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As you might know, if your an avid reader of our blog, this weekend me and Richard went back to my hometown for my adorable twin nieces second birthday, now I will blog our weekend antics tomorrow but today I wanted to do a quick DIY tutorial for the pom pom head bands I made them.

Note: I made an adult one which Abby is wearing above which use much bigger pom poms.

What you need:

Wool of many colours



Headband (I Used a thin one with ribbon)

Needle and thread or glue


 1. Ok first things first you need some cardboard for your pom pom template. Now depending on the size of the pom pom you wish to make determines how big you cut your template. My templates were just over 9cm in diameter (across) with the hole in the middle being 3 cms. A good thing to do is draw around a cylinder item, then one about a third smaller for the middle like the drawing below. Now you need two of these the same size.


A good tip for when your making lots of pom poms in a row, is to cover  the cardboard in celeotape, or gaffa tape. This makes them a little more sturdy so they last more then one pom pom.

2. Now it’s time to pick your wool. I like to go for a variety of colours, and I find its best to cut short strips, about double arm length for wrapping round the template, otherwise threads get caught up and knotty.

3. Now we tie a small knot securing our wool to the cardboard, and just loop  the wool around. When you come to the end of your wool, simply tie another pieces onto the end of the wool and keep going. Now the more times you wrap round the templates the thicker your pom pom will be. So it’s really up to you. I like to cover it round once, then do a more half hearted wrap for round 2.

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