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Commission work for Weddings. Now on our Etsy shop

So recently I have been occupied doing a big commission piece for a wedding stylist in Swindon called Event Style. Take a look at this site as they offer loads of awesome options for wedding styling! Great if your around Wiltshire.  This project took a lot of out of me, I forgot how tiring sanding is.. but it was fun and I was pretty happy with the outcome. So much so that I am going to put the designs on Etsy so they can be made to order. SO you guys can enjoy them too! Wedding season is coming up and I really liked the plain wood board I did. Probably more so then the white boards, as it just looked so natural you know. But I also did a few other big boards for specific areas of the wedding like the church, or where you have your ceremony and even little ones for cute table decor. So take a look below and there’s a link to our shop at the end.















We do custom signs too and I will be doing an in depth price list soon too! But until then go take a look at our Etsy shop and some of our new wedding signs.


And have a lovely FRIDAY!! Yay it’s the weekend!!



How I get ready for a craft show, and some cool new stuff

Ok so I spend my time every day doing things for the blog and thinking up new ideas for products I could possibly sell at craft shows. I don’t do a lot of craft shows because I am going to tell you…they are stressful. I have boxes of stock which I have made over the last year or so, but still every time I get around to doing a show, I suddenly have a good idea that will have me up till 1am the night before…something needs to be done always, organising, displaying options..so forth. What kept me up this time? Valentines day cards and a flamingo colouring book..(which are now available on Etsy here!).



New valentines day cards….



And our new colouring book..thats a uni-mingo on the right…( a flamingo that thinks it’s a unicorn)..FYI this is a colouring book for all ages..




A few things I always do, is  have a big product which is my focal point. In the past I have had watermelon table, large spindle with record top, candy stripe table and so forth. This item is always my higher price item and can cost between £20-£50.  I don’t always sell them, but people are interested in them, bringing them to my table..or to take a card for a future custom order. Its my bringing in item. If you get me. This show I did a cute small spindle, which I upholstered. I put it down as £25, and a lot of people asked about it. It always works.



So this was my big item, this craft show was different though. Being the organisers first one, the layout was done poorly. So instead of using the four rooms they were given, they squashed everyone into two. So there was a constant traffic jam of people not being able to stop to look. It was a nightmare, all the crafters complained, and the day although fun, had a bit of a downer. Pushchairs were a no go causing the majority of the possible customers a hard time getting round, if at all. So I made a whopping £2.50. Which isn’t too bad as I heard a lot of people didn’t make anything The £2.50 brought me some sweets so yeah…tops up. I also had a bunch of business cards go which is always a plus. Not every craft show is going to be successful.

Another thing I do is to group my items together as much as possible and to make it casual, I don’t tend to use a ton of intricate display shelves, as this can cause a slight hesitation for onlookers to pick up your products. One women had a mare with her display, people kept knocking things down, then the whole thing came down, it can be a massive hassle, so sometimes I think displays (especially big ones) are a no go, unless its sturdy and kid friendly.






I only ever get £30 of change, with is mostly £1 , 50p, 20p and a couple of fivers. I always have an order book ready incase of a custom order, and I try and have something creative to do while I am sat there, so its proof I make my crafts and it also helps pass time during quiet periods.

I find sometimes you get a lot of people at craft shows, who it turns out don’t make even 10% of what they are selling, and they quite often sell quite a bit…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you look at the men and women who knit for countless hours, painstakingly cross stitch or hand paint intricate items sometimes its a wee bit annoying because hen you have someone who just buys sweets and wraps them up, or scarves and jewellery and thats their store. Nothing handmade in it what so ever… I brought some sweets don’t get me wrong, but I spent most of the day talking to two women, who spend their day knitting the cutest things, but have to put their prices down to compete with other sellers who sell clothes, or hats and scarves that have been brought in wholesale..

Moving on, another tip is I personally  don’t like to be intrusive, I smile, I ask them if they are having a nice day, offer them a business card, then I quietly let them browse. I hate it when people keep barking prices, and styles at you, I rather have a browse in peace. I do like to use some table confetti to brighten the table up. See how to make your own here.


One last tip. Take food and drink with you. Don’t be a mug like me, and take one bottle of water..and a box of dry cereal…because when it comes down to it and all you can buy is sweets…your going to be on a massive sugar high, then the low will coe and it’s messy…and your moody…not good!





Ok so the craft fair has been and done, and boy was it a wet one. I mean come on! It just didn’t stop. Where we had our stall, was a popular fair that normally attracts 1000’s, this one attracted more like a couple of hundred. We made a few sales at the start when the weather was nice, but once the down pour started, the place became empty, and most crafter’s left. We were lucky we sold just enough to cover our costs, and managed to barter some sausages too in exchange for a meat rub we did, but after talking to a few other stalls most had only sold 1 or 2 and a handful nothing. It’s such a shame when you think about how much work goes into to big shows like the one yesterday, and the effort of all the crafters. Anyway it’s always a learning curve I guess!





So there’s our little store, so colourful right? I have to say I was pretty proud of it, as the last two weeks, I’ve hardly slept. But I was proud of the outcome. Was just a shame it wasn’t that busy.


Just a few things we were selling, like the colourful chalkboards and wine racks. Plus my watermelon nesting table….


And here are the god awful cakes I made as free samples for the lavender syrup..recipe to come soon. Hopefully you can make them better then me…

On another note we did go to Legoland, and we did have a blast in the Star Wars bit, but alas I didn’t have memory card in my camera, for the first like billion pictures I took, I know I have a degree in Photography..but anyway I managed to get a few of the mini land, which is super impressive.


So I took so many pictures of all the places like Denmark, France and USA, but I thought I’d share with you some UK ones.


Ok so the London scene was truly incredible. The time and money to make this must be insane, with the moving buses, and all the spot on details.. just look at the London eye..


The scene at the back of Buckingham Palace. Prince Georges 1st birthday party, how awesome do the balloons look. As we know, Legoland did a big thing for the Royal Wedding when that happened too!


So it was pretty fun to find random figures within the scene. So for USA they had NASA, and hidden away near the space shuttle was Yoda… my inner Star Wars geek loved this. But here we have Superman in a phone box amidst the London scene…


Here we can see the iconic London red bus travelling down Trafalgar Square and the iconic blue rooster…I mean the detail is just incredible. How cool would it be if this was your job…



Anyway bar the fact it was just me and Richard and we waited for hours on end for silly rides like learn how to drive a boat…it was a fun day out, ending with a small fortune being spent in the gift shop!


Hope you all had a good weekend!


Ok so I am soooo excited about our new product. Being inspired by all the lovely geometric shapes, and the sun finally coming out we have designed some funky coloured chalkboards! So without further ado here are our new chalkboards.


So we have a range of shapes and colours, and we can always do a custom order for you! I have the Miami two toned hexagon on my wall! Go to our ETSY page and take a look!

So yeah that’s a new product from us…Woop!! I am totally wooping due to pro-activeness.

Also as a special feature, you get a piece of chalk which has been hand picked by your’s truly from the beach. Yeah it’s sea chalk. I am pretty sure that’s a thing.

 Our Inspiration

So thought I would show you some of my inspiration for these beauts. Miami beach huts were a big factor. With the colours and shapes. Gah I want one. I think this would look great in my garden in Essex….



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