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Exploring Our New Area…

Ok so we have been in Bedford for 3 months now, and we have found a few good places so far, including an awesome little tea room which does a cute afternoon tea! Was such a good way to end the week and we all know my love of Afternoon Tea, I think I want to spend the rest of my life tasting different afternoon teas. See my Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea  here.

This little place in St. Neots was great. It was down a little side street, with mix matched tables and chairs, and a constant smell of cake. They were baking right behind the counter. Here are a few pics from our afternoon tea at Poppy’s Vintage Tea Room.


I snapped him mid sentence…but I quite like the coooo look..he also looks super dainty drinking from dainty tea…note to all..this might be more of a friends thing..rather then boyfriends…but he did enjoy the little cakes!


I got an iced tea too and it was soooo good with fresh fruit, plus we totally have those glasses at home, note my excitement..


Homemade scones were amazing, obviously I cream then jam it….how do you guys do it? If your spreading jam then cream..thats wrong..





Mini cakes which included carrot cake and a little lemon meringue pie….so cute. Everything is a hell of a lot more fun to eat when it’s mini.



The full spread. The women were lovely, the cakes all looked amazing, and they even boxed up our left overs. FYI afternoon tea is super filling. It’s like a mini marathon of carbs. But amazing. The tea was divine and they had so many tea options to suit every taste plus you had options to pick your sandwiches..we went for a varied approach…

The rest of the weekend we discovered our new favourite butcher. We brought black treacle smoked bacon ( ridiculously incredible) and found a cute little farm shop where we got smoked garlic, fresh figs and a bunch of tulips..so all in all…a weekend of good finds!


So if you find yourself in St. Neots…go venture to Poppy’s Tea Room. Also there menu is set on vintage ration cards…just to add to the setting.




Ok so the craft fair has been and done, and boy was it a wet one. I mean come on! It just didn’t stop. Where we had our stall, was a popular fair that normally attracts 1000’s, this one attracted more like a couple of hundred. We made a few sales at the start when the weather was nice, but once the down pour started, the place became empty, and most crafter’s left. We were lucky we sold just enough to cover our costs, and managed to barter some sausages too in exchange for a meat rub we did, but after talking to a few other stalls most had only sold 1 or 2 and a handful nothing. It’s such a shame when you think about how much work goes into to big shows like the one yesterday, and the effort of all the crafters. Anyway it’s always a learning curve I guess!





So there’s our little store, so colourful right? I have to say I was pretty proud of it, as the last two weeks, I’ve hardly slept. But I was proud of the outcome. Was just a shame it wasn’t that busy.


Just a few things we were selling, like the colourful chalkboards and wine racks. Plus my watermelon nesting table….


And here are the god awful cakes I made as free samples for the lavender syrup..recipe to come soon. Hopefully you can make them better then me…

On another note we did go to Legoland, and we did have a blast in the Star Wars bit, but alas I didn’t have memory card in my camera, for the first like billion pictures I took, I know I have a degree in Photography..but anyway I managed to get a few of the mini land, which is super impressive.


So I took so many pictures of all the places like Denmark, France and USA, but I thought I’d share with you some UK ones.


Ok so the London scene was truly incredible. The time and money to make this must be insane, with the moving buses, and all the spot on details.. just look at the London eye..


The scene at the back of Buckingham Palace. Prince Georges 1st birthday party, how awesome do the balloons look. As we know, Legoland did a big thing for the Royal Wedding when that happened too!


So it was pretty fun to find random figures within the scene. So for USA they had NASA, and hidden away near the space shuttle was Yoda… my inner Star Wars geek loved this. But here we have Superman in a phone box amidst the London scene…


Here we can see the iconic London red bus travelling down Trafalgar Square and the iconic blue rooster…I mean the detail is just incredible. How cool would it be if this was your job…



Anyway bar the fact it was just me and Richard and we waited for hours on end for silly rides like learn how to drive a boat…it was a fun day out, ending with a small fortune being spent in the gift shop!


Hope you all had a good weekend!


So I had quite an exciting weekend , as Richard’s parents had planned me a birthday surprise, which involved Richard being very secretive as he drove me to a train station. So we ended up in London at Liverpool street where We got in a taxi ( oh yes it was rather fancy). I honetsly can’t remember the last time I got a taxi in London. Anyway so we ended up here…



This is the excellent map, done by Mr Bob Sanders, which showed us where we needed to go… It was all very exciting, sort of like a little treasure hunt..But before I was allowed my surprise, we would first grab a bite to eat.

Ok this is the not so good bit, so we weren’t overly hungry so thought we would pop in for a quick bite, after walking around we settled on this little place which is called Whitehall now…but we think it was called S.P.Q.R , I was drawn in by the pretty cakes, and the fact that it looked quite fancy. How wrong I was. We were ushered right to the back by a rather rude waiter, then after 5 minutes of sitting down he came over to us an was like ready??!! We both just went for a sandwich which came with soggy brown lettuce, after having to grab the waitress for just some mayonnaise, I gave up trying to complain, ate the sandwich (which was quite nice bar the side salad) and we went quickly on our way, ignoring to pay the added service charge. I like to tip, but only when I think it is worthy..Honestly I wouldn’t recommended it at all, the staff are rude, and the lettuce is questionable.. and I didn’t even get a cake… I took a picture of the lettuce but I won’t offend you with such images.. Maybe I will put it on instagram..

Moving on, we go for a walk, following our little drawn map, and suddenly we are outside a large rather well known theatre..Her Majesty’s theatre to be precise. Yes we were going to watch The Phantom of The Opera, from Row d in the stalls…so we could actually feel the sweat dripping off them. But before I talk about how wonderful the show was, we were able to have a drink beforehand as it was a matinee and we had 30 minutes to kill. What’s the best way to kill 30 minutes?


Having a cheeky champers of course. Richard, being designated driver, indulged in an americano, while I had a cheeky glass of Prosecco. Sometimes you just can’t beat  a glass of champagne. Now we had this drink in a cute little Italina place, which I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was just to the left of the theatre.

Now back to Phantom, I managed to take a quick cheeky picture before anyone saw (and before it started of course) just to show you how close we were..(sorry to rub it in).

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Yesterday we moved Richards parents from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom place. Which consisted of a lot of cardio and carrying, so I was pooped, and so didn’t do my weekend antics post. Which I apologise for. But here it is.

So weekends antics are becoming a bit of  a recurrence, do we like the weekend antics posts? Well I enjoy writing them. As me and Richard both work during the week, I feel all of our exciting things tend to happen at the weekend. Like last weekend  saw us eating Monsters Inc cupcakes, making pom poms and seeing my mum sing a solo in her stage group show. All good things. Plus there may have been a cheeky cake and Frozen film fest in there too!



So to the twin’s birthday. Looking adorable in their princess dresses as you can imagine getting a picture was pretty difficult, so enjoy these blurred iphone ones! (Eliza on the left Amelia on the right). They are literally the cutest ever. I also love how puffy Eliza’s dress is. Continue reading


So we spent the weekend celebrating Richard’s 23rd and we seemed to pack a hell of a lot into that weekend. My camera has officially died, so please do excuse the iphone pictures. So his Birthday was on Friday and it started with him waking up at 5am to open his presents. (he’s like a kid). Then we brought the doughnuts for work ( tradition apparently) and were able to leave at 12. So while I baked a cake Richard went for a Birthday bike ride and definitely did not get hit in the head by a pigeon…(don’t worry the pigeon is fine). Anyway, here he is Friday evening trying on his new clothes (all at the same time I might add)…

So here Richard is modelling a Belkin cycling jersey, Cotton shorts from Burton, Jeans (models own) and Jack & Jones trainers from ASOS, which he got from his parents. Doesn’t he look like a happy chappy.

Richards Birthday woodenflamingo.com

 So at the weekend we had a BBQ with his family, which was loovely as it was so warm outside and everyone ate their weight in meat. I even took over the barbecuing at one point..and it was chicken and no-one got sick, so yeah barbecuing is going on my CV under useful skills…

Then we hit the farmers market on Sunday morning. While I munched on these cute macaroons (Salted caramel and rose water flavour, they were sooo yummy) Richard went out cycling with his brother. Don’t worry there was no pigeon incident this time.


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So my weekend started off rocky, so rocky that I nearly didn’t bother going. But I will talk about the horrid morning that was my shopping another day.

Lets talk food, yes I am still doing my healthy eating, 10 pounds down, although I feel I have lost some of my momentum. But anyway  so thanks to the lovely Pat and Bob (Richards parents) we were treated to a meal at the Coal Hole on the Strand.

Now this old fashioned pub, placed next door to the Savoy, is a treasure. With a warm welcome, old dark wooden tables and hidden alcoves, it was a lovely spot for a bit of lunch.


When we went in, it was completely packed but we found the little staircase down to another dining room, which soon filled up quickly after we sat. I love all the shapes and details on the exterior. Also how nice is that typography?



A quick picture of where we were before it filled up quickly. Right behind me was a little alcove, which was packed full of 10 people celebrating a birthday. It looked so cosy.



Our starter, calamari was delicious. Me and Richard shared this generous portion, of which I was pretty full before even getting to the main and thats a garlic lemon mayonnaise. I am not ashamed to admit, I may have dunked my finger in the sauce once of twice…after we had finished the calamari..moving on.


The mains. I went for a grilled chicken burger, which came with the most amazing skin on chips and coleslaw. It was cooked to perfection and paired with a sweet BBQ sauce. If your a burger person get this.  It took me a while but I nearly managed to finish the beast.  Richard went for a rib eye steak which was cooked rare to perfection. He polished this off nicely while drinking a local ale. He was very happy, and I also managed to get a sneaky pic of him too.

chicken Lovely-Richard


Ah I do love him, and it was such a nice day. We went walking around Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square then ended in Leicester Square for two of my favourite ladies birthdays Alex and Letty! Letty is below, I didn’t manage to get a pic of Alex, maybe she was hiding. We spent the celebrations on the balcony of Ruby Blue over looking Leicester Square with cocktails in hands. Was a lovely evening.




I look rough, but it had been a long day  of walking. In new shoes none the less. I know I know rookie mistake.

My shopping rant will come another day, I leave you all to enjoy your Tuesday evening.