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Every girl needs flowers

Ok so it’s coming up to the year countdown of when I am planning to have our wedding..and no I haven’t booked anything yet, but as soon as my venue is booked I will start up Wedding Wednesday’s again filled with lots of ideas and DIY’s. But until then, it never hurts to fill your day with floral love! Enjoy


I love the idea of having a bouquet filled with a varity of colour and texture. My idea for the wedding is to do a floralworkshop, then have a nice evening before the wedding filled with cocktails and fun with my bridesmaids when we all sit down together and make our own bouquets….ordering a bunch of fresh flowers in for this.


I making it my mission at sompoint to do a big floral shoot…the closest I have come to doing one was in Italy…fun times..see it here.


I am torn between pastel arrangement or vibrant one like this…descions descions..what do you guys think?


See pastels do look pretty…damn beautiful right….


I dream of having a garden full of colour with flowers and ivy hanging down… Love this so much..if this could be in my garden right now that would be great thanks.


I have done a few face the foliage portraits, which are so much fun..they are on my instagram which you can see here… but I think there’s so many creative ways to make artworks out of flowers, like this so simple yet so beautifull.


This is from an instalation by Rebecca Louise Law’s work….the rest of it is just as divine. If I could have this at my wedding thst would be amazing.


Well this totally needs to happen..it’s like a floral dream…

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday..I’m currently led in bed with a grumpy boy after having his jabs yesterday.



So i did a very quick little shoot while we were in Italy, which briefly featured Abby, and the flowers that Richard had given me. It was sunny, but quite cold that day, hence the short shoot. But I like how the pictures came out a lot, I love using swimming pools, the reflections and shades of vibrant blue just look good as a backdrop.


Abby looking lovely with flowers in her hair, which is a nightmare. Me and Max were in the pool with her holding her up and placing flowers, then we had to get out of the way without disrupting her or the flowers for Richard to take the picture.. fun fun





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Ok so it’s week two of the challenge and I know Richard hasn’t done his images, hes literally been driving himself insane doing this picture, and because I’m worried about his stress levels I’ve let him off the challenge. Slacker. I’m kidding… anyway Happy Valentines day everyone, I hope everyone is having a nice day.

This weeks drawing challenge was for me to draw something that represents me. So as I have mentioned before, I have a degree in Fine art photography. The camera I use the most is my Mamiya RB67. I love this beast, its heavy, its mechanical and it shoots beautiful medium format images. I can’t use it without a tripod due to its size and it takes me twice as long to focus as its opposites and you’re looking down the view finder, rather than directly looking through as you do in SLR cameras. But I love it. So here it is. I sketched it out roughly then scanned it in and drew over it with Photoshop. So pretty much after I build my image, I just kind of whooshed some colour over it, then I played around a bit. So here are my variations I guess. Oh and next week I will be drawing a plant, try to keep your excitement down please…

Have a good weekend all.