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So I had quite an exciting weekend , as Richard’s parents had planned me a birthday surprise, which involved Richard being very secretive as he drove me to a train station. So we ended up in London at Liverpool street where We got in a taxi ( oh yes it was rather fancy). I honetsly can’t remember the last time I got a taxi in London. Anyway so we ended up here…



This is the excellent map, done by Mr Bob Sanders, which showed us where we needed to go… It was all very exciting, sort of like a little treasure hunt..But before I was allowed my surprise, we would first grab a bite to eat.

Ok this is the not so good bit, so we weren’t overly hungry so thought we would pop in for a quick bite, after walking around we settled on this little place which is called Whitehall now…but we think it was called S.P.Q.R , I was drawn in by the pretty cakes, and the fact that it looked quite fancy. How wrong I was. We were ushered right to the back by a rather rude waiter, then after 5 minutes of sitting down he came over to us an was like ready??!! We both just went for a sandwich which came with soggy brown lettuce, after having to grab the waitress for just some mayonnaise, I gave up trying to complain, ate the sandwich (which was quite nice bar the side salad) and we went quickly on our way, ignoring to pay the added service charge. I like to tip, but only when I think it is worthy..Honestly I wouldn’t recommended it at all, the staff are rude, and the lettuce is questionable.. and I didn’t even get a cake… I took a picture of the lettuce but I won’t offend you with such images.. Maybe I will put it on instagram..

Moving on, we go for a walk, following our little drawn map, and suddenly we are outside a large rather well known theatre..Her Majesty’s theatre to be precise. Yes we were going to watch The Phantom of The Opera, from Row d in the stalls…so we could actually feel the sweat dripping off them. But before I talk about how wonderful the show was, we were able to have a drink beforehand as it was a matinee and we had 30 minutes to kill. What’s the best way to kill 30 minutes?


Having a cheeky champers of course. Richard, being designated driver, indulged in an americano, while I had a cheeky glass of Prosecco. Sometimes you just can’t beat  a glass of champagne. Now we had this drink in a cute little Italina place, which I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was just to the left of the theatre.

Now back to Phantom, I managed to take a quick cheeky picture before anyone saw (and before it started of course) just to show you how close we were..(sorry to rub it in).

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So my weekend started off rocky, so rocky that I nearly didn’t bother going. But I will talk about the horrid morning that was my shopping another day.

Lets talk food, yes I am still doing my healthy eating, 10 pounds down, although I feel I have lost some of my momentum. But anyway  so thanks to the lovely Pat and Bob (Richards parents) we were treated to a meal at the Coal Hole on the Strand.

Now this old fashioned pub, placed next door to the Savoy, is a treasure. With a warm welcome, old dark wooden tables and hidden alcoves, it was a lovely spot for a bit of lunch.


When we went in, it was completely packed but we found the little staircase down to another dining room, which soon filled up quickly after we sat. I love all the shapes and details on the exterior. Also how nice is that typography?



A quick picture of where we were before it filled up quickly. Right behind me was a little alcove, which was packed full of 10 people celebrating a birthday. It looked so cosy.



Our starter, calamari was delicious. Me and Richard shared this generous portion, of which I was pretty full before even getting to the main and thats a garlic lemon mayonnaise. I am not ashamed to admit, I may have dunked my finger in the sauce once of twice…after we had finished the calamari..moving on.


The mains. I went for a grilled chicken burger, which came with the most amazing skin on chips and coleslaw. It was cooked to perfection and paired with a sweet BBQ sauce. If your a burger person get this.  It took me a while but I nearly managed to finish the beast.  Richard went for a rib eye steak which was cooked rare to perfection. He polished this off nicely while drinking a local ale. He was very happy, and I also managed to get a sneaky pic of him too.

chicken Lovely-Richard


Ah I do love him, and it was such a nice day. We went walking around Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square then ended in Leicester Square for two of my favourite ladies birthdays Alex and Letty! Letty is below, I didn’t manage to get a pic of Alex, maybe she was hiding. We spent the celebrations on the balcony of Ruby Blue over looking Leicester Square with cocktails in hands. Was a lovely evening.




I look rough, but it had been a long day  of walking. In new shoes none the less. I know I know rookie mistake.

My shopping rant will come another day, I leave you all to enjoy your Tuesday evening.


So we go up to London pretty frequently and we have a little ritual now that we do on a Saturday morning, before I start work.

It’s Broadway Market.

Ok so our first stop is always The Cinnamon Tree Bakery. We are making our way through trying the delicious treats on offer. The brownies are heavenly. The caramel and sea salt cookie is divine and our latest try the caramel crumble flap jack. Genius. Using organic ingredients, and also doing some gluten free options too. You can’t go wrong. So if you find yourself in Hackney on a Saturday! Go and indulge in some mouthwatering treats.



Just look at that crumble caramel invention..



The market sells a selection of fresh breads, produce and quirky items. We tried for the first time Romeo Jones pesto and Italian meats. Which partnered with our French stick  from the local bakery and tomatoes went together prefectly. They also did a large variety of cheese and other deli favourites. We have a wish list as long as my arm of things to try from that stall.


Richard, drawn in my the smell of meat brought a hot dog, well a bratwurst sausage to be precise from the German Deli Stall. Paired with sauerkraut, ketchup and a spicy mustard. He was happy. I had a bite. Unbelievable.




So while Richard was tucking into his bratwurst, I went for the more dainty, low fat option. A piece of marshmallow. Now this little piece of marshmallow was worth the £1 price tag. With a variety of flavours, I chose the peanut butter. It melted in my mouth, paired with the little crunch on top. It was a glorious treat to tantalize my taste buds with. The genius behind this little snippet of wonder, is The London Marshmallow Company. I have these guys pinned for possible wedding ideas.

Now I know what your thinking, that’s a lot of food. But it’s great to snack on it all day… Anyway the market opens at 9am and goes on til about 5ish. We get there around 11, and are still able to pick up our favourite treats.

But food isn’t just the attraction. Another one of my favourite stalls is the local flower market and vintage clothing stall. I could spend hours at the market. Taking in the floral scent, perusing through years of texture and patterned clothes, and there is always entertainment, with singers, and general people watching of the variety of people who walk the Broadway Market Street. We even got a glimpse of Russell Brand last Saturday out jogging. Richards Highlight of the day. So that’s one of our favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Go check it out next Saturday.