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The high’s and low’s of renting, way’s to make your rented place a home /01

So there are definitely high’s and low’s to renting, I think we all know them. Renting is great for the convenience. If something goes wrong, you make a phone call and it’s sorted without costing you. Finding a place to rent is a hell of a lot quicker and cheaper then buying. So it’s great if your not quite there yet either financially or emotionally. It took us a week to find a place we liked and we moved in within a month. Timing was an issue for us as Richard’s job placement got changed last minute so we went from looking in Essex to looking in Bedford. Hence moving 2 weeks before Christmas. Man was that hectic. But had we looked at buying, it could have taken months, meaning we would have had to find a short term rent place until the house was ready..being massively costly.

But let’s get to the negatives, as great as having landlords can be because if something goes wrong they have to fix it asap and pay for it, having landlords can also be a nightmare. For example the house we live in at the moment, isn’t overly strict but we have to get written permission for a lot of stuff. Even to hang pictures. And I am telling you in most cases pets are a no no. I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, but it’s more then likely it won’t be an option until we get our own place.

It’s the same with decorating, some landlords are ok with you painting and such but it has to be neutral colours, so I think anything to overly outrageous wouldn’t go down well..like maybe polka dots or stripes..same with fixings. Ugly kitchen cupboards? or large old school fireplaces? Yeah these can be a pain because you won’t be able to change them, so I am looking into ways to make a rented place a home to all tastes…I am hoping to be here for a good few years, and I am not seeing it as an in between place, because more then likely the next place we buy will be rented too..unless we win the lottery. So I think it’s important to look into ways to make a rented place suit you, without awakening the devil landlords.

So there are a few risk free ways to add your own style to your rented place and thats what I want to look at in this series. Lampshades and curtains are a great way. Now I know what your thinking..seriously…lampshades and curtains, but nowadays there are so many cute pieces out there, why not make them a focal point of a room.



How awesome is this, and it would look great in a kitchen, or a bathroom maybe, as it’s quite industrial like. I love pendant lights, but it can be tricky depending on the drop of the light. This is from Urban Outfitters and costs £40.


This is a bit more out there in style and price, but could add a pop of geometric to a living room or study. This is from Urban Outfitters too and cost £125.



This is my favourite one of the three, it looks like an old diners lampshade, I love it and it would look great in a dinning room, or funk up an office with this shade. This is also from Urban Outfitters and costs £65.

So there are always cheaper options, one of which I will showing and testing next week regarding different lighting options. Especially if you have a lot of light fixtures and not a massive budget to re-do your place.

So Urban Outfitters are a great source for furnishings with are full of colour and patterns. Even curtains…


These curtains are both cute but understated, and I think they could work well in a mixture of rooms. From Urban Outfitters the above one costs £35 and the ones below also cost £35





I am not going to go into too much detail this time, because there are a few DIY’s I want to try out for you guys who rent over the next couple of weeks. But don’t fret together we can make a rented place a fun colour filled home..until next time.