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10 awesome rugs for under £100

Ok so an awesome rug can really make a room. They are also great for ugly floors that are too expensive to change up or locked down by annoying landlords! So I broswed the web in search of 10 awesome rugs that won’t break the bank! I’d happily have a rug in every room, but at the moment I have 1 in our kitchen, living room and the nursery. And none of my rugs have cost over £100. The most expensive being £90. (which happens to be in this list). To the rugs we go.






Starting off with a stupidly cute rug which would look great in any nursery or playroom is this fox rug from Made.  Plus we know how popular fox pattern is right now..Costing £45 and being W45 x L90cm.




Plus sign pattern is everywhere right now especially in soft furnishings, and this rug is awesome, and spot on trend. This rug would look great in an office, with candy or hot pink accents around…ah amazing. I want a candy pink sofa now with this rug in my office… This is from Urban Outfitters. It costs £75 and it’s 5x7ft.




Another from Urban Outfitters, this runner is super awesome and I’m already picturing in it in my hallway! I am just in love with the bright red and yellow tassels…This costs £35 and is 2x8ft.




A bit more of an abstract pattern, but could look awesome in a bohemian themed room. This is also from Urban Outfitters. It costs £80 (down from £200) and is 5x7ft.



This rug has been seen everywhere. It’s one of those Ikea must haves..costing £ 100 and being 170x240cm . Get it here. They also have it in a bigger size too!


I have this rug in my living room, and I love it. It’s massive so covers a good chunk of our ugly flooring, and it’s soft enough for Archie to play on. Plus black and white can go with nearly every colour choice. This costs £90, and it’s 200 x 300 cm and is from Ikea.


Another Ikea rug, with a more abstract feel. I love this rug and it’s super soft too. It costs £70 and is 133 x 195 cm. Get it here. This could be a great way to add a spot of colour subtly to your decor.





Here we have another Urban Outfitters rug. You can never go wrong with a black and white chevron pattern. I recommend checking Urban Outfitters regularly as their sales can be insanely good. Especially when it comes to rugs. This one is £75 and is 5 x 7ft.



Did you know that H&M do a homeware section online? No? Then go bloody well check it out. Filled with pattern, typography and bold prints. You can dress your home to clash with yourself! This rug is super cute and costs £19.99 and it’s 70 x 140 cm. Get it here.



Lastly another from H&M. I think this one would be a great rug to by a bed..I just love the quirky shoe design on it, and the black and white colour palette makes it a sure fit for any room with character. This rug costs          £14.99 and is 70 x 140cm. Get it here.



So there you have it, 10 rugs for under £100. You don’t have to break the bank to add a statement piece. Especially as we start to hit into winter soon, why not warm up your rooms…a treat for your feet too!


Ok so I did end up having a lovely weekend, even though the morning had me nearly in tears in the middle of Chelmsford. So straight to my rant. What’s the deal with the curve fashion, or lack of it. I stupidly left myself two days to get an outfit for London. I ordered a couple of dresses from ASOS but felt they weren’t right. Being as one looked like I had been squashed into a balloon and the other like I was off to a funeral. So Richard decided we would go to Chelmsford early before getting the train and pick up a basic dress and a pair of shoes. Easy right?

So being a size 18, I was already limited to certain shops, H&M, New Look and Primark do bigger sizes  at a reasonable price. So I hit those shops first. What I was greeted with was 2 rails of clothes in the H&M curve section. Of which most of the items, were white shirts in a few different forms. There were two skirts, one of which I tried on which was pleather. Horrid to say the least. FYI if you have a few bumpy bits, tight fake stretchy leather never looks good. I tried on some jeans from the sale, paired with a tank top. Was hardly going out fashion. But I was willing to do casual.But the fit wasn’t good, and the tank top was shapeless. But never mind, I pootled on to New Look. Surely they’d have a bigger selection…

Now what I want to know is why is it assumed that people who are plus size and curvy want to wear baggy floral tops or tight red meshed dresses. There is just no in-between. The curve range at New Look ( in Chelmsford) resembled a 50+ boutique. Completely fine for curvy women who are at a  mature age looking for an elegant look. Not for a 25 year old who wanted somthing simple, or slightly cute for a night out in London.It took me 5 minutes to go through the whole curve range, and that was me checking through things twice. So I went on to Primark. Not my first choice, I have no problem with Primark it’s just the que’s and overall hectic-ness of it stresses me out. After sweeping through the rails of clothing, nothing caught my eye, that I could wear. The 2 pieces I found led me to a que which nearly led out the store for the changing rooms,so after finding a small corner I  quickly pulled them over my clothes. It wasn’t good.

That’s when I admitted defeat. Stood in Primark with tears stinging in my eyes, red in the face from trying on countless outfits and Richard reassuring me that what I was wearing looked fine. I’d like to admit I hadn’t had much sleep and was starving. Which led to an argument of my consicous. I wanted to eat, but felt I shouldn’t due to the situation I was in. Which escalated my overall bad mood.

It was a horrific feeling. Trying to find an outfit and the knowledge that some of the beautiful clothes on offer wouldn’t fit me and the time limit didn’t help. It’s ridiculous that I went to a busy city to find an outfit, and was left feeling devastated and frustrated at the offer of choice that was available. The annoying thing was that I swear when I went into H&M the other week there was more to offer… Why is it when you need something in a hurry it’s never there.

So. While wearing an old t-shirt dress, we went back to H&M. I brought a basic black skirt in a large, to put under my dress to add some layers to it. I purchased some black velvet pumps and a deep pink bag with a gold tassle detail. Richard brought me a flamingo comb, and a new make up pouch (to cheer me up, which it did a lot.) and we went on our way.

Maybe sticking to ASOS is the only solution. Or maybe,  Chelmsford doesn’t need the size variety so they don’t stock the shops. Who knows. Lesson learnt, Next time i’ll give myself more time, and look online first. So for funsies I thought i’d have a quick look and found three possible outfits within 10 minutes that I’d love to have worn. Here they are. Though most don’t fit my budget that I had. Although my mother ( a day late) did offer to get me an outfit. Which was lovely, so she ended up buying my shoes, skirt and bag. Lovely mum. So if I could have a re-do ( and no money budget) these are my three outfits I would wear. Well not all at once, but I’d order them then pick one. (unlimited imaginary budget remember).


Outfit 1

This is my favourite and costing a total of £98 it’s the most expensive choice. Typical. We have the dress coming in at £45 the clutch is £18 and the shoes £35 all from ASOS. I like bright colours, and the purple clutch and the shiny neon of the shoes would suit the tiny flecks of colour in the dress. Plus I like to clash a little, never be afraid of experimenting with different colours and textures. Plus how cute is this combo. *ill start saving now..*

Outfit 2

The dress is New Look for ASOS and is £14.50 in the sale. (where was this beaut on Saturday?)  the clutch is £18 and the shoes are £19.99 again New Look for ASOS. So this outfit is simple but classy. With the pop of colour with the clutch I would pair this with some bold jewellery.  This outfit came in at the cheapest costing £52.49.

Outfit 3

Is kind of a dream world goddess look. The dress which is in the sale at ASOS is £17.50, The faux fur clutch which is incredible, comes in at £35 and is the most expensive bag out of the three. It adds a fun flirty aspect to the outfit. I’d quite happily pair this clutch with the other two outfits too. The shoes just combine the clutch and dress together keeping the clean palette with a pop of colour. This outfit costs a total of £80.

Ah well maybe next time I go out I will get one or two pieces. I love the first one. You can’t go wrong with a bold pattern and shiny shoes. Note to self. Always give yourself more time and don’t leave Chelmsford high street as a back-up.

Would love to know that I’m not the only loon who went through this?… Anyone?

Have a lovely Wednesday, I’m spending my evening buying some soil to start our garden and an Easter egg. (just a small one).