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Upcycled Wicker unit

Ok so like I have mentioned countless times before I have been on a bit of a DIY/nesting mission the last couple of months, and as promised here is one of them which I did last month.

I’ve had this wicker unit for a couple of years now, and it’s always looked a bit drab and I wanted to spruce it up to put in my bathroom to add a bit more storage. Do you find that storage for specific areas like bathrooms always end up costing quite a bit? If you give a piece of furniture a function in a certain room..I find the cost always goes up..and with countless things to buy I wasn’t about to send another ¬£30 on a storage unit to keep my extra shampoo in.

Anyway here is what the piece looked like before the make over.



Murky brown baskets, and a badly painted blue frame… So I gave it all a good sand and decided on a monochrome black and white finish. It was to be my statement ¬†piece in the bathroom. I made sure to sand it down really well, firstly using a rougher grain of 80 then with a finer one of 120..for a lovely smooth finish.

I decided to spray paint the wicker baskets white, I went with the spray paint, as it was quick and easy and gave an even coverage..sometimes painting wicker with paint can be a pain..plus trying to get it in all the gaps can be a hassle. So i’d recommend spray paint for a quick and easy finish.

I then used a black sating silk paint, which takes a few more coats but goes on beautifully. I finished it all off with a generous spray of varnish, as it was going in the bathroom, so that protection from moisture was needed and then it was done. I did this in an afternoon, with an hour or so between coats..it realty didn’t take long at all.

So here is the finished result!


A close up of the wicker draws…



And the finished piece. Topped with a plant..( you can never have too many plants) and I now have a new storage system for my bathroom, which didn’t cost me much at all! But I was pretty happy with it, and it’s stood the test of many baths and showers..so thankfully the varnish is doing it’s job!


I will be doing a bathroom post soon for all you renters out there, on how to make your bathroom as pretty as the rest of your house..even with the strict rules of landlord in place! So keep an eye out for that coming soon!