


With Richards love of cycling I came across this little shop and it has some super cute things! This is from Growing Up Wild and prices start from £10.52. once again like many of the items in this post postage may be expensive, if they are shipping from the states.


I am a big fan of patterns and I think they are great as neutral pieces for babies and toddlers. These are from Fox and Rebel and prices start from £19.52. Shipping from Canada postage might be expensive, but take a look at the shop as they do some super cute cot sheets too!


I think there’s nothing cuter then seeing little babies wear harem pants! Plus they are super neutral too! Prices start from £16.73 and shipping is from Canada so may be expensive.  These are from Fox and Rebel too.


Another from Fox and Rebel. What can I say they do super cute things including this thunderstorm organic cotton blanket. This costs £25.10 and ships from Canada so always check postage.


Look at the little boots! These are super neutral and super cute and are from Harper Daisy and cost £17.49. From the states so do check postage costs.




These are like my favourite and I think would look adorable on a boy of girl. I wonder if they make them in adult sizes too? These are from Ajalor and prices start from £25.94 and ships from Canada.

So all of the above are from Etsy so shipping can be quite pricey but don’t fret I’ve found a few pieces on the UK market which ticks off awesome neutrals too. The following are from Mothercare, but H&M, Next and Matalan do some super cute outfits too.

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Baby shower games and awesome decor ideas

So I am super lucky that my sister-in-law Tash has offered to throw me a baby shower and I am pretty excited because the guest lists included family and friends who I haven’t seen in a while ( if they can make it that is).  I have been to a few showers, and it’s always a great day filled with food and games and lots of baby stuff! So I thought i’d look at some awesome shower decor ideas both for neutral and gender specific parties which might give you ideas if your planning one in the future.



This looks like a great game. Babies first portrait. Give your guests a a piece of card and a pen. They draw what they think your baby will look like while keeping the card in front of their head…yes it will be mostly scribbles but get your guests to sign them, and they could be a fun addition to a guestbook with pictures and a message from your baby shower.



This could be a great slightly cheaper alternative to decorating onesies. All you need is some fabric pens and make some little scraps of fabric and wool to make some fun bibs.




But I have to say, how awesome do these look? You could probably get a bunch of plain onesies in bulk pretty cheaply, then with some fabric paints, transfers, scraps of materials you could make some awesome onesies. if your not finding out the sex, cute pictures, typography, and patterns are always great. Can’t go wrong with polka dots and stripes.



If your friend is having a girl, why not get together to make some cute headbands. elastic is really cheap and can be embellished really easily!! A great idea if your having a girl.





A really awesome game, guess the baby. Get your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Guess who is who, and chuckle at some of the fashion choices too.





This is soooo pretty and in my eyes is gender neutral. I know what your thinking, come on this screams girly. But let’s remember that the mother is in fact female, so having a nice spread to entice your guests doesn’t have to be gender specific. Cute cupcakes, pink lemonade, some sweets makes a cute dessert bar. I love theses colour too, can’t go wrong with pastels..

Here are some awesome decor ideas that you can get or even DIY yourself.


Cute bunting that you can choose colours for, depending on the sex or keeping it neutral. It could be cute to give this to the mummy afterwards as some nursery decor too! This is from Party made pretty. Also you could really easily do this DIY. Cut some circles out of colour card and stick them back to back and simply sew through them. Ta da..


These are so cute to make your guest’s drinks pop! This is from Glitter Me Sweet.


A cookie cutter to make some awesome cookies! How cute would these look? This is from Cupcake Social.


Another fancy decor, one you could easily make with some tissue paper or even material, are tassels. I love this colour combo! From Pom Joy Fun. 




If your planning to reveal your gender at your baby shower let your host know about getting these which are awesome and a great photo opportunity. Get these from Thimble Press. You could also make these really easily by getting some tissue paper and sequins and just finding something to pop them out of. I did a confetti DIY post ages ago which might help! Take a look here.

Let me know of some of your favourite games you can do on the cheap or for free!

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Finding the Christmas spirit and the Carter traditions.

I found it. We have come to my family this year for Christmas, and the familiar ornaments, the Carter traditions are all around. It’s been a hectic two months, and I appreciate every one of you that reads this blogs, especially due to my absence the last few weeks, and who keep coming back. I love you all. Here is to a lovely Christmas and an exciting 2015!

It’s funny how much Christmassy I feel as soon as I am back in my home town. So I thought I’d share with you some of our Carter christmas traditions.



Ok so the hardest tradition, which I am now so accustomed too, and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way, is waiting to open our presents under the tree until after Christmas dinner. So we end up sitting down to open presents at about 7 in the evening. Crazy but it makes the whole day last longer, and I am telling you as a kid doing this, it was such an exciting day waiting for presents even if sometimes all we wanted to do was rip open the presents. It’s a tradition I will continue with my own kids in the future.

Ok so you know how some kids write letter to santa, and now a days even email..well when I was younger, the way we asked santa what we wanted for Christmas was we shouted out the window on Christmas eve. Which was made terrifying when my Grandad answered back from the upstairs bathroom. I also learnt he had bells…I knew I wasn’t loosing my mind when I thought I heard santa all those years ago. .Richard finds this completely bazaar? Did anyone else do this? Or was it just my family?

Then the rest is pretty standard I think. We wake up, open our stockings and have a big family breakfast. We then spend an hour or two at our local pub which opens especially on Christmas day for a few hours and where the whole town goes. It’s nice to see friends for a couple of hours on Christmas day.Then we slob around and eat our weight in snacks, before tucking into a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings.Then we open our tree presents, then all fall asleep in a food coma.

I love Christmas, and this Christmas is going to be hectic, with 17 for dinner, we have a feast and a day of lots of presents and I can’t wait. Shopping is finally done. I ventured out to Tesco’s at 8 this morning. All I need to do if finish the last bit of wrapping.


So I wish you all a merry Christmas, and if I haven’t fallen into a food coma, I’ll take some pictures of the hectic day and share!!



So both being from a big family, birthday present ideas can be difficult. Especially when there are so many birthdays close together. Richards birthday is in two weeks and then I have my adorable twin nieces, Amelia and Eliza’s second birthday a week after. With other babies on the way through friends and such, getting inspiration for the little bundles of joy can be difficult.

Last year we brought the twins a cherry tree. You may be asking why a tree, but we thought it would be lovely for it to grow as they do. Plus cherries come in pairs..right?

Anyway we got them some colouring stuff too. But as the little princesses they are and the masses of family and friends can sometimes leave  finding gifts tricky.


Just a quick photo of the infamous twins with their dad (my brother), adorable yet destructive. Kidding aren’t they just the cutest.

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