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New office makeover with removable polka dot decals

Ok so my little corner of tranquility…or rushed crafts and props area is finished. My tester worked, and you can find a link at the end of this post where to get my polka dot decals.

Moving on to the main event. These decals were so super easy to put up I literally put them up in like 10 minutes. I decided to put the polka dots on randomly, there’s a lot more room for mistake when doing a specific sequence, plus my patience isn’t great. But I am super loving how it turned out.




So here is an overall view of my little corner of an office, like I mentioned last week I have plans for the room as a whole so my office was only ever going to take up a section of the room. But by having the polkadots, it frames my area rather nicely.


After putting up some artwork, the space if finally starting to take shape.




I also mentioned how I got a new storage unit too for the room, and I loved filling it with props and tools, it looks like a unicorn puked over it, which is totally what I was going for. Books,-crayons-buttons-and-string-office-makeover






There’s still work to do, but this is great for storing, and the soft boxes below hold mounds of paper and material, keeping it clean and out of the way.


So I am still working on the other side of the room, but I wanted to make the room with a dual purpose, as it’s quite a good size. But I love how effective the polkadots look on the wall, it quite possibly my favourite new thing in the office. Paired with the desk Richard made me out of pallets, finished with olive oil, it’s a dream space to work in. If I was to add anything to my office space, I’d love a comfy sofa in the room, maybe like a bright pink for a splash of colour to contrast with the polka dots.

This post was inspired by WeWork which have some pretty awesome offices and are a coworking company, so go check them out for some inspiration!

For all that want to try removable decals, especially if you rent, these are the ones I used, and I tried and tested them and it worked for me get them here off Etsy.




Ok so it’s week two of the challenge and I know Richard hasn’t done his images, hes literally been driving himself insane doing this picture, and because I’m worried about his stress levels I’ve let him off the challenge. Slacker. I’m kidding… anyway Happy Valentines day everyone, I hope everyone is having a nice day.

This weeks drawing challenge was for me to draw something that represents me. So as I have mentioned before, I have a degree in Fine art photography. The camera I use the most is my Mamiya RB67. I love this beast, its heavy, its mechanical and it shoots beautiful medium format images. I can’t use it without a tripod due to its size and it takes me twice as long to focus as its opposites and you’re looking down the view finder, rather than directly looking through as you do in SLR cameras. But I love it. So here it is. I sketched it out roughly then scanned it in and drew over it with Photoshop. So pretty much after I build my image, I just kind of whooshed some colour over it, then I played around a bit. So here are my variations I guess. Oh and next week I will be drawing a plant, try to keep your excitement down please…

Have a good weekend all.