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5 Alternative Christmas trees ideas

It’s the 1st of December, Christmas is officially on its way to us, and we are on our way out today to get our Christmas tree. This time last year we were packing up our house in Essex, and I was spending most of the time with my head in a toilet bowl with morning sickness. What a difference a year makes. Now we live in Bedford and instead of being sick constantly, I’m generally just covered in baby sick! But one thing is for sure. I am stupidly excited about Christmas this year, especially with it being Archer’s first one!

Now I am a real Christmas tree girl through and through. I grew up with the excitement of trip out with my dad to get the tree and  that fresh pine smell filling our living room at Christmas. So there’s no doubt in my mind that me and Richard will keep that tradition going strong and get real tree this year. But they aren’t for everyone. If you’re not a fan of pine needles everywhere, or the price tag that comes with a real tree, a fake one seem to be the alternative. Until now. Until the world of creatives embarked on a new a way to symbolise the Christmas tree…without actually having a tree! These are my top 5 favourite alternative Christmas trees. To be honest even I wouldn’t mind having some of these in my living room.


 A lovely wall hanging paired with decorations, I think this is a super sweet way to show the Christmas tree spirit in your house, without the need of a tree. This is especially great if you just don’t have the room for a tree.

70711_printoutWedding Chicks.

I love the fact that there is still the structure of the tree, and let’s be honest the presents fit rather perfectly under this tree..and no pine needles everywhere!

alternative-frame-christmas-treeMoco Choco.

Another similar structure, but this screams girly elegance to me? Maybe a great idea for a dorm or a single girls apartment! I love the fairy lights and what looks like to be a cranberry garland? Very sweet!

handmade-painted-driftwood-christmas-treeMoco Choco.

Another wall hanging. A simple crisp tree outline. I love the painted sticks with this one.

kim5My Scandinavian Home

And lastly..possibly my favourite out of them all. I love how simple this is. Such a great idea but it’s so effective too! Plus I am loving the dogs party hat in the corner too!

I will post a picture of our tree once it’s up and decorated..happy tree decorating all!

Birthday Fun Pins

So yesterday I turned 26 and celebrated my birthday having a chilled day with Richard. To be honest a lot of things right now  completely drain me, so chilling was perfect. We ate cake, we watched films, and did a trip to Ikea..was perfect. This week sees us going to my brothers wedding so to be honest I’m kind of saving my energy for that..very different to last year, where we partied! Anyway for today I thought i’d look at awesome Birthday pins..for the Birthdays in your lives coming up..next year…i’ll drink and party!



















I think i’d like to have a really big do for my 30th. I have 4 years to plan it. This year has been super crazy, and gone super fast. It’s crazy to think that next month I might have a baby and that me and Richard would have been engaged for a year…without anything being planned bar the photographer..crazy!!! Here is to another year…next year should be interesting!!

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With all the preparing for the craft show on Monday, I have been more then occupied with other things. My house looks like a unicorn has died in it. Colour and glitter everywhere. Anyway, I am not going to lie to you, I am no closer to planning our wedding, the venue and colours are still a mystery to me, so today I just wanted to have fun, and look at cute random ideas for weddings.


So here they are.



We all know my love of lego, and me and Richard already had this idea, but having the blocks that they stand on with names on, just takes it that bit further. This is from here.


Richard thinks these are cheesy, but I kind of love them, they could be shoes to change into for the reception.. This  from Wedding Chicks. 




A sweet bar is a must, look at all those goodies. Get them here.



I love this idea, it’s so sweet and would look lovely as a new piece in your home after the wedding. I got this from here. Plus you could get stamp pads that match your wedding colours…so special no?


This is so awesome, precise and to the point, and having refreshments during the ceremony which may be outside is such a cute idea!! And look at those colours and graphics… This is from Bridal Musings.


I love love love this idea, so sweet and unique, this is perfect for a winter wedding too, maybe put some faux fur coats in the mix too…this is from Bridal Musings too.


I am so doing this for the kids who are invited to the wedding, a nice way to entertain them during the day! Get the print out’s here at Something Turquoise. 


Who doesn’t love confetti and bursts of colour everywhere. This is from a birthday party but I am loving the balloons. See the post here.


I love balloons and I love this photo. It’s so simple yet so beautiful no?? This is from The happiest are the prettiest blog. 



I love this, I don’t even care if its cheesy. Get yourself two chairs do them up and this is a cute decor idea which I think will wow your guest and make them go awww.. haha. This is from Green Wedding Shoes.

So there are my pins for my wedding wishlist. At the rate things are going there is going to be a lot going on…probably too much, at our wedding!!


Speak soon all!!