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How to spruce up boring rental bathrooms

So my house is now finally reasonably clean, I have dropped off half a car load of things to the charity shop, and it’s just the few upcycle projects, and hanging up mini gallery walls that needs doing really. Which is good because I am struggling. I love the sun and how warm it is, but I’m not going to lie at 36 weeks the heat isn’t your friend, and pair that with frequent tightenings, which are a joy, I am pretty uncomfortable..

But to my bathrooms. I have one upstairs and a toilet downstairs..both have their issues. The upstairs is kind of boring..now I know bathrooms don’t exactly need to be thrilling but I think especially for when you have a bath and try to relax, you want somewhere that can add to that. The problem with the downstairs toilet is it’s windowless so dark gloomy and a death room for plants..So I have been looking at some good cheap renters fixes for your bathrooms, or for homeowners who don’t have the extra cash to remodel their bathrooms.



Accessories can be a god send in bathrooms. Cute glass bottles for your bubble bath, and a  vase and candles can help achieve a spa like space, and detract from hideous fixtures that are out of your budget or control.




I am loving the flamingo muriel, and although this isn’t budget or landlord friendly, unless you have a super laid back landlord, adding art work to your bathroom can create a sense of space and can really set a room and doesn’t have to be expensive. Create your own artworks, use photographs or check out these free printable artworks here, and whack them in a charity shop or old frame which can be spruced up with a lick of paint..



I love the idea of doing this, especially in our dark and gloomy downstairs toilet. I could even get some shiny metallic pieces which might add some light? Who knows. You can use washi tape to put up your gallery wall which is renter friendly instead of using nails…which can be a painful process putting up and taking down, plus landlords aren’t always in love with the idea of nails..


If space is an issue and getting a unit isn’t an option, having an old ladder like this is such an awesome way to display your towels, and I love the pictures casually on the floor. Making this a centre feature will add some style to your bathroom. If your bathroom bears a horrid outdated pattern or colour, adding a feature like this with towels that will compliment the bathroom, or bold patterned towels that will detract is a good way to get around that bathroom decor you just hate.



If you have room, getting a cabinet can add a lot to your bathroom. See our newly upcycled bathroom cabinet here. Upcycling it in a bold colour will make it a good distraction from horrid fixtures..Plus is great for storage.



Make your jewellery an art piece in your bathroom. Double use as a great storage for your pieces and it’s an eye catching centre piece for your bathroom. Adding texture,colour and sparkly loveliness. You can get these great renters tabs which come with hooks. So instead of hammering in a nail, get these clear hooks which will also give the illusion of floating jewellery too.




Bold statement colour scheme. This is what I am thinking  for my bathroom. Black and gold statement colour pieces give a chic and elegant look to a bathroom. Easy to do on a budget with some gold spray paint, black paint, and a printer to get some beautiful black and white photos. Sorted. Rummage your local charity shops for some interesting glass bottles to store your toiletries and make-up too.

And last but not least, when your bathroom is just pass the point of anything, turn it into a tropical paradise.




Amazing right? Anyway I am now off to try and transform my bathrooms! Wish me luck!

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Upcycled Wicker unit

Ok so like I have mentioned countless times before I have been on a bit of a DIY/nesting mission the last couple of months, and as promised here is one of them which I did last month.

I’ve had this wicker unit for a couple of years now, and it’s always looked a bit drab and I wanted to spruce it up to put in my bathroom to add a bit more storage. Do you find that storage for specific areas like bathrooms always end up costing quite a bit? If you give a piece of furniture a function in a certain room..I find the cost always goes up..and with countless things to buy I wasn’t about to send another £30 on a storage unit to keep my extra shampoo in.

Anyway here is what the piece looked like before the make over.



Murky brown baskets, and a badly painted blue frame… So I gave it all a good sand and decided on a monochrome black and white finish. It was to be my statement  piece in the bathroom. I made sure to sand it down really well, firstly using a rougher grain of 80 then with a finer one of 120..for a lovely smooth finish.

I decided to spray paint the wicker baskets white, I went with the spray paint, as it was quick and easy and gave an even coverage..sometimes painting wicker with paint can be a pain..plus trying to get it in all the gaps can be a hassle. So i’d recommend spray paint for a quick and easy finish.

I then used a black sating silk paint, which takes a few more coats but goes on beautifully. I finished it all off with a generous spray of varnish, as it was going in the bathroom, so that protection from moisture was needed and then it was done. I did this in an afternoon, with an hour or so between coats..it realty didn’t take long at all.

So here is the finished result!


A close up of the wicker draws…



And the finished piece. Topped with a plant..( you can never have too many plants) and I now have a new storage system for my bathroom, which didn’t cost me much at all! But I was pretty happy with it, and it’s stood the test of many baths and showers..so thankfully the varnish is doing it’s job!


I will be doing a bathroom post soon for all you renters out there, on how to make your bathroom as pretty as the rest of your house..even with the strict rules of landlord in place! So keep an eye out for that coming soon!



New office makeover with removable polka dot decals

Ok so my little corner of tranquility…or rushed crafts and props area is finished. My tester worked, and you can find a link at the end of this post where to get my polka dot decals.

Moving on to the main event. These decals were so super easy to put up I literally put them up in like 10 minutes. I decided to put the polka dots on randomly, there’s a lot more room for mistake when doing a specific sequence, plus my patience isn’t great. But I am super loving how it turned out.




So here is an overall view of my little corner of an office, like I mentioned last week I have plans for the room as a whole so my office was only ever going to take up a section of the room. But by having the polkadots, it frames my area rather nicely.


After putting up some artwork, the space if finally starting to take shape.




I also mentioned how I got a new storage unit too for the room, and I loved filling it with props and tools, it looks like a unicorn puked over it, which is totally what I was going for. Books,-crayons-buttons-and-string-office-makeover






There’s still work to do, but this is great for storing, and the soft boxes below hold mounds of paper and material, keeping it clean and out of the way.


So I am still working on the other side of the room, but I wanted to make the room with a dual purpose, as it’s quite a good size. But I love how effective the polkadots look on the wall, it quite possibly my favourite new thing in the office. Paired with the desk Richard made me out of pallets, finished with olive oil, it’s a dream space to work in. If I was to add anything to my office space, I’d love a comfy sofa in the room, maybe like a bright pink for a splash of colour to contrast with the polka dots.

This post was inspired by WeWork which have some pretty awesome offices and are a coworking company, so go check them out for some inspiration!

For all that want to try removable decals, especially if you rent, these are the ones I used, and I tried and tested them and it worked for me get them here off Etsy.



Office make over project, trying out a new renters fix

Ok so I did it. I took the plunge and brought some polka dot decals, removable ones..don’t worry I am doing a test first. I have put one spot behind the door, in a place where if it completely ruins the wall, my attempts to fix it won’t be noticeable that much…well hopefully..




So my plan is, to leave the decal on for a couple of weeks, while I sort the office out. As you will see in a minute it needs a lot of work. Then I will do the experiment of taking it off to see if it does what it says. I will sacrifice my ugly magnolia walls for you dear readers. In the hope that one day we can banish the plain ugly magnolia. #nomoremagnolia. But you know what, it’s only one dot but I am already loving the new improved small patch of wall..

OK so are you ready to see the awesomeness that is my office space at the moment..just remember the potential, look past the mess..


Ok so I like to think that everyone has that one room which takes ages to finish when you just move in. Come on it can’t just be me..Anyway I am giving myself two weeks to try and sort out this room, once the room is finished I remove my decal, to make sure the damage is none existent then I will start my polka dot mural which will go behind my desk. In that corner if you can picture it… Add a rug, hang up some pictures (with a new renting fix) and hopefully it will start to take shape.

I have plans for the other half of the room…which I am still debating, I think I may reveal the plans in a month or so.. Don’t worry my office half will hopefully be revealed in a couple of weeks but the rest in a month depending on what I end up deciding to do..might be a guest room or a little studio…who knows..

Ok so I already had most of the furniture for my office already, as I had a pretty neat office in my old place..bar the mould, you can see it here. But I did decide to invest in a bit more storage..and where is one of the best places to get cheap storage…Ikea.


Ok so get this here, it cost £75 but it’s a really good size, plus I got some little draw like boxes for the bottom of it too. I have seen so many of these on various blogs, I think the best thing  is that its so versatile, you can literally put anything on it. It’s white, clean and well its a giant cube. It’s no lie that I have tons of books, but I like the idea of clumping items together, I am a big believer of showing off your clutter…nicely, and this storage system does that. Well to say the least, I am pretty excited about organising this beauty…

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Renting fixes; DIY Ombre Lantern Lampshade /03


Ok so my first DIY of my rent fix options. This took me like 30 minutes to do, and cost me less then a £2. Ok so we previously looked at using lampshades to spruce up our rented homes, a great way to add some colour or style without losing your deposit. Now if you don’t fancy going out and spending a small fortune on a variety of lampshades for every room a great alternative are the lantern lampshades. They come in a range of styles and sizes and can be found nearly everywhere. The one I used for this project I got from Wilkinsons and it cost me £1.50. But I know Ikea do them to, and it a larger range of sizes and shapes too.

Ok so what you need:

A lantern lampshade

Paint, ink or I used silk paint I had left over.





Now I wouldn’t go out and buy paint or ink especially for this, just use what you have, let’s not add to the cost, unless your all out then yeah your going to need some kind of paint.. You need a medium you can water down nicely. So with the silk paint which is like an ink consistency, I started off with it pure, then added a bit of water each time to get the shading down.If your using paint like watercolours or acrylic, especially with acrylic you want it to be quite watery, so it may be an idea to add white and water to get the ombre effect. It’s not meant to be perfect, think of it as rustic. You can always dampen it down with some kitchen roll. But be careful as when the lantern is wet, it is rather delicate.

I also found it much easier to paint while it was…inflated I guess is the word..

And that was all it took. I only wanted to paint about half of it, as because I chose blue I didn’t want it locking out too much light, but I love it, and it takes a place in my living room, now to do the rest of the house? Just think of the colour options.


As you can see the ombre isn’t perfect, but it adds a bit of colour to my magnolia room. Let me know if you try it, especially with the other mediums! #nomoremagnolia


Renting fixes; Removable Wallpaper /02

So I have been looking at removable wallpaper for my second instalment of rental fixes. I am seriously considering trying this, through my research it looks like an awesome magnolia fix which won’t anger your landlord.

So my research is telling me that this stuff is for real. You can peel them off and re-use them without extra glue or anything, and they don’t leave a mark…I found the best ones to be all on Etsy, here are a few of my favourites, I left the links for the shops so you can take a look at the other options they have.

il_570xN.687817969_82abSo this one and the one below, are sticker decals rather then a full strip of wallpaper. These look super cute, and I feel better about experimenting using a small surface area rather then a large one first off. These little polka dots above decals are from Tayo Studio. These cost £10 for a sheet of 70 polka dots. Not bad eh?



These are slightly larger, they also come in a range of colours too. From Stick Studio LLC. They are slightly more expensive but they are larger in size. You get 25 dots for £17. I do like the bigger dots though, look how shiny they look.




How awesome does this room look. I could just imagine this in my office instead of the murky  magnolia I have going on. This one is the full wall paper and the shop is great. You can send them the measurements of your room and they will print the exact amount you need. Otherwise it costs £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. You can also customise the colour too! This is from Betapet.



You can’t go wrong with bold stripes, and if your finally able to get around the no decorating rule in your rented place, why not go big and bold? I am also loving the contrast of the green chair with the black and white stripes. This is from Pat Print by Amy and is the same price as the one above. £24.29 for 20.9’’ wide by 48″ Height. 




A slightly bolder pattern, but what could look great in your dinning room or living room, this one is also a full wallpaper product. Accent U Wall are the ones behind this, and they offer a wide range of other patterns too. Costing £23.62 for  a 24″w x 48″h piece.


So I am totally thinking about purchasing some of the polka dot decals, and starting slow, when I do ill do a post on how well they work…then we can decide on whether we want to do a whole wall. If you have used them let me know how they  worked out?

oooo the excitment. Till next time.


The high’s and low’s of renting, way’s to make your rented place a home /01

So there are definitely high’s and low’s to renting, I think we all know them. Renting is great for the convenience. If something goes wrong, you make a phone call and it’s sorted without costing you. Finding a place to rent is a hell of a lot quicker and cheaper then buying. So it’s great if your not quite there yet either financially or emotionally. It took us a week to find a place we liked and we moved in within a month. Timing was an issue for us as Richard’s job placement got changed last minute so we went from looking in Essex to looking in Bedford. Hence moving 2 weeks before Christmas. Man was that hectic. But had we looked at buying, it could have taken months, meaning we would have had to find a short term rent place until the house was ready..being massively costly.

But let’s get to the negatives, as great as having landlords can be because if something goes wrong they have to fix it asap and pay for it, having landlords can also be a nightmare. For example the house we live in at the moment, isn’t overly strict but we have to get written permission for a lot of stuff. Even to hang pictures. And I am telling you in most cases pets are a no no. I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember, but it’s more then likely it won’t be an option until we get our own place.

It’s the same with decorating, some landlords are ok with you painting and such but it has to be neutral colours, so I think anything to overly outrageous wouldn’t go down well..like maybe polka dots or stripes..same with fixings. Ugly kitchen cupboards? or large old school fireplaces? Yeah these can be a pain because you won’t be able to change them, so I am looking into ways to make a rented place a home to all tastes…I am hoping to be here for a good few years, and I am not seeing it as an in between place, because more then likely the next place we buy will be rented too..unless we win the lottery. So I think it’s important to look into ways to make a rented place suit you, without awakening the devil landlords.

So there are a few risk free ways to add your own style to your rented place and thats what I want to look at in this series. Lampshades and curtains are a great way. Now I know what your thinking..seriously…lampshades and curtains, but nowadays there are so many cute pieces out there, why not make them a focal point of a room.



How awesome is this, and it would look great in a kitchen, or a bathroom maybe, as it’s quite industrial like. I love pendant lights, but it can be tricky depending on the drop of the light. This is from Urban Outfitters and costs £40.


This is a bit more out there in style and price, but could add a pop of geometric to a living room or study. This is from Urban Outfitters too and cost £125.



This is my favourite one of the three, it looks like an old diners lampshade, I love it and it would look great in a dinning room, or funk up an office with this shade. This is also from Urban Outfitters and costs £65.

So there are always cheaper options, one of which I will showing and testing next week regarding different lighting options. Especially if you have a lot of light fixtures and not a massive budget to re-do your place.

So Urban Outfitters are a great source for furnishings with are full of colour and patterns. Even curtains…


These curtains are both cute but understated, and I think they could work well in a mixture of rooms. From Urban Outfitters the above one costs £35 and the ones below also cost £35





I am not going to go into too much detail this time, because there are a few DIY’s I want to try out for you guys who rent over the next couple of weeks. But don’t fret together we can make a rented place a fun colour filled home..until next time.