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Dual purpose rooms…Office/Nursery

Ok so we have a 2 bedroom house at the moment, and luckily our second bedroom is a good size which is why I am able to split half into my office and the other half is the babies room…which isn’t finished but hey I have 5 weeks…Plenty of time.

So we have all the main bits. Crib, Wardrobe, desk, bookcase. Everything  a baby and an a working woman needs. But because we have decided not to find out the sex, keeping things neutral and non-gender orientated is proving difficult. As much as I love a tassle bunting, if it turns out to be a boy…is tassle bunting going to cut it?

Anyway I turn to trustworthy pinterest for my combo shared room needs.




See I love this layout, so cute and girly, and I like how there is still a lot of room it doesn’t feel crowded. The only issue is with my desk it’s rather large. See my current office space here.



This is more up my street, jam packed full of things…what can I say I have a lot of stuff…It’s going to take me a while to bay proof..



I really wish I could paint our room white, we all no my hatred of magnolia. I just think it looks more fresh and bright when things are white..plus that rhymed.. But when the nursery is done i’ll give you a tour..I have some rent friendly tips up my sleeve.



I love this nursery/office from Oh Joy styled by Emily Henderson. I would have like to have done a little muriel or something similar to the mountains like this on our nursery wall..

enhanced-buzz-9821-1384811400-25 Source.

We are very lucky to have a spare bedroom which we can make a dual office/nursery but I know not everyone has the extra rooms, so I wanted to show this adorable nursery corner. There are so many options out there of how to fit your baby into your 1 bedroom place. Closets are great for putting the crib in (taking the door off obviously) and different hacks to fit baby into your life. Babies are small, and with some great organisation they can fit into little corners of your life!

So next week I think i’ll look at some cute nursery pieces to keep your nursery organised and looking adorable!


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New office makeover with removable polka dot decals

Ok so my little corner of tranquility…or rushed crafts and props area is finished. My tester worked, and you can find a link at the end of this post where to get my polka dot decals.

Moving on to the main event. These decals were so super easy to put up I literally put them up in like 10 minutes. I decided to put the polka dots on randomly, there’s a lot more room for mistake when doing a specific sequence, plus my patience isn’t great. But I am super loving how it turned out.




So here is an overall view of my little corner of an office, like I mentioned last week I have plans for the room as a whole so my office was only ever going to take up a section of the room. But by having the polkadots, it frames my area rather nicely.


After putting up some artwork, the space if finally starting to take shape.




I also mentioned how I got a new storage unit too for the room, and I loved filling it with props and tools, it looks like a unicorn puked over it, which is totally what I was going for. Books,-crayons-buttons-and-string-office-makeover






There’s still work to do, but this is great for storing, and the soft boxes below hold mounds of paper and material, keeping it clean and out of the way.


So I am still working on the other side of the room, but I wanted to make the room with a dual purpose, as it’s quite a good size. But I love how effective the polkadots look on the wall, it quite possibly my favourite new thing in the office. Paired with the desk Richard made me out of pallets, finished with olive oil, it’s a dream space to work in. If I was to add anything to my office space, I’d love a comfy sofa in the room, maybe like a bright pink for a splash of colour to contrast with the polka dots.

This post was inspired by WeWork which have some pretty awesome offices and are a coworking company, so go check them out for some inspiration!

For all that want to try removable decals, especially if you rent, these are the ones I used, and I tried and tested them and it worked for me get them here off Etsy.



Office make over project, trying out a new renters fix

Ok so I did it. I took the plunge and brought some polka dot decals, removable ones..don’t worry I am doing a test first. I have put one spot behind the door, in a place where if it completely ruins the wall, my attempts to fix it won’t be noticeable that much…well hopefully..




So my plan is, to leave the decal on for a couple of weeks, while I sort the office out. As you will see in a minute it needs a lot of work. Then I will do the experiment of taking it off to see if it does what it says. I will sacrifice my ugly magnolia walls for you dear readers. In the hope that one day we can banish the plain ugly magnolia. #nomoremagnolia. But you know what, it’s only one dot but I am already loving the new improved small patch of wall..

OK so are you ready to see the awesomeness that is my office space at the moment..just remember the potential, look past the mess..


Ok so I like to think that everyone has that one room which takes ages to finish when you just move in. Come on it can’t just be me..Anyway I am giving myself two weeks to try and sort out this room, once the room is finished I remove my decal, to make sure the damage is none existent then I will start my polka dot mural which will go behind my desk. In that corner if you can picture it… Add a rug, hang up some pictures (with a new renting fix) and hopefully it will start to take shape.

I have plans for the other half of the room…which I am still debating, I think I may reveal the plans in a month or so.. Don’t worry my office half will hopefully be revealed in a couple of weeks but the rest in a month depending on what I end up deciding to do..might be a guest room or a little studio…who knows..

Ok so I already had most of the furniture for my office already, as I had a pretty neat office in my old place..bar the mould, you can see it here. But I did decide to invest in a bit more storage..and where is one of the best places to get cheap storage…Ikea.


Ok so get this here, it cost £75 but it’s a really good size, plus I got some little draw like boxes for the bottom of it too. I have seen so many of these on various blogs, I think the best thing  is that its so versatile, you can literally put anything on it. It’s white, clean and well its a giant cube. It’s no lie that I have tons of books, but I like the idea of clumping items together, I am a big believer of showing off your clutter…nicely, and this storage system does that. Well to say the least, I am pretty excited about organising this beauty…

Hope you all had a good weekend!



A really easy and effective DIY today to make your office, kitchen , bedroom or just hallway look awesome and organised. As you know my new office is still looking fab and is surprisingly still clean with no paint spilled, but what I needed was to re-invent my old plain cork-board. Honestly, I am so impressed (not to toot my own horn) haha with how this turned out, and so cheap too!!


What you need:

Masking tape


Selection of paints ( I used tester pots so it didn’t cost a fortune)


Thats it!!



So firstly I picked a colour for the background and one for the border, and painted the cork-board and the border, using those colours. I picked a grey and like a pinkish purple.


After I waited for it to dry I separated sections using thin masking tape, to make like a mosaic/stained glass effect.

I then spent a while..maybe like an hour, I’m clearly indecisive, to pick a few colours. I would recommend not picking more then 5 colours, I feel that maybe I should have left one off, but still I love the outcome. I also left a few with the original background colour too.


Then it’s simple just paint different sections different colours and make sure you wait for it to dry before taking the masking tape off! Honestly no matter how much you want to peak, wait til it’s bone dry.


Then I just touched up some of the edges up..and there you have it!


Simple, and a great way to give your cork-board a makeover. Then you just pin your inspiration and cute paper finds!!


Hope you like it!!

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So I finish my part-time job at the end of this week, and as I ponder on what to do next and start the joyous task of job hunting, I thought while there is no time like the present. I throw my heart and soul into Wooden Flamingo.

My aim? Well in-between job hunting, I want to bring you guys the best content possible, work on all the new product ideas that have been floating around my head the last year, and to try and do more then 1 craft show a year…maybe even 1 every couple of months…ooo I know pushing the boat out or what…

But I am excited about what’s to come, and hoping finance won’t be too much of a burden… But setting up a home office, which I have been planning to do for months, now has a deadline. So to pinterest I went to get some fun inspiration!!



From Because It’s Awesome blog this little office space looks so cute and colourful. I suppose I’m looking to create a space that inspires me, but obviously on a small budget. DIY is going to be a massive part of it..Our spare room is rather lacking space, especially as it has 2 built-in wardrobes in it, so clever storage and maximising the potential of the room is a must.

Glamour Ikea 133_525

This is from Marie Mersier. And how well do these crates work as a backdrop and storage space for the office?? As much as I like a minimalistic space, that’s just not possible with the amount of clutter I own. A big sort out is going to happen soon, because my house is ripping at the seams.



This is a more accurate account of how my desk space might end up looking. I have a variety of postcards and odd bits that I have saved over the years that inspire me, and I’d love to make a mood board like this. This is from The Design Files. 



Bri Emery’s (from Design Love Fest)  old studio space is to die for, I love the light and block colour mixed with patterns. We know my love for plants, so I am sure they will find themselves introduced into the new office space. This is from The Glitter Guide. 


And interesting must have for an office space, it would be nice to tick off as many of these things, as they all look essential to me..But like I said, playing around with space is going to be interesting, plus it’s rented, so sadly I have to stick with magnolia, instead of a lovely white finish. This is from The Every Girl.



I couldn’t find the source for this, so as usual if you know drop me an email. I do love a gallery wall, I just want a space that I want to work in you know??

So it’s going to be an excitement month that’s for sure! If you work at home do feel free to link us to a picture of your home office, or let us into secrets of how to stay focused and motivated!!


Speak soon