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Etsy Picks for Nursery Art 1

Ok so a great way to add some fun to your nursery, especially if you rent and can’t decorate is putting up a gallery wall. The colour and shapes will stimulate your little one and make your nursery a cute place to be. I am planning to do this, and slowly building up a title collection.

Etsy picks for nursery gallery wall for babies


1.Geometric Gazelle Print, Etsy.  2. Lollipop Print, Etsy.  3. Cactus Print, Etsy.  4.Giraffe Print, Etsy.

5.Geometric Mountains Print, Etsy.  6.Nightime Print, Etsy.  7. Smiley Pear Print, Etsy.  8. People In The Rain Print, Etsy.

9. Beaker Print, Etsy.


Because we aren’t going to find out the sex I wanted to look at neutral art works, I also like the idea that a lot of these artworks can last til they are a bit older too! Or let’s be honest…most of them would look awesome all over the house…