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Food’s I miss since being pregnant

Ok so Im at 37 weeks, so not long to go now, but it’s crazy how much I am missing certain foods. I have seriously come to the conclusion my diet consisted of smoked salmon, poached eggs, rare steak and prawns before I got pregnant. Like thats all I want to eat right now, so I thought i’d round up some recipes that are making my mouth water which I will be eating shortly after I give birth!


Ok so this one is more of a drink yes, but I seriously can’t wait to try out these cotton candy champagne cocktails, from Lauren Conrad. They look super cute! Now I wouldn’t say I have ever been a big drinker, but being that I have been pregnant through Christmas, New Years, a hen do and a wedding I have missed having a cocktail on such occasions. Plus pregnancy can be pretty stressful and sometimes I would have loved to sit down and have a frozen cocktail, especially the last week during this heat.


I think my plan is to have a massive feast consisting of all these foods…like a weird massive surf and turf..I miss sushi a lot too! Like a lot..but I was unfortunate enough to have a stomach bug when I was 20 weeks, it was a horrific three days and really took it out of me, so I can kind of see why not to eat foods that might cause food poison, it isn’t pretty and it takes a lot longer to bounce back..plus keeping hydrated was a big issue. These prawn cocktails looks amazing from the food addicts.


I want lobster, i’ve never had lobster like this but this looks insane…so yes please I will have this after the baby is born..i’ll wash it down with a little ( i still need to be responsible) cotton candy champagne cocktail. This is from Saveur.



We used to eat a lot of steak and it’s been killing me to have it cooked well done when usually i’d have it blue…what can I say I like a bit of red meat, and I have missed having this. This recipe looks insane from nosh on it.



Mmmmm. Poached eggs…I think I miss these the most…Just look at that runny egg..soon. soon you will be mine! This recipe is from Pinch of yum.


So i’m now dribbling over these foods…just a few more weeks to go…what foods have you missed the most when you have been pregnant? Or what are you craving now that you can’t have?

I feel your pain.


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Valentine’s day Ideas

Ok so I know this holiday is very much a holiday for the girls. Even when your single, its a girls night out or in to celebrate being happy and single or for couples who are happy and in love. But let’s be honest more often then not it’s about the girls. But hey how about we show our loving other halves we can make Valentines day just as romantic for him or her. Last year I did a week of treats to cook your other half, this time I have been looking at a few cute and yes overly cheesy DIY and some awesome looking treats.


So I don’t think Valentines day needs to be super expensive, why not make a card and a nice romantic meal. I mean this card looks so cute and simple, and hey if pizza is the way to your loved ones heart…even better. Come on sometimes cheesy is cute. This is from Etsy.


Another fun card, I mean googley eyes…everyone loves googley eyes.You have to love googley eyes.. This is from Lucy’s Cards.


A great cheap and effective gift, which looks so yummy. White chocolate bark. See the recipe here at Number 2 pencil. I mean I would make this for an everyday snack..or a party..party is more appropriate…but with pink and red m&m’s very lovey dovey.


Yes cheesy but maybe if they are a lover of coffee you could make like a little gift basket. Coffee and chocolate? Cheap mugs and a sharpie, nice and simple. Get the instructions here at Today’s creative blog.


I am so going to do this one year..can’t do it this year because now Richard will know…but one year… Come on if your a bit low on cash, this makes your love one smile and know your thinking of them..with banana humour. This is from House hunt.



Heart shaped cookies, a cute thing to make and pop in your loved ones lunch. Or as a romantic desert after a romantic dinner…melt some chocolate and go all fondue-ish…Obviously add strawberries to the mix, sexy strawberry eating, plus you know balance the sugar cookie and chocolate with a little bit of fruit…dipped in chocolate…Get the recipe from Brit and Co.


There you go I hope I have given you a few ideas to get the Valentine’s day or anti day going…perhaps I’ll do another week of treats nearer the time…hmm.