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My Top 10 Coffee Books On My Wishlist

Ok so I am obsessed with books, especially pretty books…what can I say I’m a sucker for beautiful images. Now in my mind coffee table books can be any kind of book that you want to hand quickly, or to show off to guests how cultured you are! Either way here are my top 10 coffee table books on my wish list to get! ( Hint to Richard for my upcoming birthday..) Ok they aren’t in any particular order!



Home Style By City, Ida Magntorn. Amazing photography, great style decor inspiration, and even tips on how to bring style to your space! This book is £15.99 on Amazon.



Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book, Johanna Basford. Some fun drawing books.I am thinking about getting one of these to take in my hospital bag, maybe it will help keep me calm? Or give me something to do in between contractions..Or I might just spend that time moaning in pain..who knows. This is £9.95 on Amazon.



The Mindfulness Colouring Book, Emma Farrarons. Another colouring book, advertised as art therapy for busy people, I love adult colouring books at the minute, they really are stupidly relaxing.  So go on try it, buy a book, some funky colouring pens grab a blanket and soak up the sun while switching your mind off. This is £3.99 on Amazon.



Paris Style Guide, Elodie Rambaud. So I wanted to go Paris as you know before the baby came, see my post here, but after much talk we decided to wait till after the baby was born..like a few months after..as due to my sickness and soreness from the sickness I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much, as my walking would suffer..sad I know..but Paris I will be there soon! This is £14.88 on Amazon.



Art of Attention, Erica Jago. With breath taking photography, the Art of Attention is designed to help your practice with yoga. Something I might definitely need after giving birth…This is £22.78 on Amazon.



The Selby is in Your Place, Todd Selby.  Showing a diverse  range of artists, musicians, designers all mater of creatives in their home. Get some inspiration from creative homely homes. This is £22.12 on Amazon.



Oh Joy! Joy Cho. One of my favourite bloggers, and this is her new book. Oh Joy 60 way’s to create and give joy. Full of great DIY’s and fun things to do! Plus the awesome design and photographs will add colour to your coffee table book selection! Totally on my list. This is £17.66 on Amazon.



A Beautiful Mess, Happy Handmade Home. Another blog I follow religiously, just look at their blog Elsie and sister Emma’s style, DIY and home interiors will be enough convincing to get this book. I have wanted this book for ages, but never got around to getting it. Some of the projects looks sooo good in it! £15.58 on Amazon.



Journey of a Dress, Diane von Furstenberg. Even the cover of this book makes me excited to read it! Look at all those patterns. She took the fashion world by storm with her designs and  this book showcases her career, featuring the journey of the iconic wrap dress. Filled with beautiful photographers from some epic photographers, to name a couple, Helmut Newton and Annie Leibovitz. This is £24.25 on Amazon.





Chanel: Collections and Creations, Daniele Bott. Last but not least, a book looking at the infamous Chanel brand, showcasing designs from the creator Coco Chanel from 1920’s and onwards. This is £19.99 on Amazon.


So there are my top 10 coffee books on my wishlist at the moment. I have recently upcycled a coffee table and when I find the right style for it I will post my before and after coffee table make over, and possibly even do a coffee table style post. Now don’t think I have forgotten the baby. Tomorrow we look at baby wishlist books..

ta x


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Pins I am loving right now


Good enough to eat…just look at the colours…man I could murder some ice cream right now. This is from Present and Correct.


Look at the colour, looking at this just makes me want to go to Paris and sip coffee, eat petit cakes and walk around carrying fresh flowers and freshly baked bread…ah…to Paris I want to go. This is from I Love Paris During The Summertime.


A motto I must live by…flowers everyday..even home grown in the garden yes please. This is from Design Love Fest.


More flowers…what can I say flowers make me happy..I love how this looks like a work of art..the colours are so vibrant. I couldn’t find the source for this..so if you know it drop me an email.


I love this so much. This is from Studioworx and this piece is done by Claire Desjardins. I want it in my home. I love how it looks like a melted candle…



Sometimes you just need to get down to the point. This is from Teen Witches. I need this plastered on my wall…I need to get things sorted!


Anyway thank god it’s FRIDAY! I hope you all have a good weekend!!

Wedding Wednesday’s: Pretty Pins/ 23

So today I didn’t want to look at a specific topic. I have covered so much over the last couple of months, that I am finding it hard to think where to begin..I really need to find a venue. I am hoping to start visiting a few in the next coming months..there’s just so much going on right now, I have no idea what area to concentrate on..

Anyway here are some cute wedding pins to help inspire your wedding..


A cute alternative to a traditional meal, let people help themselves b having a crate of picnic food on each table. This is from The Natural Wedding Company.


An idea for kiddies as they certainly can’t have champagne! This is super cute though. Source.


A nice favour idea especially for winter weddings, or a great idea for an alternative hot chocolate bar. This is from The Nerds Wife.


Cupcakes are so popular right now, but can cost a bomb, especially if your getting enough for all your guests to have one, this is a great idea for plain frosted cupcakes, especially for kids! Source.


A nice gift to put in your guests rooms? These would have come in handy at so many weddings I have been too. This is from Before the Big Day.



Glasses can be a hassle, and there are so many ideas out there like rubber bands and tags, but this a cute way to give a gift to your guest they can remember.. This is from Wedding Dash.


So cute right?


So I finish my part-time job at the end of this week, and as I ponder on what to do next and start the joyous task of job hunting, I thought while there is no time like the present. I throw my heart and soul into Wooden Flamingo.

My aim? Well in-between job hunting, I want to bring you guys the best content possible, work on all the new product ideas that have been floating around my head the last year, and to try and do more then 1 craft show a year…maybe even 1 every couple of months…ooo I know pushing the boat out or what…

But I am excited about what’s to come, and hoping finance won’t be too much of a burden… But setting up a home office, which I have been planning to do for months, now has a deadline. So to pinterest I went to get some fun inspiration!!



From Because It’s Awesome blog this little office space looks so cute and colourful. I suppose I’m looking to create a space that inspires me, but obviously on a small budget. DIY is going to be a massive part of it..Our spare room is rather lacking space, especially as it has 2 built-in wardrobes in it, so clever storage and maximising the potential of the room is a must.

Glamour Ikea 133_525

This is from Marie Mersier. And how well do these crates work as a backdrop and storage space for the office?? As much as I like a minimalistic space, that’s just not possible with the amount of clutter I own. A big sort out is going to happen soon, because my house is ripping at the seams.



This is a more accurate account of how my desk space might end up looking. I have a variety of postcards and odd bits that I have saved over the years that inspire me, and I’d love to make a mood board like this. This is from The Design Files. 



Bri Emery’s (from Design Love Fest)  old studio space is to die for, I love the light and block colour mixed with patterns. We know my love for plants, so I am sure they will find themselves introduced into the new office space. This is from The Glitter Guide. 


And interesting must have for an office space, it would be nice to tick off as many of these things, as they all look essential to me..But like I said, playing around with space is going to be interesting, plus it’s rented, so sadly I have to stick with magnolia, instead of a lovely white finish. This is from The Every Girl.



I couldn’t find the source for this, so as usual if you know drop me an email. I do love a gallery wall, I just want a space that I want to work in you know??

So it’s going to be an excitement month that’s for sure! If you work at home do feel free to link us to a picture of your home office, or let us into secrets of how to stay focused and motivated!!


Speak soon