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Pregnancy life update

Ok so I am 27 weeks and 6 days…still enjoying morning sickness… I’ve given up hope of it ever going and I’m sore…Let’s just say I know it’s only going to get worse the bigger I get..here’s a high five to being full term in July..in the heat…yay.


But one thing I have discovered…a pregnancy pillow..seriously as soon as my head hits this pillow I am gone..I haven’t slept as good as I have in the last week..It’s amazing..seriously get one..even if you aren’t expecting.

So I find myself living in maternity jeans and leggings, so when I do go out I like to try and dress up..remind myself I am still a human not just a baby carrier. In between vomiting (sorry) and trying to get my list of to do’s finished..I just look like a pregnant mess..so I’ve tried a few things to perk me up during the day. While cleaning yesterday I totally wore a flower crown…I mean why not? Due to my obsession with orange flavoured drinks I am also enjoying using fancy glasses and straws with ice…if I close my eyes it could be a cocktail..

I still have a massive list of things to get..think I am going to wait a bit longer..my deadline is when I hit 35 weeks, as it’s my brothers wedding and I have been advised by my midwife to take a hospital bag with me as I’ll be gone for a few days..So I have a good 7 weeks…plenty of time.


Went out for dinner because I’m constantly craving spicy food.. we went for an indian.. and it was so good plus I got to dress up a little and even put make up on. I’m wearing a sequin top from ASOS and my red skirt from Asda that I have had for ever. No maternity clothes in sight..gave me a perk I still fitted in the skirt.



And my floral crown cleaning day…I brought this crown for my baby shower which is happening at the end of May, it’s super cute and is from Asos too!


anyway I’m off for nap!






Coffee Table Inspiration . My top picks

So we on the hunt for a coffee table, and I don’t even mind getting one from a charity shop and doing it up, but when this is your aim it’s always ideal to start off with a piece of furniture which is solid, then it’s much easier to up cycle, so the hunt can take a while.  But I think this may be an overstretch goal for me. I am 25 weeks now and time is fast running out. Plus lets be honest when i’m hitting the last trimester am I going to want to be sanding and painting a coffee table? Probably not. So I am on the hunt. I don’t want to spend a fortune, because it’s already going to be a super expensive year, but here are some coffee tables which are awesome.


I like how funky this table is, but will it be practical with a baby? Maybe having the curved edge is slightly more child friendly? It’s crazy how now I have to think about everything I buy or make in relation to the baby… This is from Ikea and costs £60. Which isn’t too ridiculous.


This is more of an industrial effect, and sadly is probably the least baby friendly in my list. But hey if your childless, or have older children, this is super awesome. Add some cool tones to your living room and pair with some bright accessories for an awesome statement piece. This is from Urban Outifitters but will set you back £150.



This is awesome and relaxed, Add some giant coffee table books maybe a copper vase, and boom your coffee table is done. From Homebase and being the most expensive in the list this will set you back £295. I can’t justify spending this much on a coffee table right now, but if I had the money knocking around, it would be hard to say no.



The cheapest one of my selection, although I don’t think it looks cheap, this table from Habitat and Homebase will only set you back £35, and its pretty basic, but with a bright vase filled with peonies and a couple of coffee table books I think we are good to go.


Another from Ikea though of the more expensive category this will set you back £195. But it’s a classic coffee table, with the bottom shelf and wood effect, this is sure to fit into any home.


So those are my selections…I thought I’d include a couple of upcycled pieces I have found to give some inspiration if you just fancy maybe doing up your current table or making your own one.


Using an old door to replace an old top of a table? It’s definitely different. This is from Fabulous Finishes.



Then this one which is made from a pallet, and it comes with a tutorial too! No excuses then! This is from Beyond The Picket Fence.


I think coffee tables can really help bring a room together, and we all no the trouble I have been having with my living room! Plus I am tired of having to put my beverages on the floor and let’s be honest bending down is not much fun with a kicking baby inside of you!

Here’s hoping I find and get a coffee table soon…the hunt continues.

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I’m dreaming of Paris

Ok so I’m thinking of planning a long weekend away, and Paris is all that is on my mind. I think it’s important to spend a bit of time away before a new arrival, gives you both a chance to relax and not be all baby 24/7. Plus I am desperately in the need of a new environment. Ideally one where I haven’t thrown up in nearly every room. Now it’s a toss up between Paris and the English Countryside. lot’s depending on if I manage to find my passport..and if it’s in date. I know flying isn’t recommended after 6 months, so the euro tunnel is a must for me. I haven’t been to Paris in years, and as touristy as this might sound I haven’t been up the Eiffel Tower, so obviously thats on my list. But pretty much I want to eat lots of bread, take in gorgeous views,  delight in macarons and little cakes and be surrounded by gorgeous flowers. Wine would also be included in this..well maybe half a glass, I might treat myself if we go.




Found this article on how to do Paris on a budget, I am thinking of maybe only doing 2 or 3 days if we go, so it would be great not to spend a small fortune. This is from Lonely Planet.








Whenever I think of Paris I think of Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn, maybe I should get some ball gowns to wonder round Paris in…do you think there’s such thing as a maternity ball gown? and will I look a bit too fancy? This is from Lisa Congdon.



If you go check out Design Love Fest you can see the adventures Bri Emery had in Paris, with this cute little map and pictures galore, it’s sure to inspire, I know I have a list of places to go now.


Ah Paris, take me there now please!

Fashion Weeks Street Style 2015

So when I look at the fashion weeks I tend to normally look at all the designers work and drool over the collection, and don’t get me wrong some of the collections look amazing. But I thought I show you some of favourite street styles from the weeks..I love everyones individual fashion sense and it gives me so many ideas of how to revamp my own wardrobe.


So this is taken at New York Fashion week, and I am totally in love with that Jacket. I don’t even mind the hat, the whole look just works, and she looks effortlessly awesome. See more NFW street styles here.


I love the causal roll neck paired with the studded heels…and I am totally drooling over that pink skirt. This is Kerry Pieri in Alaia shoes and Erin Dana belt bag.  See more street style on Harpers Bazaar.

Soraya Bakhtair Vogue 15Sept14 Dvora_b_426x639

Nothing better then shades of blue on a frost morning, I love the amount of texture going on in this outfit, and how casual does she look with her coat just hanging off her shoulders.  This is Soraya Bakhtair who said on her outfit “I’ve opted for a Tibi jacket, Topshop skirt, Céline bag, Dolce Vita shoes and Italia Independent sunglasses.” See more street style on Vogue.


Just look at that dress, and it works so well with the casual down sneakers..I love the collar and pleats, there’s just so much structure going on.. See more on Teen Vogue of Fashion Week’s street style.



I think it can be quite hard to pull of the casual but chic look, looking like you haven’t tried, but amazingly chic at the same time. I love the rolled up jeans, and the stament white tee plus that coat is to die for. Danielle wears: Coat: River Island, Jeans: River Island, Top: River Island, Trainers: Zara, Bag: Whistles. This is from Cosmopolitan.




This is quite possibly one of my favourite outfits from the street styles. I love the blue tones paired with the statement red lips and toes..effortlessly classy. This is from Pop Sugar, take a look at more street style there.


Let’s not forget the men, I love the casual braces and rolled up pin stripe trousers, this guy looks like he doesn’t give a shit…but does it soo well. From WWD take a look at more men’s street style.



These guys just have it all going on, the tartan against the blue suit paired with the orange tie, it’s just genius. And the relaxed purple v-neck sweater brings a preppy new dapper look to the trio. Everything is right with these guys outfits. See more street style here.


I think fashion is such a great way of expressing yourself, I remember I used to wear the most outrageous clothes. The more patterns the better. But I loved it, and although I have calmed down a bit now, there’s nothing better then getting dolled up to go out, or even putting on your polka dot dungarees and powder blue crop top to clean the house..wear what your comfortable in but remember to have fun with it too.

New sign of the month: February Love Love Love

Ok so firstly I know what your thinking…what happened to January? Well what can I say sometimes my ideas don’t come to me at the start of the year…

Anyway to the sign, how it will work is that it will be up on Etsy (see it here)  for a certain amount of time, and once that time is up, thats it. I will aim to bring out a new sign design every month during the first week. Each sign will be different, and will cost £7. But remember once it expires..its gone. They are also made to order, so they won’t look the same or necessarily be the same size or texture..pallet wood is always different. But I am pretty excited about sketching out some ideas for the next couple of months.




Happy Tuesday all!

Christmas Party Outfit ideas from ASOS. With curvy and petite suggestions.



Ok so I talk a lot about ASOS being great for plus size clothes, and they haven’t disappointed with some of the new items they have on the site at the moment. I also put an option which caters for the smaller ladies, which goes up to size 18. Right to the outfit choices.


So outfit 1 looks so Christmassy I could die, the dress from the Curve range costs £150…so pretty expensive but pretty pretty too. It also goes from sizes 18-28. And because of it’s shape with the skirt flowing high from the waist it will flatter most shapes, especially if like me you have a wee bit of a tummy.

The gold clutch adds a bit of glamour, complimenting the jewels on the dress, making you feel like a Christmas tree decoration. ( which should be everyone’s aim at a Christmas party). At £12 you wouldn’t feel so bad about splurging on the dress!

The shoes, ahhh I would die for the shoes, so much you can tell I added the red ones to another outfit. The great thing about these shoes are the heels. They are way more comfortable then stilettos I think because you feel more secure..no just me? At £50 this bring this outfit to a £212 total….ouch but what can I say the outfit is yummy.


So to Outfit 2. A little bit more 50’s sexy with the off the shoulders cut. I love the shoes they paired it with which are on the ASOS site next to the dress, so just added a different tone to make the outfit complete.

So the dress, is a beautiful rich plum, with a similar cut to the first dress which will flatter so many body types. Giving a subtle sexiness with the off the shoulders, just showing a bit of skin. This dress is from the curve section and comes in sizes 18-28 and is £40. ( a little more appealing money wise then outfit 1).

I paired the dress with a slightly darker tone velvet cross body bag. I like the idea of having a colour and just pairing two shades of that colour..be a little bit different you know. This bag is £18 which brings this outfit in as the cheapest at £58. ( Regarding shoes, a simple black stiletto will work wonders).


Outfit 3. For our smaller readers, this number is set to amaze and stun your colleagues and family. With the beautiful shape and fit, paired with the silver glitter sparkle effect. Your hitting the Christmas angel decoration with this. Sequins are always in for Christmas and this ticks all the boxes. It comes in sizes 4-18 so great for a petit figure, or even figures which are more straight down, the shape where it clinches in at he waist, will give the look of some added curves and hourglass shape. The dress costs £85.


The shoes, again the shoes same as above but just in red, they cost £50. I look at these shoes and just think of Jessica Rabbit. They ooze sexiness and the bold velvet red shoes paired with the silver sequins, it’s daring but I think it could work…Why play it safe at Christmas. So all in all this outfit comes in at £135.


I hope I may have given you all a few idea if your on the hunt for some Christmas outfits, take a look at the rest of ASOS’s collection they have some beauts there right now!! Have a good weekend all and wish me luck with packing up my house..


So we spent the weekend celebrating Richard’s 23rd and we seemed to pack a hell of a lot into that weekend. My camera has officially died, so please do excuse the iphone pictures. So his Birthday was on Friday and it started with him waking up at 5am to open his presents. (he’s like a kid). Then we brought the doughnuts for work ( tradition apparently) and were able to leave at 12. So while I baked a cake Richard went for a Birthday bike ride and definitely did not get hit in the head by a pigeon…(don’t worry the pigeon is fine). Anyway, here he is Friday evening trying on his new clothes (all at the same time I might add)…

So here Richard is modelling a Belkin cycling jersey, Cotton shorts from Burton, Jeans (models own) and Jack & Jones trainers from ASOS, which he got from his parents. Doesn’t he look like a happy chappy.

Richards Birthday woodenflamingo.com

 So at the weekend we had a BBQ with his family, which was loovely as it was so warm outside and everyone ate their weight in meat. I even took over the barbecuing at one point..and it was chicken and no-one got sick, so yeah barbecuing is going on my CV under useful skills…

Then we hit the farmers market on Sunday morning. While I munched on these cute macaroons (Salted caramel and rose water flavour, they were sooo yummy) Richard went out cycling with his brother. Don’t worry there was no pigeon incident this time.


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Sophie’s Thoughts


So everyone goes through a crisis of confidence at some point. May it be jealousy of something you are not, or physical attributes about yourself you don’t like. Everyone has a slight meltdown.

I have been there many times, sometimes it has felt that I have been stuck in ‘year long’ periods of low self-esteem. Let’s face it, we live in a world where looks are paraded and measured by a standard set by the media. And although the rise of plus size, shorter and ethnic models are on the rise, we still have images bombarded everyday reminding a larger percentage of us what we aren’t.

I’ve always dealt with weight issues and have gone through life being the funny friend. I have had different aspects of my life that have given me confidence and same with burst which have diminished them. Being with Richard gives me a confidence that allows me to be myself around him. I am completely comfortable and I think that’s important in relationships. But I still have my nagging annoyances, like gah I look too so fat in this dress, my cheeks are too red, and my legs look like tree trunks. He just says shut up your beautiful. Me-and-RIchard-

I don’t overly like this picture, I look pretty shiny and my glorious double chin is on show, but Richard looks beautiful, and him loving me is beautiful and I look happy. If anything that something that I like about this picture. So that gives me a little more confidence. Since becoming slightly larger over the last couple of years. (from a size 14-18) I have had my moments of tantrums. (see my London melt down here). Mostly due to the lact of fashion sometimes on offer for curvy girls. But my style and outlook has changed with my recent weight gain. I am happy in a relationship, and although I am on a health kick to help my poorly liver (if your new click here for the full story on that) regarding my size, I am getting used to it day by day and looking for the full burst of confidence I once had.





So these pictures, were the last time I think I felt truly confident. But looking back now I remember even then thinking I wasn’t quite  skinny enough. Which is sad because when I look at them now I think I look quite lovely.  This was three years ago, last time I was Italy. It was the midst of my exercise obsession. (May not look it, but I was running everyday in Italy and working out 6 times a week during that Summer). I am surrounded by a lot of thin women, but even they have told me of many issues they have with their own body.

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Ok so I did end up having a lovely weekend, even though the morning had me nearly in tears in the middle of Chelmsford. So straight to my rant. What’s the deal with the curve fashion, or lack of it. I stupidly left myself two days to get an outfit for London. I ordered a couple of dresses from ASOS but felt they weren’t right. Being as one looked like I had been squashed into a balloon and the other like I was off to a funeral. So Richard decided we would go to Chelmsford early before getting the train and pick up a basic dress and a pair of shoes. Easy right?

So being a size 18, I was already limited to certain shops, H&M, New Look and Primark do bigger sizes  at a reasonable price. So I hit those shops first. What I was greeted with was 2 rails of clothes in the H&M curve section. Of which most of the items, were white shirts in a few different forms. There were two skirts, one of which I tried on which was pleather. Horrid to say the least. FYI if you have a few bumpy bits, tight fake stretchy leather never looks good. I tried on some jeans from the sale, paired with a tank top. Was hardly going out fashion. But I was willing to do casual.But the fit wasn’t good, and the tank top was shapeless. But never mind, I pootled on to New Look. Surely they’d have a bigger selection…

Now what I want to know is why is it assumed that people who are plus size and curvy want to wear baggy floral tops or tight red meshed dresses. There is just no in-between. The curve range at New Look ( in Chelmsford) resembled a 50+ boutique. Completely fine for curvy women who are at a  mature age looking for an elegant look. Not for a 25 year old who wanted somthing simple, or slightly cute for a night out in London.It took me 5 minutes to go through the whole curve range, and that was me checking through things twice. So I went on to Primark. Not my first choice, I have no problem with Primark it’s just the que’s and overall hectic-ness of it stresses me out. After sweeping through the rails of clothing, nothing caught my eye, that I could wear. The 2 pieces I found led me to a que which nearly led out the store for the changing rooms,so after finding a small corner I  quickly pulled them over my clothes. It wasn’t good.

That’s when I admitted defeat. Stood in Primark with tears stinging in my eyes, red in the face from trying on countless outfits and Richard reassuring me that what I was wearing looked fine. I’d like to admit I hadn’t had much sleep and was starving. Which led to an argument of my consicous. I wanted to eat, but felt I shouldn’t due to the situation I was in. Which escalated my overall bad mood.

It was a horrific feeling. Trying to find an outfit and the knowledge that some of the beautiful clothes on offer wouldn’t fit me and the time limit didn’t help. It’s ridiculous that I went to a busy city to find an outfit, and was left feeling devastated and frustrated at the offer of choice that was available. The annoying thing was that I swear when I went into H&M the other week there was more to offer… Why is it when you need something in a hurry it’s never there.

So. While wearing an old t-shirt dress, we went back to H&M. I brought a basic black skirt in a large, to put under my dress to add some layers to it. I purchased some black velvet pumps and a deep pink bag with a gold tassle detail. Richard brought me a flamingo comb, and a new make up pouch (to cheer me up, which it did a lot.) and we went on our way.

Maybe sticking to ASOS is the only solution. Or maybe,  Chelmsford doesn’t need the size variety so they don’t stock the shops. Who knows. Lesson learnt, Next time i’ll give myself more time, and look online first. So for funsies I thought i’d have a quick look and found three possible outfits within 10 minutes that I’d love to have worn. Here they are. Though most don’t fit my budget that I had. Although my mother ( a day late) did offer to get me an outfit. Which was lovely, so she ended up buying my shoes, skirt and bag. Lovely mum. So if I could have a re-do ( and no money budget) these are my three outfits I would wear. Well not all at once, but I’d order them then pick one. (unlimited imaginary budget remember).


Outfit 1

This is my favourite and costing a total of £98 it’s the most expensive choice. Typical. We have the dress coming in at £45 the clutch is £18 and the shoes £35 all from ASOS. I like bright colours, and the purple clutch and the shiny neon of the shoes would suit the tiny flecks of colour in the dress. Plus I like to clash a little, never be afraid of experimenting with different colours and textures. Plus how cute is this combo. *ill start saving now..*

Outfit 2

The dress is New Look for ASOS and is £14.50 in the sale. (where was this beaut on Saturday?)  the clutch is £18 and the shoes are £19.99 again New Look for ASOS. So this outfit is simple but classy. With the pop of colour with the clutch I would pair this with some bold jewellery.  This outfit came in at the cheapest costing £52.49.

Outfit 3

Is kind of a dream world goddess look. The dress which is in the sale at ASOS is £17.50, The faux fur clutch which is incredible, comes in at £35 and is the most expensive bag out of the three. It adds a fun flirty aspect to the outfit. I’d quite happily pair this clutch with the other two outfits too. The shoes just combine the clutch and dress together keeping the clean palette with a pop of colour. This outfit costs a total of £80.

Ah well maybe next time I go out I will get one or two pieces. I love the first one. You can’t go wrong with a bold pattern and shiny shoes. Note to self. Always give yourself more time and don’t leave Chelmsford high street as a back-up.

Would love to know that I’m not the only loon who went through this?… Anyone?

Have a lovely Wednesday, I’m spending my evening buying some soil to start our garden and an Easter egg. (just a small one).