Thank god it’s Friday.

So this morning at 5.20am I dropped Richard off at the train station and while driving home heard an almighty bang, my exhaust had partly fallen off…its tipping down with rain and I have pulled over in an industrial estate, I know what your thinking it sounds like a horror film, and I’m telling you it kind of was. So lying on the floor in the pouring rain, there it is my exhaust on the floor. So I did what any rational 25 year old with no breakdown cover would do. I rang my mum. After having Richard on the phone too, I found a 24hour garage, where a nice man came and helped with my mum driving out to help.. An hour later we were home and I was back in bed recovering from the rain, and broken down morning.

But it’s all fixed and was rather cheap apparently only the clamp went or something so yay for that and our contract has been approved, and we managed to do it all without paying any more fees to the evil estate company I mentioned the other day. So all in all, it worked out.  But thank god it’s Friday, I am working all weekend but this week has been an almighty hell of a week, so I am looking forward to taking my mind off the week by working my butt off.

Ok so as a warning my Christmas fanatics will start soon, I have eaten my weight in Christmas Sandwiches, and to be honest I am so looking forward to moving into our new place, having a Christmas party and just decorating the place head to toe. Plus I am having a massive declutter of the house, there’s no better excuse to get rid of some things then moving house!!




Looking at some of my old photographs from the last couple of years, I found this one quite calming..I may take a drive in our newly fixed car back here and chill…


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.