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Last trimester, what they don’t tell you.



Ok so I had a horrific nights sleep last night. I was awoken to some pretty intense back pain that spread across my tummy, this lasted about a minute and happened 3 times in the space of half an hour. In between these lovely tightenings I had a constant dull back ache and period pains..the tightens stopped but I was blessed with having the dull aches for the rest of the night, so trying to get comfortable was fun. As I have complained a lot, you know my thoughts on pregnancy and it being pretty difficult. I think I have put quite a few female family members off due to my moaning..but with each trimester I have met a different set of struggles, but kept some faithful ones like morning sickness..here is my account of my last trimesters blues…this may put off future pregnancies, or scare men..


Sleep is pretty impossible for many reasons. If you have SPD (pelvic pain) getting comfortable can be nearly impossible.This is one symptom I have been lucky to escape but my fellow pregger friends have not. Being this huge, means lying on your side gets pretty sore after a while,so constant rolling over is needed, which in itself is a mission..

Peeing. Peeing constantly..I average like 4 times a night…I swear I don’t even drink enough before bed to warrant needing to pee that much..but this in turns disrupts the sleep and yes getting comfortable again can takes hours..and I am not exaggerating. Plus you have turtle on it’s back syndrome…getting out of bed can be a two man job sometimes.

Simple things like sitting on the sofa, I can’t sit too upright because the baby gets squashed and I can hardly breathe let alone function. So you have to adapt a sort of swagger lean..

Lightning vagina..this made me laugh, until I experienced it..it gets a hell of a lot worse when the babies head is engaging in your pelvis, I have adapted a tourette like syndrome which sees me flinching, and shouting ah vagina whenever this happens..I’d describe it as kind of being head butted down there…not pleasant and I look like a lunatic the majority of the time..in public I can just about control myself not to shout out vagina and just flinch and punch the air..either way..I look a tad odd..and when it happens for long periods of time, its painful and sore..Not fun.

The babies head is nearly fully engaged..yay bring on the feeling of pressure and that your carrying a massive bowing ball down there…cue waddle…Also at this point don’t look down there..pressure..is never your friend..never..just don’t do it..

Anti- D injection hurts like a bitch. Sorry to scare all your rhesus neg ladies out there..but mine was quite painful..and i’ll probably need another after labour..But I had mine in my arm..if given the choice pick bum. I’ve heard it’s better.

Leaky boobs…one weird lean on one boob cue leakage..especially great as you have to lie on your side in bed…hello weird patch in the morning..and nursing bras..they look like mini tents..Show me anyone who can look sexy in a nursing bra. Because they deserve a high five.

The battle of nesting and exhaustion. wanting to organise every cupboard and alphabetise your books is great…trying to do that with no energy, fat feet and walking the speed of a turtle..not so great. I have a nap around 2 most days now..because I literally can’t keep myself awake.

Experiencing false labour constantly..quite possibly the most annoying thing ever..I’d happily be over due if it meant I didn’t have to deal with false labour constantly and my body tricking me into thinking oooo maybe this is it…there’s only so many times you can sike yourself up to get ready to push a little human out and experience whats consider one of the most painful things ever!

You will cry a lot. Because you can’t do very much at all, and all you wanted to do was go to London for the day and eat good food, see friends and go round galleries..But the mile walk to the station would probably take you an hour in itself..plus being far from home at nearly 39 weeks…just isn’t a great idea…so you cry..because your kind of house bound..and it sucks and all you want to do is eat a rare steak and have a mr wippy ice cream.

Lastly. Your told to eat right and not put too much weight on…you don’t put any weight on in pregnancy and yet still managed to get gestational diabetes because you failed by 0.1….0.1!! The only plus side to this, I am only allowed to go over by 1 week.. But my midwifes were shocked..I am the exact weight I was at my book in appointment at 10 weeks..yet here I am diet controlled pricking my finger every day to check my levels..which are completely normal..typical.

This will hopefully be my last rant..the last 9 months, I can honestly say has been the hardest 9 months of my life and I don’t even have a little person to constantly watch yet.

Think labour inducing thoughts for me guys..because I am so over pregnancy now.