Ok so its that time of week for my work method of finding inspiration for everyday life and Wooden Flamingo on goings.

I am totally attracted to packaging as you can see from my previous post.. but what attracts you to a product? So I am in the midst of trying to spice up our packaging at the moment and there are a few factors I want our packaging to have.


Eco Friendly

Ok so I want our packaging to be recyclable. We re-use materials such as pallet wood, and thrift store items, so being Eco friendly is a very important factor in our products.

I love these examples from Pinterest of eco products.



This chocolate box done by Amelia Rope is divine. It’s simple, structured, and the use of card box makes it recyclable. I would love to try these chocolate which are known as the pale sea salt collection. Yum.



This Paper boy wine packaging is genius. Completely recyclable made out of compressed recycled paper and natural ink, but would you want to throw it away with that awesome design on front? Design done by Kevin Shaw, art director; Stranger and Stranger.


Eye Catching

Ok so I want our product to look good on the inside and out. The way I see it is when you buy something that looks awesome, the product tends to follow. When it comes to design maybe judging a book by it’s cover is the way forward. Problem is I’m not a designer in any sense. I have an image of what I want, but if it comes out like that who knows. It could be months or trial and error.



So as you can see from my coffee corner post, I am quite fond of tea too and I am in love with this packaging from Ambessa. Plus you can use the tin as a caddy after.



Who wouldn’t want these funky matchstick in their kitchen draw. Re designing the general package just makes these little matchboxes works of art. Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck joined forces for Danish design house Hay, to design this product.




I couldn’t not put this in when I saw it. It’s fantastic and eye-catching! Alex Creamer’s was the genius behind this design.



Ok I am a sucker for typography. Give me a product which even has the smallest bit of interesting type. I will buy it.



So I love this product from Hudson Made. It’s manly and you know industrial like. (I know my English is swell isn’t it). Now not only is the typography great on the packaging, it’s brilliantly engraved onto the soap too.



Another manly product, I love how clean-cut this product looks. Great typography. For Penuleton Canadian Whiskey. See I would buy this, and I don’t even like Whiskey. Would look awesome on my bar though…



I can’t find the original source for this product, so if you know leave a comment. I love this though, it’s fun, it’s classic and it’s simple.  Eye-catching and  beautiful. Plus I love how they have hand written little instructions on it too.


Ok so let me know what draws you to product packaging. Hopefully I will sort our’s out soon.Maybe. One day. Hopefully. Gah.

Happy Thursday